Cable Beach Eco Reef

Build It And They Will Come To The Cable Beach Eco Reef!

Guest Blog by David Holland (Scuba Instructor and Photographer)

Beneath the clear Caribbean waters off Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas ….

behind the newly created breakwater ….
just off the beautiful sandy beach ….
visible from the expansive new wooden pier ….
a surprise awaits you underwater at the  Cable Beach Eco Reef!
Baha Mar Cable Beach Eco Reef.jpg
The Baha Mar has been creating a new marine environment in front of the new resort since 2014, installing more than 300 (55 pound) eco-friendly coral antlers ….
encircled by almost 50 reef balls ….
Bah Mar Cable Beach Eco Reef.jpg
to create an eco-reef experience!
You can swim or snorkel (or even scuba dive) …
around the rocks of the breakwater ….
and the new evolving man-made eco-reef, to find varied fish life frolicking in their new habitat!
pufferfish_ Baha_Mar_underwater_eco_reef.jpg
And if you look closely you too may see starfish, conch, barracuda, lionfish, peacock founders, dozens of four-eyed butterfly fish, parrot fish (both juvenile and adult), needlefish and many other colourful Bahamian reef fish species.
We know there is at least one turtle swimming in the water by the pier and we also saw a large (about 2 metres across) Spotted Eagle Ray circling around the pier, drawing guests out with their cameras!
Having snorkelled this beach for over 10 years ….
the changes in the underwater life are noticeable.
As natural reefs are being damaged and even destroyed, it is wonderful to see a private company being good underwater environmental stewards by creating an exciting eco-reef.
Bah Mar Cable Beach Eco Reef.jpg
The new Baha Mar resort is changing the skyline of Cable Beach but the excitement is not all above ground! They are demonstrating to all that if you build it, the fish will come!
Another great underwater eco-reef site demonstrating Resilience-Based Ecosystem Stewardship to visit when in Nassau is the Bahamas Reef Environment Education Foundation (BREEF), Sir Nicholas Nuttall Coral Reef Sculpture Garden, with access to the water through Clifton Heritage Park. There snorkelers can be amazed by the “Ocean Atlas” underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor.

Have you been fortunate enough to snorkel these underwater eco-sites in Nassau, Bahamas? Did we miss one?

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