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Linda and David are RetiredAndTravelling!  But please don’t let the “Retired” label make you think we are boring old travellers.  Not yet anyways!  We travel far and wide for about 6 months of the year in multiple trips.  And many of the spots on your travel wish list are probably covered in our blog posts!

Linda and David are travel bloggers and photographers – semi retired and travelling everywhere!  Linda is a semi-retired executive consultant with an MBA and Civil Engineering degree.  Referred to in the past as the “Lara Croft of consulting”, Linda has both piloted planes (IFR rating) and jumped out of perfectly good planes (150+jumps).  And she continues to enjoy scuba diving with her retired navy diver husband David.  While both Linda and David contribute photos to this blog, David is the pro and the main editor of the pics.

RetiredAndTravelling gives us the opportunities for scuba diving, luxury cruising, indulging our chocoholic needs and appeasing our sea and sunshine addictions.  This means we are camera attached and just generally curious!  Join us on our adventures!


Want to know a little more about us?

Why did I start blogging?

Why am I still blogging? 


Are We Paid For Our Opinions?

We pay for pretty much all of our travel.  But if we have received any discount or perks from being travel bloggers, we will note that in the post.  We are finally getting much better at consolidating our travel choices (airlines, hotels, cruising).  And have finally started to have some loyalty status with some brands.  So a lot of the perks or upgrades we get are from this loyalty status.

We like to share our experiences about places we visit and how we are travelling.  Regardless of freebies, discounts or loyalty rewards, we want to give you our true opinion on things that we experience.  And tips to get more from your travel.  If we don’t call out a hotel or airline or other travel brand in a travel post, it is generally because we have nothing much to say.  But if you are curious, you can always email and we will give you more information.


Where Are We Now?

On a new adventure to British Columbia for 5 weeks. Starting in the Okanagan Valley with stops in Kelowna and Osoyoos. Then moving into the Fraser Valley. Two weeks will then let us explore Vancouver Island – Victoria, Tofino, Comox and Nanaimo. Then we will finish up with a week in Vancouver.


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  • California Coast Around Cambria.jpg

    Explore The California Coast Around Cambria

    Heading To San Luis Obispo When we planned our 3 week road trip in California, we debated where to stop after as we headed north after our stay in Temecula. We finally settled on a base in St Luis Obispo to explore the California coast around Cambria. We left Temecula […]

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    A Great Stop For Wine Tasting In Temecula

    From The Desert To Temecula For Wine Tasting We enjoyed our few days in Palm Desert on our California road trip. But it was time to head for wine tasting in Temecula. The most direct route to Temecula was back over the mountains we travelled for our panoramic views. But […]

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    What If My iPhone Gets Wet Scuba Diving

    Will My Vacation Be Ruined If My iPhone Gets Wet? Would your vacation be ruined if your iPhone gets wet? Unfortunately, we learned the answer to this on our stay in Grand Cayman. We have several different cameras. What we travel with depends on where we are doing and what […]

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    So Many Things To Do In Grand Cayman

    There Are So Many Things To Do In Grand Cayman Whether we stayed on the island or visited by cruise ship, we found so many things to do in Grand Cayman. On a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman for 16 days, we enjoyed a great luxury resort vacation. And […]

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    Enjoy A Stay At Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

    We Headed South To The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Our stay at Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman for 16 days was a wonderfully relaxing luxury getaway. The oceanfront balcony was the perfect spot for views out over the crystal blue waters. And for stunning sunsets! We found so much to do on the […]

  • Panoramic Views Above Palm Desert.jpg

    Take In The Panoramic Views Above Palm Desert

    It Does Rain In Southern California We enjoyed a few days in San Diego on our 3 week trip to California. Now it was time to head to find the panoramic views above Palm Desert. But of course the day we headed to the desert, it rained steadily for the […]

  • Stay In San Diego.jpg

    Enjoy A Stay In San Diego

    Starting Our California Visit In San Diego We were happy we left the snow behind on our 3 week road trip along the California coast. A stay in San Diego was the perfect way to start our trip. This was not our first visit to San Diego, so we planned […]

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    Many Options For Scuba Diving In Grand Cayman

    Our Gear Was Packed For Diving In Grand Cayman There was no doubt that we were going scuba diving in Grand Cayman. On several visits to Grand Cayman in the past we found lots to see and do. But we missed out on the opportunity to get under the crystal […]

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    Indulge In Afternoon Tea At Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman

    Plan To Indulge In Afternoon Tea At Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman On our visit to Grand Cayman for 16 days, we found so much to see and do. We were there for the sunshine and blue waters. But one of the things we were not going to pass up was the […]

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    Icewine Tasting In Niagara Region in Canada

    Icewine Tasting In Niagara On A Trip To Niagara Falls It was a great treat to do icewine tasting in Niagara when we travelled to Niagara Falls as an early birthday celebration! Since we live in Toronto, it is easy for us to visit Niagara Falls over and over again. […]

  • Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

    View Niagara Falls In Colour

    Headed To Niagara Falls For An Early Birthday Celebration We were delighted to get the most magical display of Niagara Falls in colour when we travelled there for an early birthday treat. Since we live in Toronto, it is easy for us to visit Niagara Falls over and over again. […]

  • 4 Weeks In Portugal.jpg

    4 Weeks In Portugal Was Not Enough

    A Long List Of Reasons To Visit Portugal We looked at our most popular travel blog posts for 2018. And were not surprised to find that Portugal and the Azores were at the top of the list. Our 4 weeks in Portugal was one of our all time favourite vacations. […]

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    World Class Service Sets A High Bar

    What Does World Class Service Look Like So many service experiences these days just don’t cut it. Being “of service” does not seem to be a valued role today. But when we have received exemplary customer service, we felt the difference. World class service set a high bar. And it […]

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    Visit Miyajima Island When In Hiroshima

    We Went To Take The Ferry After we docked in Hiroshima, David and I went off in different directions. David visited the Hiroshima A-bomb memorial and museum. I was so glad I chose to visit Miyajima Island when in Hiroshima. But 2 hours on the island was definintely not enough […]

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    The Gateway To Mt Fuji In Shimizu

    Our First Port Was In Shimizu, Japan We went up in the Tokyo Tower on our week in Tokyo. But were disappointed we did not get to see Mt Fuji off in the distance. We considered a day trip to get closer. But we knew the first stop on our […]


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