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RetiredAndTravelling is delighted to be recognized as a top travel blog for Baby Boomers, Retired Travellers and Canadian travel blogs by many different groups.  We have also been featured in online media outlets spreading our travels to a broader audience.

Thank you to our loyal readers!


Top 20 Canadian Couple Travel Blogs and Websites!!  ?? ??  ??

We were excited to be ranked high on a new list of the top blogs for Canadian Couples Travel Blogs and Websites.  So happy to be there with other awesome Canadians!

Top 20 Canadian Couple Travel Blogs and Websites


Top 20 Retirement Travel Blogs !!  ?? ??  ??

We are delighted to be number 3 in the list of the top Retirement blogs.  So happy to see all of our engagement has increased blog readership and engagement numbers to move us up on the list!

Top 20 Retirement Travel Blogs

Top 30 Baby Boomer Travel Blogs !!  ?? ??  ??

Great to be added to the list of the top Baby Boomer Travel Blogs.

Top 30 Baby Boomer Travel Blogs

Top 60 Canadian Bloggers !!  ?? ??  ??

Happy to be on the list of the top Canadian bloggers.

Top 60 Canadian Bloggers

Top Baby Boomer Travel Blog !!   ?? ??  ??

Thank you for voting us to be the top Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers.

Voted Top Baby Boomer Travel Blog

15 Inspirational Blogs On Retirement Travel !!   ?? ??  ??

So great to be included in the list published by PortSkipper of the top 15 inspirational blogs on travel after retirement.

15 Inspirational Blogs On Travel After Retirement


Canadian Travel Influencers You Should Follow !!   ?? ??  ??

Included on a new list published by on the Canadian travel influencers.

Canadian Travel Influencers You Should Follow


Boomer Bloggers To Follow !!   ?? ??  ??

We were so excited to be named as one of the top Boomer Bloggers to follow in an article written by Vanessa Divers.

 8 Boomer Travel Blogs You Should Be Following


10 Canadian Travel Bloggers Featuring Japan !!   ?? ??  ??

Great to be included for our travel blog posts on Japan.  Still more Japan content to publish.

10 Canadian Travel Bloggers Featuring Japan


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