Igea Marina The Off Season Beach Ghost Town.jgp

Igea Marina The Off Season Beach Ghost Town

September 27, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Italian Riviera Off Season When we planned this trip to Italy, we wanted to explore some new and off-the-beaten-path locations for tourists. There could be no more real local Italian destination than to go to an Italian beach town. When we searched “Italian – beach – Adriatic” we were bombarded […]

San Marino forts.jpg

San Marino – A Country Inside Italy

September 23, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Leaving Italy For The Day To Visit San Marino The other “must do” day trip while at our Igea Marina stop was to visit the Independent Republic of San Marino buried in the heart of the Emilia Romagna region. The fact that it was a separate country was a draw. […]

Ravenna The Mosaic Town.jgp

Ravenna The Mosaic Town

September 22, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Many Great Examples Can Be Found In Ravenna The Mosaic Town Renowned for its ancient mosaics, Ravenna was one of the towns on our list to visit from Igea Marina.  By train it was an easy 45 minute,  second class, milk run trip. Rick Steves travel guides suggested that you […]

Bologna Old Town.jpg

Bologna Old Town

September 20, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Bologna Old Town – Heart Of The Emilia Romagna Region It was a quick train trip (90 minutes) from Verona to Bologna.  But since we were travelling on Saturday we thought it might be busy.  So we decided to pay the extra premium for 1st class train tickets. It was a […]

San Luca porticos.jpg

666 San Luca Porticos

September 18, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

San Luca Porticos – The Mother Of All Porticos in Bologna Bologna should be known as the city of porticos. During our week in Bologna we walked miles and miles of porticos but no visit would be complete without walking the 666 porticos to San Luca high on the hill […]

Parmesan Prosciutto and Balsamica tour from Bologna the Fat City.jpg

Bologna The Fat City

September 16, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Bologna and Food – The Fat City in Emilia Romagna On this day during our week in Bologna, we celebrated Bologna the Fat City.  Bologna is known for 3 things, as the: Red City – for its flirtation with communism and/or for the prevalence of red brick Educated City – having the […]

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Getting Connected in Italy

September 14, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Getting Getting Connected in Italy In Italy Was So Easy and Cheap Wifi is an essential requirement when we travel. While I am generally “unavailable” for any work connectivity, my personal needs are much greater – to stay in touch with our children, to travel plan and to connect to […]

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Verona City of Lovers

September 13, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Verona City of Lovers Is A Great Starting Point In Italy The first stop on our 10 week Italy trip was ten days in Verona, the city of lovers!  When we planned our flights, we found a really good deal on a British Airways (BA) flight from London to Verona. The […]

Lugana wine country.jpg

Lugana Wine Country

September 12, 2014 TravelAtWill 2

Verona Day Trip To Lugana Wine Country With Pagus Tours We considered several different Verona day trip options available through Pagus Wine Tours.   I was concerned that David would not enjoy the red wine tour – even if he tasted expensive Volpollicello or Amarone wines.  So we debated either […]

Lake Garda and Sirmione.jpg

Lake Garda and Sirmione

September 12, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

A Relaxing Day at Lake Garda and Sirmione Lake Garda and Sirmione were on our plans for this trip to Verona.  We had originally planned to drive to see more than the few places where the train stops. Even with the ferry boat linking the villages around Lake Garda, we thought […]

A Too Quick Day Trip To Mantova (Mantua)

September 10, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

From Verona You Can Day Trip To Mantova During our 10 days in Verona, we planned a mix of local sites, day trips and some just relaxing local wandering. Our B&B hostess suggested that we might want to do a day trip to Mantova. While eating breakfast we did some iPad […]

Giardini Guisti.jpg

Relaxing Garden Oasis At Giardini Guisti

September 8, 2014 TravelAtWill 0

Time Out to Relax in the Giardini Guisti It has been a busy few days on our trip to Verona. We needed one day to recover from two late nights at the Verona Arena and a busy day trip to Venice for the Regatta . Having quickly discounted using the HopOnHopOff (HoHo) […]