Afternoon Tea In Toronto.jpg

Afternoon Tea In Toronto ( or GeeTeaEh!)

March 20, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Afternoon Tea in Toronto As We Explored Close to Home When it gets cold in Toronto in the winter, we are always looking for interesting indoor activities. This year we decided we would do the rounds of a few of the spots for afternoon tea in Toronto. We have enjoyed […]

2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

2015 Blog Favourites

January 4, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Your 2015 Blog Favourites – What Did You Want To See In 2015? It was a busy blogging year for us as we travelled for over 33 weeks in 2015. Our blog moved from a casual endeavour to a serious venture – we spent time increasing our social media presence […]

2015 Travelling Year In Review.jpg

2015 Travelling Year In Review

December 24, 2015 TravelAtWill 2

Away from Home 33 Weeks This Year We were away from home – a lot – in 2015! Much of it was planned vacation trips but almost 5 months of the time we were away from Toronto in Vancouver dealing with a serious family issue. Even when we were in […]

First Airbnb experience.jpg

First Airbnb Experience – Risk With Reward

December 20, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Our First Airbnb Experience Made Us Converts We were heading to Vancouver for an extended period. Our previous two visits had found us scrambling to find hotel rooms in the very busy summer tourist season. Planning this visit, we made a couple of hotel bookings as backup but we would […]

Winter Road Trip Return To Toronto.jpg

Winter Road Trip Return To Toronto

December 19, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

First Snow On Winter Road Trip Return To Toronto For the second time, we were on our way back to Toronto after a long fall Vancouver visit. We left the first time in mid-October, but got called back for family reasons. On our way back to Vancouver we did a […]

Vancouver forecast improved.jpg

Vancouver Forecast Improved

December 4, 2015 TravelAtWill 2

Vancouver Slowly Won Our Hearts I must admit that I may have been one of a small number of Canadians who are not in love with Vancouver. I have visited Vancouver over the years a number of times for both business and pleasure. David lived in various towns on Vancouver […]

False Creek Vancouver View.jpg

False Creek Vancouver View

November 30, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

For A Long Stay, Try A False Creek Vancouver View We were in Vancouver for a long stay in the fall. While we ended up in a few different hotels for short stays or for short holiday breaks, for most of our visit we enjoyed our first experience in an […]

bc eagles and hot springs and Sasquatch.jpg

BC Eagles and Hot Springs and Sasquatch?

November 27, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Head to the Fraser Valley to find BC Eagles We had been in Vancouver for almost 6 months. We had done a lot of day trips and seen a lot but had not yet done the spa experience that for so many days I badly needed. We considered two spa […]

Bountiful Fraser Valley.jpg

The Bountiful Fraser Valley

November 21, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Exiled To The Fraser Valley We needed to be in Vancouver in July in a hurry so hopped online for last minute flight and hotel reservations. We travel to Vancouver regularly and didn’t really anticipate too much of a problem finding things – if at a premium for last minute […]

Fall colours - False Creek Vancouver.jpg

West Coast Fall Colours

November 14, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Consider West Coast Fall Colours in British Columbia, Canada When you ask most people where to go for fall leaf colours, you will generally hear “New England”. This year we were in Vancouver for the fall and had the opportunity to see a good variety of west coast fall colours. […]

Vancouver by bike.jpg

Vancouver By Bike

November 1, 2015 TravelAtWill 2

Vancouver By Bike Will Show You A Very Bike-able City When we visited Vancouver for the fall, we drove across Canada and carried our bikes with us. We were staying in False Creek right on the seawall path and from many previous visits, we knew we would get a lot […]

Skydiving In The Rear View Mirror.jpg

Skydiving In The Rear View Mirror

October 4, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

SkyDiving – One Of The Things I Don’t Do Anymore Given I am a travel blogger, you may be wondering if this blog will be about things we have seen and passed by. While that may be a good topic for a blog, this blog was sparked more by a […]