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4 Weeks In Portugal Was Not Enough

March 27, 2019 TravelAtWill 42

A Long List Of Reasons To Visit Portugal We looked at our most popular travel blog posts for 2018. And were not surprised to find that Portugal and the Azores were at the top of the list. Our 4 weeks in Portugal was one of our all time favourite vacations. […]

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7 Reasons To Visit Portugal

May 27, 2018 TravelAtWill 20

So Many Reasons To Visit Portugal I will start off by stating that we absolutely love Portugal. We spent 4 weeks in Portugal and loved every spot we visited around the country. We liked it so much that we planned a trip to return to Porto and a stay in […]

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6 Interesting Things To Do In the Azores

May 20, 2018 TravelAtWill 22

6 Interesting Things To Do In the Azores When we planned our trip to Portugal, it was strongly recommended that we visit the Azores. These 9 islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 900 miles (1.450 km) offshore of Lisbon, Portugal. When we visited, we found so many […]

Historical Perspective of Pico Island.jpg

Get A Historical Perspective of Pico Island

December 10, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

Taking A Ferry To Pico Island Our guide from Naturalist Science and Tourism picked us up and we drove to the dock. Pedro provided us with a great tour of Faial Island and we were excited to get a historical perspective of Pico Island next. Pedro stayed with the car […]

Full Day Tour of Faial Island.jpg

A Very Full Day Tour of Faial Island

December 6, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

Touring Faial Island in the Azores We had great success touring with a local guide on Sao Miguel on our visit to the Azores. When we arrived on Faial Island we found a small tour company called Naturalist Science and Tourism in a shop in the harbour. After looking at […]

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Explore Sao Miguel From Ponta Delgada

December 3, 2017 TravelAtWill 26

Flying To The Azores We returned from the Algarve to Lisbon. We stayed one night at an airport hotel before we flew to Sao Miguel. The plan was to explore Sao Miguel from Ponta Delgada. Then we would head to Faial for the second island on our visit to the […]

Volcanic Setting of Sete Cidades.jpg

The Volcanic Setting of Sete Cidades

November 30, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Driving Into The Country We had seen so much on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. The calderas and hot springs were our introduction to the volcanic history of the Azores. The pounding surf coasts were carved from volcanic rock. For the last tour day with our tour guide Lisa […]

Whale Watching From Sao Miguel.jpg

Go Whale Watching From Sao Miguel In The Azores

November 28, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

In The Azores We Booked Whale Watching From Sao Miguel It was the peak of whale watching season when we visited the Azores. We debated whether to go whale watching from Sao Miguel at the beginning of our visit or wait until we visited Faial later in the trip. To […]

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Pounding Surf on Sao Miguel Island

November 26, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Our Azores Plans Changed Based On The Weather We had a few rainy days on Sao Miguel in the Azores. It did not stop us when we ventured out to explore the calderas and hot springs. When the rain poured and the wind pounded at our hotel window, we stayed […]

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Explore The Calderas In The Azores

November 22, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Heading Out of Ponta Delgada We booked 3 days of tours on Sao Miguel Island with a local tour guide. Lisa was a Canadian now living in the Azores. We found her when we did our research on TripAdvisor. She was passionate about her adopted country and planned a great […]