Whale Watching From Sao Miguel.jpg

Go Whale Watching From Sao Miguel In The Azores

November 28, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

In The Azores We Booked Whale Watching From Sao Miguel It was the peak of whale watching season when we visited the Azores. We debated whether to go whale watching from Sao Miguel at the beginning of our visit or wait until we visited Faial later in the trip. To […]

Pounding Surf on Sao Miguel Island.jpg

Pounding Surf on Sao Miguel Island

November 26, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Our Azores Plans Changed Based On The Weather We had a few rainy days on Sao Miguel in the Azores. It did not stop us when we ventured out to explore the calderas and hot springs. When the rain poured and the wind pounded at our hotel window, we stayed […]

Calderas In The Azores.jpg

Explore The Calderas In The Azores

November 22, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Heading Out of Ponta Delgada We booked 3 days of tours on Sao Miguel Island with a local tour guide. Lisa was a Canadian now living in the Azores. We found her when we did our research on TripAdvisor. She was passionate about her adopted country and planned a great […]

Things To Do For 3 Days In Chicago.jpg

Things To Do For 3 Days In Chicago

November 19, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Heading To Chicago For Halloween We were back from our great trip to the Baltic in the fall. In the pile of mail that had accumulated, I found a jury notice. So until that got resolved, we were grounded in Toronto for a few months. But that didn’t mean we […]

Food In Chicago.jpg

So Much Food In Chicago To Sample

November 16, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Eating Our Way Around Chicago We visited Chicago for 3 days and it felt like we ate constantly. We tried a number of different spots for food in Chicago. Some offered local specialties like deep dish pizza. We made sure to visit the iconic restaurant made famous by Saturday Night […]

Eclectic Chicago Architecture.jpg

Discover The Eclectic Chicago Architecture

November 14, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

Everywhere You Look There Is Something New To Discover We visited Chicago for a quick 3 day visit. When I studied at university for Civil Engineering, a visit to Chicago was always the engineering field trip. So I had some idea that Chicago would be an architectural treasure. But I […]

Head South to the Algarve.jpg

Head South to the Algarve

November 9, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

Leaving Lisbon Our trip to Portugal lasted 4 weeks. We planned to see a lot of the country. Exploring Lisbon for 4 days gave us a great introduction. The day we left Lisbon dawned cloudy but not the pouring rain the weather forecast predicted. We packed, ate and headed out […]

Explore The Eastern Algarve To Spain.jpg

Explore The Eastern Algarve To Spain

November 7, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Heading To The Eastern Algarve The first stop on our Algarve visit was high in the mountains in Monchique. Our second stop introduced us to the Algarve by the sea. For our final stay, we would explore to the Eastern Algarve. As we headed to the east, we made one […]

Stay In An Algarve Palace Pousada.jpg

Stay In An Algarve Palace Pousada

November 5, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Staying In A Pousada Our first stop in the Algarve was high in the mountains in Monchique. We stayed in a modern spa resort with a great mountain view. Our second stop introduced us to the Algarve by the sea. The large resort was on the cliff edge with full […]

Sand City Algarve.jpg

Walking In Sand City Algarve

November 2, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

A Detour On Our Travel Day Our first views of the Algarve had given us a great introduction to the cliffs and beaches of the Algarve. On our way to the eastern side of the Algarve we had one stop planned. In my investigations into the Algarve, I came across […]

Algarve Atlantic Shore.jpg

Day Trip To the Algarve Atlantic Shore

October 31, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

A Country Drive in the Algarve Our hotel overlooking the stunning Algarve cliffs tempted us to stay put and just enjoy the resort. But this visit to the Algarve was intended to give us an overview before a much longer visit. The sky was blue and the weather was hot. […]