Experience Burning Man In Washington.jpg

Experience Burning Man In Washington DC

April 8, 2018 TravelAtWill 20

The First Weekend At The Burning Man In Washington Exhibit The Burning Man event happens every summer in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. A complete city is built out of nothing. And at the end, the desert is returned to its natural state. Nothing is left behind. Burning Man […]

Sand City Algarve.jpg

Walking In Sand City Algarve

November 2, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

A Detour On Our Travel Day Our first views of the Algarve had given us a great introduction to the cliffs and beaches of the Algarve. On our way to the eastern side of the Algarve we had one stop planned. In my investigations into the Algarve, I came across […]

New Orleans Outdoor Sculpture Garden.jpg

New Orleans Outdoor Sculpture Garden

February 4, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Art At The New Orleans Outdoor Sculpture Garden While we were in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, we planned 8 days in New Orleans to give us some time to see a bit more of the town as well. In planning our “to see” list, several sources suggested that we […]

Snorkel Ocean Atlas In Nassau.jpg

Snorkel Ocean Atlas In Nassau

February 23, 2015 TravelAtWill 4

Reflecting On The Weight Of Water When You  Snorkel The “Ocean Atlas” Sculpture Guest Blog by David Holland (retired Canadian Navy Lieutenant)Over coffee one morning during our month in Bahamas, we found something to do that nobody had talked about yet. Hidden in the Bahamas Clifton Heritage National Park is […]