Stay In An Algarve Palace Pousada.jpg

Stay In An Algarve Palace Pousada

November 5, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Staying In A Pousada Our first stop in the Algarve was high in the mountains in Monchique. We stayed in a modern spa resort with a great mountain view. Our second stop introduced us to the Algarve by the sea. The large resort was on the cliff edge with full […]

First View Of The Algarve Cliffs.jpg

Our First View Of The Algarve Cliffs

October 29, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Heading For The Water The first stop on our visit to the Algarve was high in the mountains in Monchique. This gave us a very different perspective of the Algarve from on high. While it may have technically been our first view of the Algarve cliffs, we wanted to be […]

High in The Algarve Mountains at Monchique.jpg

High in The Algarve Mountains at Monchique

October 26, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Finding Our Mountain Resort Our first stop in the Algarve was high in the Algarve mountains at Monchique. We left Lisbon and meandered our way south. After we visited the beaches close to Lisbon, we chose to take the highway most of the way south rather then head into the […]

Beaches Outside Of Lisbon.jpg

Enjoy The Beaches Outside Of Lisbon

October 24, 2017 TravelAtWill 2

Lots of Beaches Outside Of Lisbon The city of Lisbon is on the Tagus River. Right in the city we found an active waterfront and historical districts but no beaches. But we did not have to go far to find beaches outside of Lisbon. When we visited Lisbon the first […]

Customer Service Excellence In Portugal.jpg

Customer Service Excellence In Portugal

August 30, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

What We Learned About Customer Service In Portugal Every new discovery was a delight as we travelled for 4 weeks in Portugal. We stayed in 11 different hotels. But we were so delighted with the Intercontinental Lisbon that we returned a second time. And we will finish there at the […]

Things To Do In Seattle.jpg

Things To Do In Seattle On A Return Visit

July 23, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Some Things To Do In Seattle On A Return Visit We visited Seattle on several previous travels. Our first visit to Seattle was when we travelled down the west coast for 4 weeks. That trip we did many of the iconic tourist sites. We stopped in Seattle when we toured […]

Flamenco and Food in Seville.jpg

A Great Tour To See Flamenco and Food in Seville

June 13, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Heading Off For Flamenco And Food In Seville We started our day in the Triana neighbourhood. It is said that flamenco dancing comes from Triana. So it seemed a fitting beginning to our evening of flamenco and food in Seville. Our tour guide David from Devour Seville was waiting for […]

Hammam in Córdoba.jpg

Enjoying the Baths at the Hammam in Córdoba

June 11, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Planning A Visit To The Hammam When we travelled in Spain before we saw hammams advertised. We missed our chance on our first visit to Madrid and we were far too busy on our short visit to Granada. We didn’t visit a hammam when we were in Seville on this […]

Italian Wine Tasting At Sea.jpg

Italian Wine Tasting at Sea

April 19, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Finding A New Activity Onboard Our Cruise Ship There are a lot of great things to do when you are cruising at sea! When it is a port day, we are often out at excursions so enjoy less of the things the ship offers. But when it is a sea […]

Portugal and Spain For The Spring.jpg

Portugal and Spain For The Spring

March 17, 2017 TravelAtWill 4

Our Spring Travel Plans Note: Updated After Portugal Blogs Completed We had an awesome 10 week adventure that finished 2016. Then the plan was to head somewhere warm to escape the Toronto winter. But that never happened. It was a good thing that we had a reasonable winter in Toronto. […]

Snorkelling in the Maldives.jpg

Snorkelling in the Maldives

February 20, 2017 TravelAtWill 0

Arriving in the Maldives We made the most of our short 24 hours in the Maldives. On the first day we toured the main island of Male. But we were most excited about snorkelling in the Maldives! On our transit through the islands of the Maldives, we got a glimpses […]