France for 3 weeks.jpg

France for 3 Weeks

January 24, 2016 TravelAtWill 6

Road Trip Around France for 3 Weeks Paris is often a gateway to Europe for us. When travelling trans-Altantic, we often decide to splurge on business class. Booking longer and longer trips, I figure I can amortize the cost over a greater number of days! Flying business class lets us […]

French Wine Country.jpg

Staying in French Wine Country

January 23, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Detour to Pont du Gard It was time to leave the French Riviera after exploring from first Nice and then Avignon. Our next stop would be a brief stay in French wine country. We had originally planned a busy travel day to include stops in Nimes and Arles enroute, but […]

Exploring Around Avignon.jpg

Exploring Around Avignon

January 22, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Exploring Around Avignon – Popes and Bridges We would be using Avignon as our base to explore for this stop on our 3 week tour of France. After our wild trip through the Verdun Gorge, we settled into our hotel and got a reservation for an Italian restaurant (La Strada) […]

Verdun Gorge Route.jpg

The Verdun Gorge Route

January 21, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Starting in Grasse on Way to the Verdun Gorge Route The original plan for transit from Nice to Avignon on this 3 week tour of France was a leisurely drive along the coastline but this needed to be reconsidered given our experiences with the continuing rain and clogged traffic on coastal […]

Nice On The French Riviera.jpg

Day Trip From Nice On The French Riviera

January 20, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

Nice On The French Riviera As A Home Base Nice was the next stop on our 3 week tour of France. Having arrived safely after our mountain journey to Nice, we got settled into our hotel in a little quiet room at the back with no balcony for my “Juliette” […]

Through the French Alps.jpg

Travel to Nice Through the French Alps

January 19, 2016 TravelAtWill 4

Driving Through the French Alps Leaving Annecy, we headed for our next stop in Nice. We had always planned to drive to Nice through the French Alps on the Napoleon Route. We knew it would be slow but we still underestimated the time it would take. It was an amazing road […]

Annecy In The French Alps.jpg

Annecy In The French Alps

January 18, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

Navigating to Annecy In The French Alps By the time we finally left Paris behind, we knew we were in trouble time wise so decided we would need to travel the Autoroute at 130 km/hr (80mi/hr) rather than meander the local routes. David plotted the new route and we ticked […]