Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

Ambitious Travel Plans For 2020

December 29, 2019 TravelAtWill 44

Some Great Travel Plans Booked For 2020 When we entered 2019, we had no travel plans booked. Although it did not take us long before we filled the calendar! For our travel plans for 2020, several trips are already booked. And we have some thoughts for other travel plans for […]

Checklist To Prepare For Travel.jpg

Our Checklist To Prepare For Travel

December 22, 2019 TravelAtWill 40

We Have A Detailed Checklist To Prepare For Travel Anyone who followed us for awhile, just knows we must have a detailed checklist to prepare for travel. The checklist is in a spreadsheet. And David and I have our own. The checklist has two sections. One for things to do […]

Great Year Travelling In 2019.jpg

A Great Year Travelling In 2019

December 15, 2019 TravelAtWill 38

It Was A Busy Year Travelling In 2019 Even though we started 2019 with no firm travel plans booked, we very quickly filled the calendar and had a busy year travelling in 2019! It was the year of travel to the west coast with multiple trips to both California and […]

Travel Apps We Used All The Time.jpg

Travel Apps We Used All The Time

December 4, 2019 TravelAtWill 48

We Use Lots Of Travel Apps We wrote before about the travel apps we used. When it was time for an operating system upgrade on my phone, I deleted apps I was not using. I was surprised to see how few of the travel apps got deleted. Most apps we […]

Travel Destinations For 2019.jpg

Some Great Travel Destinations For 2019

March 10, 2019 TravelAtWill 30

Slow Planning Travel For 2019 When we entered 2018, a lot of our travel plans for 2018 were locked down. But for 2019, we started the year with virtually no firm travel booked. We were a bit exhausted when we realized we travelled for about 6 months in 2018. And […]

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Tips For Greater Reward Points And Status

February 27, 2019 TravelAtWill 32

We Learned A Lot This Year About How To Increase Reward Points And Status Early in 2018, we confessed to being novices in the whole reward points and status game. But through 2018, we made a concerted effort to consolidate our brand choices. And we did a lot of travel […]

Hot Spots In The Winter.jpg

Hot Spots In The Winter That Aren’t The Caribbean

November 4, 2018 TravelAtWill 34

5 Interesting Hot Spots In The Winter That Aren’t The Caribbean As the cold weather settles in, many people start to plan for a warm travel destination. Even with the devastation that hit the Caribbean in previous years, there are still many islands in the Eastern Caribbean that are open […]