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Please don’t let the “Retired” label make you think we are boring old travellers.  Not yet anyways!  We travel far and wide for about 6 months of the year in multiple trips.  We have probably been to many of the spots on your travel wish list!

We are travel bloggers and photographers – semi retired and travelling everywhere!  Linda is a semi-retired executive consultant with an MBA and Civil Engineering degree.  Referred to in the past as the “Lara Croft of consulting”, Linda has both piloted planes (IFR rating) and jumped out of perfectly good planes (150+jumps).  She continues to enjoy scuba diving with her retired navy diver husband David.  While both Linda and David contribute photos to this blog, David is the pro and the main editor of the pics.

Scuba diving, luxury cruising, chocoholic, sea and sunshine addicts, camera attached and just generally curious!  Join us on our adventures!

Want to know a little more about us?

Why did I start blogging?

Why am I still blogging?


Are We Paid For Our Opinions?

We pay for much of our travel.  If we have received any discount or perks from being travel bloggers, we will note that in the post.  We are getting much better at consolidating our travel choices (airlines, hotels, cruising) and have finally started to have some loyalty status with some brands.  A lot of the perks or upgrades we get are from this loyalty status.

We like to share our experiences about places we visit and the how we are travelling.  Regardless of freebies, discounts or loyalty rewards, we want to give you our true opinion on things that we experience.  And tips to get more from your travel.  If we don’t call out a hotel or airline or other travel brand in a travel post, it is generally because we have nothing much to say.  If you are curious, you can always email and we will give you more information.


Where Are We Now?

Home in Toronto after  our 6 week adventure to Central Europe, Austria and Switzerland.


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    So Many Things To Do In Prague For 8 Days

    Twitter 0 Facebook 3 Pinterest0 Google+0 Starting Our Central Europe Trip In Prague Prague was the first stop on our spring trip to Central Europe. We landed in Prague and spent 5 days on our own as we explored the city. Then we joined our small group tour with Overseas […]

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    Amazing Buildings And Architecture Of Prague

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    Walk The Charles Bridge In Prague

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    What Will You Find To Eat And Drink In Prague?

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    Visit The Original Budvar Budweiser Brewery

    Twitter 0 Facebook 8 Pinterest4 Google+0 A Morning Beer Stop Before we arrived in Prague in the Czech Republic, we did not know that beer making had such a history in this part of the world. We had a great stay in the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov. On our […]

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    See The Czech Countryside From The Lipno Treetop Walk

    Twitter 0 Facebook 4 Pinterest1 Google+0 Heading Out To The Countryside We had several busy days visiting castles and other tourist sites on our stops in Prague and Cesky Krumlov. Our rafting trip along the Vltava River was cancelled because it was still early in the season. The waters were […]

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    7 Reasons To Visit Portugal

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    6 Interesting Things To Do In the Azores

    Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest2 Google+0 6 Interesting Things To Do In the Azores When we planned our trip to Portugal, it was strongly recommended that we visit the Azores. These 9 islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean about 900 miles (1.450 km) offshore of Lisbon, Portugal. When […]

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    Get A Panoramic View From The Petrin Tower In Prague

    Twitter 0 Facebook 1 Pinterest9 Google+0 Our First Outing In Prague The day we arrived for our 8 day visit to Prague we took it easy. We met with the tour leader we would join later in our Prague trip. He had a lot of suggestions on things to see […]

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    Helpful Tips For Planning An Alaska Cruise

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    Visit An Absinthe Bar In Prague

    Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest0 Google+0 Absinthe in Czech Republic We alway like to try the local food and drink when we travel. You can’t visit Porto without trying the port wine. When we visited the town of Cognac, we needed to sample a range of cognacs. Absinthe is widely […]

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    Escaping To Central Europe For The Spring

    Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest0 Google+0 Leaving Toronto In The Spring It had been a long time since our fall trip to the Baltics in the fall. We did several city long weekends to Chicago, NYC and Washington. We had a great Caribbean cruise that ended with a week in […]

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    9 Things To Do In Washington DC Over Easter

    Twitter 0 Facebook 0 Pinterest0 Google+0 Heading To Washington DC It was a long time between our fall trip to the Baltics and our spring exploration in Central Europe. But city breaks kept our travel urges at bay. Chicago was a new discovery for us. NYC for the holiday season […]


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