A Well Travelled Path On The Adriatic Coast of Italy

A Well Travelled Path On The Adriatic Coast of Italy.jpg

10 Weeks Let Us See The Adriatic coast of Italy

Fall was a great time to head away for a brief gateway stop in London before spending 10 weeks heading down the Adriatic coast of Italy.  We revisited favourite spots and discovered the Adriatic coast regions (Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo and Puglia). It was a long enough trip that we could move slowly, picking hub towns to settle in for day trip adventures. We saw far more than we could ever anticipated and added many towns to our list for return visits.

So Much To See And Do

When asked, it is hard to answer “what was the best part?” But we can share some of the highlights?

London Little Venice.jpg
Venice Regatta Parade.jpg
Verona Arena Aida.jpg
Lugana Wine Grape Harvesting.jpg
Bologna Food Tour.jpg
Awaiting Table Lecce Cooking Class Puglia
Ravenna Basilica of San Vitale.jpg
Mantua Palazzo.jpg
Bologna Porticos.jpg
  • Finding lots to do in the beach towns of the Adriatic coast of Italy even when the beaches were deserted – Igea Marina and Pescara
Igea Marina Beach.jpg
Pescara Fishing Shacks.jpg
Sulmona in Abruzzo.jpg
Civitella Del Tronto Town View.jpg
Calascio Rocca Church.jpg

Puglia In The South

  • The beaches of Puglia – as far east as you can go and as far south as you can go
Puglia Otranto Beach Eastern Point.jpg
Puglia Ionian Santa Maria di Leuca Surfer.jpg
San Marino Top Towers.jpg
Trulli Houses.jpg
Ostuni White City.jpg
Lecce Town Baroque.jpg
Matera Sassi.jpg
L Aquila Damage.jpg
Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius.jpg

We Finished With The Amalfi Coast And Rome

Sorrento Town.jpg
Sorrento Boat Rental.jpg
Sorrento Hills.jpg
  • Taking a day off from touring in Rome with a spa indulgence, knowing we will definitely be back!
Rome Sunset.jpg

We Enjoyed Our Travels In Italy

10 weeks travelling the Adriatic coast of Italy just continued to whet our appetite for more!

Have you done the Adriatic coast of Italy?  Where should we go next in our exploration of Italy?

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    • It was great to visit a less discovered part of Italy along the Adriatic coast. We were surprised at how much there was to see. Had a couple of great hotel concierges who would help with our daily "to see" list 🙂

  1. What an amazing 10 weeks it must have been! The photos looks great, thanks so much for sharing ? Italy is one place I’d love to spend more time in, just so much to see and do.

    • Russell, It was great to be off the tourist path. So many great little towns along the Adriatic side of Italy. Puglia was a great find and we will definitely go back. Sorrento is one of our favourite spots to stay on the Amalfi Coast – so it was great to have an extended stay. There is so much more to still see and do in Italy! Linda

  2. I have been to the coastal regions of of north-east Italy a few times like Venice, Lido di Spina, Rimini, San Marino, Ferrara etc but I am exploring some more on my three week family vacation when I drive to Ancona area from London, UK. I dont think I will get to those beautiful white houses in Puglia this time but I think that will be on my next trip to Italy with the family in 2021 (we love Italy and we go at least once a year to relax, eat, drink and check out the beautiful culture, buildings and landscapes, I am even learning the language now!). 😀

    • Danik, This is one of the reasons I would love to live in Europe. So easy to head off to another country to explore. I would love to visit Italy at least once a year. Great that you are learning the language. We wish we were more disciplined about that. So many great spots to enjoy in Italy. Linda

  3. Wow your 10 weeks journey around Adriatic coast of Italy is really an epic journey with so many historic and natural places. Historical Regatta parade looks awesome and I would love to witness this parade in Venice next year. Puglia in south too looks amazing. I loved rolling green hills, stunning beaches and historic red roof towns here.

  4. You are so blessed that you were able to spend 10 weeks doing this. My dad really wants to explore the heel of Italy. Is this here?

  5. 10 weeks in Italy looks like an amazing (and unaffordable ?) experience to me! Pictures are so beautiful, I can imagine Italian atmosphere. Did you drive? Or travelled by regular transportation?

    • Gabriela, We were so glad we took this long trip and discovered many places that people often miss. For most of the early part of the trip, we used the train. Day trips we took local buses too. We picked up a car in Pescara for day trips to the mountains and then to travel down through Puglia and finally into Sorrento. We dropped the car there and went back to buses, trains and ferries. A great mix that gave us flexibility and freedom to explore. Linda

  6. I am so envious of your 10 weeks. It sounds like a dream to me. All the places you visited have long been on my list. Verona for the love, Parma for the cheese, Puglia for the white cities, Pompeii for the history! All of it.

  7. What a fabulous trip you had. I would love to see Little Venice in London but wandering through Italy looks so beautiful.

  8. That is a wonderful doable itinerary along the Adriatic coast of Italy. I have to some of these places and am in love with the art in the monuments there. The pictures of Puglia and San Marino are stunning urging me to get there. Pompeii was a touching experience!

    • Indrani, I am glad this has added some spots in Italy to your travel wish list. We loved all the new spots we found as we travelled along the Adriatic coast. A trip we would love to repeat. Linda

  9. I haven’t been to many of these places. But I have seen the Regatta in venice. What fond memories that brought back. I would love to visit the Amalfi coast one day as well.

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