Brief Look At Faroe Islands.jpg

Get Entranced With A Brief Look At Faroe Islands

November 10, 2019 TravelAtWill 4

Great To Get A Brief Look At Faroe Islands After our stop in the Orkney Islands with Oceania Cruises, we headed for a brief look at the Faroe Islands. We were excited to visit this destination that was not yet a major tourist destination. But we did hear that many […]

Things To Do On A Day In Belfast.jpg

7 Things To Do On A Day In Belfast, Northern Ireland

October 27, 2019 TravelAtWill 34

Many Things To Do On A Day In Belfast, Northern Ireland On our cruise through the Nordic countries, we were excited to enjoy a day in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our Oceania Cruises ship docked in Belfast. And then we toured along the scenic Ards Peninsula. When I travelled to Dublin […]

Stop In The Orkney Islands Scotland.jpg

A Quick Stop In The Orkney Islands Scotland

October 13, 2019 TravelAtWill 18

A Quick Stop In The Orkney Islands After we visited Edinburgh, we headed to our second port in Scotland for a quick stop in the Orkney Islands. The ship docked in Kirkwall on the Mainland Island. This is the largest of about 70 that make up the Orkney Islands. As […]

A Day In Edinburgh.jpg

Things To See And Do On A Day In Edinburgh

October 6, 2019 TravelAtWill 36

A Quick Visit To Edinburgh The first port on the second leg of our cruise through the Nordic countries was in Edinburgh. This was our first visit to Scotland and we were excited to spend a day in Edinburgh. It certainly was a great tease to want us to return. […]

Things To Do In Skagen Denmark.jpg

Explore The Things To Do In Skagen Denmark

September 1, 2019 TravelAtWill 30

Our Second Stop In Denmark After our exciting day in Germany, we headed back to Denmark. Our first view of Denmark was our 5 day stop in Copenhagen before we boarded our cruise ship for our Baltic adventure. Skagen gave us a very different view of Denmark. We were amazed […]

Beautiful Sights Of Kyoto.jpg

Travel To See The Beautiful Sights Of Kyoto

March 6, 2019 TravelAtWill 36

See The Beautiful Sights Of Kyoto From The Port In Osaka There were two days in Osaka on our cruise in Japan. We had a very long tour day planned from Osaka to see the beautiful sights of Kyoto. We got to see three very distinctive places. Lunch was a traditional […]

Explore Martinique By Catamaran.jpg

Explore Martinique By Catamaran

March 25, 2018 TravelAtWill 0

Arriving In Anse Mitan, Martinique The sun was rising as we headed into Martinique.  We were sad to realize that this was the last port on our Windstar Caribbean cruise.  Our cruise ship was again anchored in the middle of the bay. This was both a pro and con of […]

Scuba Diving in Grenada.jpg

A Day Trip Scuba Diving in Grenada

March 21, 2018 TravelAtWill 18

We Planned Scuba Diving In Grenada On our Windstar cruise to the Caribbean, we took it easy in many of the ports. We escaped the cold in Toronto and we really just wanted to relax,  In St Kitts, we flew through the air on our zipline adventure.  We snorkelled on […]

Catamaran Adventure In St. Vincent.jpg

Have Fun On A Catamaran Adventure In St. Vincent

February 6, 2018 TravelAtWill 0

A Catamaran Adventure In St Vincent After our adventure to see the underwater sculptures in Grenada, we arrived in Kingstown port in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We planned to do a catamaran adventure in St. Vincent but originally were wait-listed for this excursion. We had plan B and C […]

Visit The ABC Islands.jpg

Visit The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao)

February 1, 2018 TravelAtWill 24

Planning To Visit The ABC Islands When we booked our cruise to the southern Caribbean, we were excited about the chance to visit the ABC islands. Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao sit very south in the Caribbean, just above Venezuela. They are out of the hurricane belt and are great options […]