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Most Popular Travel Blog Posts In 2019

January 2, 2020 TravelAtWill 30

What Made The List Of Most Popular Travel Blog Posts In 2019 It was always interesting when we looked back and saw what was the RetiredAndTravelling most popular travel blog posts in 2019. We learned that our evergreen content was still popular. In 2019, we hit over 500 blog posts […]

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Our Checklist To Prepare For Travel

December 22, 2019 TravelAtWill 40

We Have A Detailed Checklist To Prepare For Travel Anyone who followed us for awhile, just knows we must have a detailed checklist to prepare for travel. The checklist is in a spreadsheet. And David and I have our own. The checklist has two sections. One for things to do […]

Great Year Travelling In 2019.jpg

A Great Year Travelling In 2019

December 15, 2019 TravelAtWill 38

It Was A Busy Year Travelling In 2019 Even though we started 2019 with no firm travel plans booked, we very quickly filled the calendar and had a busy year travelling in 2019! It was the year of travel to the west coast with multiple trips to both California and […]

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Travel Apps We Used All The Time

December 4, 2019 TravelAtWill 48

We Use Lots Of Travel Apps We wrote before about the travel apps we used. When it was time for an operating system upgrade on my phone, I deleted apps I was not using. I was surprised to see how few of the travel apps got deleted. Most apps we […]

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How To Get Connected When Cruising

September 8, 2019 TravelAtWill 42

We Want To Get Connected When Cruising It is important to find ways to get connected when cruising!  We travel for about 6 months a year. And many years, a lot of that is cruising. We have written before about getting connected when we travelled internationally. But our recent trip […]

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Many Reasons Why To Use A VPN When Travelling

May 22, 2019 TravelAtWill 42

We Always Use A VPN When Travelling We always use a VPN when travelling. Do you? Many people think of VPNs as something that only computer-savvy geeks use. However, it’s a fairly simple idea. You can find out more about VPNs and VPN logging here. Or something that is mandatory […]

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What If My iPhone Gets Wet Scuba Diving

May 8, 2019 TravelAtWill 34

Will My Vacation Be Ruined If My iPhone Gets Wet? Would your vacation be ruined if your iPhone gets wet? Unfortunately, we learned the answer to this on our stay in Grand Cayman. We have several different cameras. What we travel with depends on where we are doing and what […]