Getting Connected in Italy

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Getting Getting Connected in Italy In Italy Was So Easy and Cheap

Wifi is an essential requirement when we travel. While I am generally “unavailable” for any work connectivity, my personal needs are much greater – to stay in touch with our children, to travel plan and to connect to my social networks to talk about our travel.

In past trips, we have chosen to put our phones on “airplane” mode and live with only free wifi – usually at our hotels but sometimes when we find it when travelling about. We have not bought cheap disposable phones and have lived without any mobile telephone service. I must admit that this had left us feeling a bit cutoff, especially if there was an emergency.

During our recent US west coast trip we bought a hotspot device (Virgin Mobile) and found it was great to have connectivity everywhere we were. We wanted to do a similar thing for our 10 weeks in Italy. David did a bit of research in advance but we waited until we hit Verona to select and activate a service. We would not want to wait too long for getting connected in Italy.

Arriving at 11pm and needing to call our hotel to get a shuttle, we immediately wished we had an active phone. The one pay phone we found did not accept cash and not one of our 3 Canadian credit cards were accepted. After creating an account (and giving out way too much personal info) to get free airport wifi (an odd European practice we had seen), we tried Skype on 3 different devices and could never get a call to go through. Finally exhausted and frustrated, we paid the 16

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