Greek Island Discoveries.jpg

Greek Island Discoveries

March 11, 2018 TravelAtWill 2

Greek Island Discoveries For many people, Greece brings to mind the great ruins that are spread out through the city of Athens. When you talk about Greek Islands, the vibrant blues of Santorini and Mykonos are on wish lists. But there are many other Greek island discoveries that will keep […]

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Stay In The Walled City of Obidos

October 22, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Travelling to Obidos After our weekend in Coimbra, we headed to our next stay on our 4 weeks in Portugal in the walled city of Obidos. We took a small detour along the way to the small beach town of Nazaré. It was a quaint beach town. We found the […]

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It Was Worth The Wait For Ginja In Obidos

October 19, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Ginja The Cherry Liqueur Ginja (or “Ginginha”) is a famous Portuguese cherry liqueur. Sour cherries are added to brandy to soak. Sugar is added and sometimes other things for additional flavour (e.g. cinnamon, cloves). While the recipe is pretty simple, the taste varied quite a bit based on individual secret […]

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Walk On Castle Walls in Obidos

October 15, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

The Walls Surround the Town of Obidos We could see the walls of the city from afar as we drove up to Obidos. When we got inside the walls, we saw the steps that go up to the wall. There was a map that showed the points where you could […]

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Enjoy the Beach Town Of Nazaré

October 11, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Leaving Coimbra We enjoyed our weekend in Coimbra. It was time to move to our next stop to stay in the walled city of Obidos.  But not before a stop at the beach town of Nazaré! But not all aspects of travelling in Portugal for 4 weeks was fun and […]

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5 Tips For Visiting London

October 8, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

5 Tips For Visiting London For a long time, I had no interest in visiting London. I had a pre-conceived idea that it was grey and rainy all the time. But like we found when we spent some time in Vancouver, the weather doesn’t really stop you from enjoying these […]

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A Short Stop In Coimbra

October 4, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Travelling to Coimbra We had enjoyed a few days in the Douro River Valley. This was our country escape. On our way back to Lisbon, we had two stops planned. The first was a short stop in Coimbra. We then visited Obidos. It was a grey transit day to Coimbra. […]