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7 Tips For Visiting Australia

April 10, 2016 TravelAtWill 4

Visiting Australia We visited Australia at the beginning of our SE Asia trip. A few observations and tips for visiting Australia …. 7 Tips For Visiting Australia 1) Plan A Long Stay In Australia Much like Canada, Australia is a big continent. The first of the tips for visiting Australia […]

Cairns Travel Break.jpg

Cairns Travel Break

April 9, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Cairns For The Great Barrier Reef We were headed for a Cairns travel break from Sydney to explore the Great Barrier Reef. We had planned to enjoy a couple of days in the sun and water before heading off to Bali. I knew I was in trouble when 2 days […]

Snorkel or Scuba the Great Barrier Reef.jpg

Snorkel or Scuba the Great Barrier Reef

April 7, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

It Is Great Fun To Snorkel or Scuba the Great Barrier Reef If you travel to Australia, one of the first things that people ask is “Did you snorkel or scuba the Great Barrier Reef?” Other than the Sydney Opera House, this may be the other thing that immediately comes […]

Sydney for a Week.jpg

Sydney For A Week

April 5, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

Two Days To Get To Sydney We were on our way to begin our next adventure in Australia and SE Asia. Our first stop was Sydney for a week. Settling into our Cathay Pacific Business Class seats, we sipped our champagne as we looked at the menus. Over the 14 […]

Stay in Darling Harbour.jpg

Stay in Darling Harbour in Sydney

April 4, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Close To Everything When You Stay In Darling Harbour Having never visited before, we were not sure where to stay for a week in Sydney. After considering several spots closer to Circular Quay and the Sydney Opera House, we finally decided we would stay in Darling Harbour. While not right […]

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Head South To Bondi Beach

April 3, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Heading South From Sydney Our time in Sydney flew by far too quickly. When the morning dawned rainy and grey, we passed on a visit to the Taronga Zoo and instead did a road trip south to Bondi Beach. We were sorry to miss the native Australian animals other than […]

Blue Mountain Road Trip.jpg

Blue Mountain Road Trip

April 2, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

A Blue Mountain Road Trip Along The Summit While the Sydney area is most definitely a water city, you can head inland and get another view of this continent. About 90 minutes north of Sydney you can enjoy a Blue Mountain road trip. David’s sister and brother-in-law were our tour […]

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Beaches North of Sydney

April 1, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Head To The Beaches North of Sydney We found Sydney to be a city surrounded by water. We spent several days touring around Sydney by water to see the city sights. One of our first day trips was to head to the beaches north of Sydney. From Circular Quay in […]

Sydney Water Views.jpg

Sydney Water Views

March 31, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

You Can Catch Sydney Water Views From Everywhere We were in Sydney for the first week of our stay in Australia on our SE Asia tour. Probably the biggest impression I got of Sydney was about the huge amount of coastline in the city and surrounding areas and the great […]

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Next Stop Australia!

March 28, 2016 TravelAtWill 4

First Stop Vancouver Next stop Australia! We are excited about our next big adventure. After a brief stop for 2 days in Vancouver, we fly to Australia, then Bali, Singapore and Thailand. One of our children (Nick) has been an advance scout, having headed off to Thailand several weeks before […]