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Linda and David are RetiredAndTravelling!  But please don’t let the “Retired” label make you think we are boring old travellers.  Not yet anyways!  We travel far and wide for about 6 months of the year in multiple trips.  And many of the spots on your travel wish list are probably covered in our blog posts!

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Linda and David are travel bloggers and photographers – semi retired and travelling everywhere!  Linda is a semi-retired executive consultant with an MBA and Civil Engineering degree.  Referred to in the past as the “Lara Croft of consulting”, Linda has both piloted planes (IFR rating) and jumped out of perfectly good planes (150+jumps).  And she continues to enjoy scuba diving with her retired navy diver husband David.  While both Linda and David contribute photos to this blog, David is the pro and the main editor of the pics.

RetiredAndTravelling gives us the opportunities for scuba diving, luxury cruising, indulging our chocoholic needs and appeasing our sea and sunshine addictions.  This means we are camera attached and just generally curious!  Join us on our adventures!


More About The RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog

With the 500 travel blog posts, we know it is not always easy for you to know what travel content you can find on the blog.  Nor how to navigate the blog to find that content.  So we wrote two blog posts just for you!

The RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content   (an overview of the content)

How To Navigate the RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog  (how to find what you are looking for)

We hope this helps!


Want to know a little more about us?

We have now published over 500 blog posts.  It has been an interesting journey as we built RetiredAndTravelling.  And we learned a lot along the way.

Why did I start blogging?

Why am I still blogging? 

What we learned about blogging after 500 blog posts!


Are we paid for our opinions?

We pay for pretty much all of our travel.  But if we have received any discount or perks from being travel bloggers, we will note that in the post.  We are finally getting much better at consolidating our travel choices (airlines, hotels, cruising).  And have finally started to have some loyalty status with some brands.  So a lot of the perks or upgrades we get are from this loyalty status.

We like to share our experiences about places we visit and how we are travelling.  Regardless of freebies, discounts or loyalty rewards, we want to give you our true opinion on things that we experience.  And tips to get more from your travel.  If we don’t call out a hotel or airline or other travel brand in a travel post, it is generally because we have nothing much to say.  But if you are curious, you can always email and we will give you more information.


Where are we now?

We are back home in Toronto.  Given the current situation, we are staying close to home.  And are certainly not encouraging people to travel.

But we polled our readers and they said to “keep publishing” travel content.  We hope this will help to keep you thinking about travel.  And planning your next escapes for when it is safe to travel again.  Please stay healthy and safe!

Blog posts have NOT been updated to reflect the reality of travelling during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Please make sure to check travel advisories before you make any travel plans.  And check regularly.  Travel directives can change regularly.


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