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Please don’t let the “Retired” label make you think we are boring old travellers.  Not yet anyways!  We travel far and wide for about 6 months of the year in multiple trips.  We have probably been to many of the spots on your travel wish list!

We are travel bloggers and photographers – semi retired and travelling everywhere!  Linda is a semi-retired executive consultant.  Referred to in the past as the “Lara Croft of consulting”, Linda has both piloted planes (IFR rating) and jumped out of perfectly good planes (150+jumps).  She continues to enjoy scuba diving with her retired navy diver husband David.  While both Linda and David contribute photos to this blog, David is the pro and the main editor of the pics.

Scuba diving, luxury cruising, chocoholic, sea and sunshine addicts, camera attached and just generally curious!  Join us on our adventures!

Want to know a little more about us?

Why did I start blogging?

Why am I still blogging?


Are We Paid For Our Opinions?

We pay for much of our travel.  If we have received any discount or perks from being travel bloggers, we will note that in the post.  We are getting much better at consolidating our travel choices (airlines, hotels, cruising) and have finally started to have some loyalty status with some brands.  Most of the perks or upgrades we get are from this loyalty status.

We like to share our experiences about places we visit and the how we are travelling.  Regardless of freebies, discounts or loyalty rewards, we want to give you our true opinion on things that we experience.  And tips to get more from your travel.  If we don’t call out a hotel or airline or other travel brand in a travel post, it is generally because we have nothing much to say.  If you are curious, you can always email me and we will give you more information.


Where Are We Now?

Back home in Toronto.  Planning our travel year.  And catching up on blog posts!


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  • Scuba Diving in Grenada.jpg

    A Day Trip Scuba Diving in Grenada

    Twitter 0 Facebook 7 Pinterest0 Google+0 We Planned Scuba Diving In Grenada On our Windstar cruise to the Caribbean, we took it easy in many of the ports. We escaped the cold in Toronto and we really just wanted to relax,  In St Kitts, we flew through the air on […]

  • Zipline Ride In St Kitts.jpg

    Do A Zipline Ride In St Kitts

    Twitter 2 Facebook 13 Pinterest1 Google+0 Our First Visit To St Kitts The first port on our Windstar cruise to the Caribbean was St Kitts. This was a new port for us. When we looked at the excursions offered by the ship, we got excited at the prospect of doing […]

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    Things To Know When You Do A Trans-Atlantic Cruise

    Twitter 0 Facebook 8 Pinterest1 Google+0 Are You Considering A Trans-Atlantic Cruise? When people talk about a trans-Altantic cruise, the images that come to mind are often of the luxurious days of ocean liners crossing the sea. We booked our first trans-Atlantic cruise with Oceania Cruises to head to Europe […]

  • Greek Island Discoveries.jpg

    Greek Island Discoveries

    Twitter 0 Facebook 4 Pinterest1 Google+0 Greek Island Discoveries For many people, Greece brings to mind the great ruins that are spread out through the city of Athens. When you talk about Greek Islands, the vibrant blues of Santorini and Mykonos are on wish lists. But there are many other […]

  • How To Travel On Points.jpg

    A Novice’s View Of How To Travel On Points

    Twitter 0 Facebook 5 Pinterest2 Google+0 A True Confession It is true confessions time. We travelled quite extensively for many years with little regard for brand loyalty. We joined all the loyalty programs and then scattered our points everywhere. Often points expired unused. Promotions that would increase our points were […]

  • Travel On The Amalfi Coast.jpg

    So Many Reasons To Travel On The Amalfi Coast

    Twitter 3 Facebook 8 Pinterest2 Google+0 You Will Never Forget Your Travel On The Amalfi Coast As spring approaches, we are thinking about our favourite travels for the spring and fall. We love to travel in Italy. There is so much to see and do. But our favourite trip involved […]

  • Dubai For New Years.jpg

    We Returned To Dubai For New Years

    Twitter 1 Facebook 5 Pinterest1 Google+0 Our First Stop In Dubai The first half of our amazing 51 day cruise was from Athens to Dubai. We stopped in Dubai for two days before we got back onboard our cruise ship to head to Cape Town for Christmas. And after Cape […]

  • Ways To Get Around Dubai.jpg

    So Many Ways To Get Around Dubai

    Twitter 2 Facebook 2 Pinterest5 Google+0 You Need To Think About Ways To Get Around Dubai I would not normally write about how to get around a city we visit. We have often used Hop-On-Hop-Off (HOHO) buses to explore a new city and get an overview of a new place. […]

  • Things To Do In Dubai.jpg

    8 Things To Do In Dubai

    Twitter 0 Facebook 4 Pinterest0 Google+0 So Many Things To Do In Dubai There is no end of things to do in Dubai. The architecture of this city will keep you looking up at the variety and size of the buildings. A trip out along the Palm Jumeirah took us […]

  • Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

    So Many Things To Do On A Dubai Mall Adventure

    Twitter 2 Facebook 2 Pinterest3 Google+0 Visiting The Dubai Mall We were in Dubai twice within a month. On both visits we went to the Dubai Mall. This is certainly one of the things to do in Dubai.  I am sure you need to visit many times to see every […]

  • Desert Adventure From Dubai.jpg

    A Desert Adventure From Dubai

    Twitter 4 Facebook 9 Pinterest6 Google+0 Heading To The Desert On the top things on my list of things to do in Dubai was to see the desert and ride a camel. We really wanted to head off and stay in the desert overnight to get the full experience of […]

  • A Week In St. Lucia.jpg

    Celebrate With A Week In St. Lucia

    Twitter 6 Facebook 11 Pinterest13 Google+0 Settling Into Sandals La Toc David’s birthday was a great excuse to plan a luxury Caribbean getaway in January. We started our vacation with a cruise in the Southern Caribbean. We enjoyed lazing on the ship and great port adventures. Then we left the […]

  • Cruise To The Southern Caribbean.jpg

    Plan A Cruise To The Southern Caribbean

    Twitter 0 Facebook 10 Pinterest5 Google+0 Starting Our Cruise In Miami It was a bitterly cold Christmas season in Toronto. We were so happy that we had a cruise to the Southern Caribbean booked for right after the holidays. Flying out of Toronto in the winter is a long process. […]

  • Scuba Dive Under The Pitons In St. Lucia.jpg

    Scuba Dive Under The Pitons In St. Lucia

    Twitter 2 Facebook 4 Pinterest5 Google+0 Heading Underwater In St. Lucia On our cruise to the southern Caribbean, we had lots of opportunities to get underwater. The water in Bonaire was crystal clear when we snorkelled in Bonaire. In Grenada, we snorkelled to explore the underwater sculptures. In St. Vincent, […]

  • Catamaran Adventure In St. Vincent.jpg

    Have Fun On A Catamaran Adventure In St. Vincent

    Twitter 0 Facebook 58 Pinterest4 Google+0 A Catamaran Adventure In St Vincent After our adventure to see the underwater sculptures in Grenada, we arrived in Kingstown port in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We planned to do a catamaran adventure in St. Vincent but originally were wait-listed for this excursion. […]


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