Vancouver by bike.jpg

Vancouver By Bike

November 1, 2015 TravelAtWill 2

Vancouver By Bike Will Show You A Very Bike-able City When we visited Vancouver for the fall, we drove across Canada and carried our bikes with us. We were staying in False Creek right on the seawall path and from many previous visits, we knew we would get a lot […]

Skydiving In The Rear View Mirror.jpg

Skydiving In The Rear View Mirror

October 4, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

SkyDiving – One Of The Things I Don’t Do Anymore Given I am a travel blogger, you may be wondering if this blog will be about things we have seen and passed by. While that may be a good topic for a blog, this blog was sparked more by a […]

5 Places To Explore Vancouver’s North Shore.jpg

6 Places To Explore Vancouver’s North Shore

September 27, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Head Out of Downtown to Explore Vancouver’s North Shore Whether you are walking, biking or taking transit there is lots to do if you visit Vancouver and stay downtown. But you can easily head out to travel north of Vancouver and feel like you have escaped the city. You can […]

Steveston - Trails, Fairy Tales, Fish and Whales!.jpg

Steveston Trails, Fairy Tales, Fish and Whales

September 26, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Seawall Trails With Airplane Views Spending the fall in Vancouver meant we had a lot of time to explore both Vancouver and the surrounding areas. While we did several day trips north of the city, we also returned regularly to the Fraser Valley or headed south towards White Rock. One […]

Whale Watching From Steveston, BC

September 25, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Whale Watching With Vancouver Whale Watching I have been bugging David since we had arrived in Vancouver about whale watching. On our trip to Horseshoe Bay, we had checked out the whale watching options but the trip from there meant a much longer transit to the whale watching location. We […]

Gibsons Landing Is A West Coast Icon.jpg

Gibsons Landing Is A West Coast Icon

September 23, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Take A Ferry From Horseshoe Bay When visiting Vancouver, take the scenic road north of Vancouver. Taking the road through Stanley Park you can cross at the Lions Gate Bridge and head along the Sea to Sky Highway to Horseshoe Bay! You can spend the day enjoying Horseshoe Bay or […]

8 Ways To Take a Tour of Vancouver.jpg

8 Ways To Take a Tour of Vancouver

August 31, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Take a Tour of Vancouver In Many Different Ways When you visit Vancouver, whether it is for a weekend or for a long extended stay, there are so many ways to take a tour of Vancouver.  Vancouver is a very walkable and likeable city.  There are tours on land, on […]

drive Roads west on the drive from Toronto to Vancouver.jpg

Drive From Toronto To Vancouver

August 9, 2015 TravelAtWill 6

Deciding to Drive From Toronto To Vancouver We needed to be in Vancouver for an extended stay and we knew the day we needed to be there. While initially assuming that we would fly, with a little lead time to get to Vancouver, David suggested that we drive from Toronto […]

Enjoy Whistler in June.jpg

Enjoy Whistler in June

June 30, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

There Are Many Ways to Enjoy Whistler In June Most people hear “Whistler” and think winter Olympics and skiing. While visiting Whistler in the winter is a magical experience, don’t think that Whistler closes down in the “off season”. In all seasons you can explore the Village and its stores, […]

Window Seat Theatre.jpg

Window Seat Theatre

June 27, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Flying Can Give You The Greatest Window Seat Theatre! A photo journal … We are a regular visitor to Vancouver from Toronto. Given it is about 4,400 km (2,735 miles) to travel across the country, we try to plan in advance to find the best airfare deals or stay long […]

Nova Scotia Road Trip.jpg

Nova Scotia Road Trip

May 12, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Will We Find Snow On A Nova Scotia Road Trip in May We had spent most of our winter escaping Toronto for warmer weather – first Bahamas for February and then a 26 day Caribbean cruise. We had barely unpacked before we were off again for a Nova Scotia road trip for […]

Bay of Fundy tides.jpg

Bay of Fundy Tides – A Big Swing!

May 11, 2015 TravelAtWill 0

Bay Of Fundy Tides Can Be As High As 52 Feet! We have all seen the ebb and flow of tides when by the sea. But have you ever seen the mother of all tides in the Bay of Fundy? At peak, the Bay of Fundy tides can move up […]