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Travel blog posts are tagged with one or more Category. Categories provide the high level organization for the travel blog content. A detailed description of each category provide a good overview of the RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog content.

With over 500 travel blog posts published, we know that sometimes it is not always easy to know how to find what you want on the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog. There is a separate blog post that will help you to navigate the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog. And find everything you want to read about!

What Content Will You Find On The RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog?

We are RetiredAndTravelling around the world. When we semi-retired early, it gave us the opportunity to travel about 6 months of the year in multiple trips. Our trips included both cruising travel and land-based travel spots. Some were short long weekend breaks. But we also covered longer trips that included multiple cities and countries for 30 to 60 days.
When we travelled we loved to explore towns and nature spots. Adventure travel got our blood moving. And we have been known to travel for food, wine tasting and to splurge on Afternoon Tea.

Our travel blog posts were in-depth and filled with pictures. Travel summaries provided an overview of trips with links to the detailed posts. We always tried to offer travel tips to help you plan and enjoy the experiences when you travel.
We hope the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog helps fuel your travel wanderlust! Let us show you how the RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog content is organized!

The Categories Of Travel Content On The RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog

Travel blog posts are tagged with one or more Category to help you find the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog content easily. Categories are the broadest level of content organization for the travel blog content.

There are Categories for travel destinations. Largely these are based on the continents. But the Caribbean Islands were separated as this travel is quite distinct.
1) North America Travel
2) Caribbean Islands Travel
3) South America Travel
4) Europe Travel
5) Africa Travel
6) Asia Travel
7) Oceania Travel

There are Categories for different kinds of travel experiences:
8) Travel Spots (land-based travel)
9) Cruising Travel
10) Food Travel
11) Adventure Travel

And Categories for other travel blog posts
12) Travel Tips
13) Travel Blog Summaries

1) North America Travel

Travel blog posts about travel in North America. On land this included road trips, city visits and National Park adventures.  By sea we cruised along the coasts of North America.

North America Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

North America travel included Canada, the U.S.A. and Central American countries.  For Central America we visited Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras.

In Canada, our home base was in Toronto. We enjoyed the city and day trips to local areas north in cottage country, east along Lake Ontario to Kingston and Prince Edward County, weekends in Ottawa  and to the Niagara Falls area. Two road trips to Atlantic Canada let us visit all the eastern provinces.. Visits to Montreal, Quebec City and the Saguenay region were also included.

On the west coast of Canada, Vancouver was like our second home. We spent extended periods of time in Vancouver. And when our son moved to the Sunshine Coast, it became a new special place for us to visit. On different trips we explored much of British Columbia. Two road trips from Toronto to Vancouver and back gave us great stops in both the U.S. and Canada.

We travelled a lot in the United States. California and the west coast National Parks were favourite destinations. Fun trips took us to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta and to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Long city breaks from home allowed us to explore New York City, the Maine coast, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Miami was the port of departure for many of our cruises. So we enjoyed this city on many occasions. In 2022, we finally made it to Hawaii for the first time and enjoyed time on Oahu, the Big Island and Maui.

We cruised to Alaska from Seattle with stops in British Columbia and Alaska. And spent a week and cruised along the California Coast.

Visits to Central America were all cruise port stops – Panama, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica and Mexico. This included two trips along the Panama Canal.

Note: the Caribbean Islands are all covered under a separate category.

2) Caribbean Islands Travel

Travel blog posts about travel in the Caribbean Islands.  On land this included road trips, day trips in the islands and stays at island resorts.  By sea we have cruised around the Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean Islands Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Caribbean travel included stays in St. Lucia, Curacao, Bahamas, Grand Cayman and Cuba.

There have been multiple cruises that covered numerous Caribbean islands from north to south and east to west.

Note:  the Caribbean Islands were not covered in the North America category.

3) South America Travel

Travel blog posts about travel in South America. On land this included road trips, city visits and outdoor adventures. By sea we cruised around the coast of South America. This included a trip around Cape Horn.

South America Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

South America travel included Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

For geographic simplicity, Falkland Islands was included in South America.

4) Europe Travel

Travel blog posts about Europe travel. On land this included road trips and city stays. By sea we cruised along the coasts of Europe.

Europe Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Europe travel included travel in 6 different regions:

1)    Western Europe: UK, Ireland, France

2)    Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta

3)    Central Europe: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Croatia

4)    Northern Europe: Baltic, Nordic, Iceland and Germany

5)    Eastern Europe: Russia, the Ukraine

6)    South East: Greece, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia

We travelled extensively by land in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. A long road trip in Central Europe took us to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland. Blog posts covered multiple regions, cities and towns.

Several cruises took us through many areas of the Mediterranean.  We also cruised around the Scandinavian countries. This included travel to Balkan areas like Russia and Estonia.  A summer cruise took us up through Northern Europe into the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. That cruise also covered many ports around the UK. After the pandemic we were delighted to return to cruise with a trip from Barcelona to Lisbon that included a return to the Canary Islands.

5) Africa Travel

Blog posts about Africa travel. On land this included road trips, day trips around the countries and fun adventures. By sea we cruised around the around various African countries.

Africa Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Africa travel on land included day excursions in Cape Verde, Kenya, the Seychelles, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Egypt and South Africa.

A longer stay in Cape Town in South Africa provided opportunities for exploration of the city and day trips in the region.

6) Asia Travel

Blog posts about Asia travel. On land this included road trips, day trips around the countries and fun adventures. By sea we cruised around the around various Asian countries.

Asia Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Asia countries include:  Israel, Jordon, Oman, the UAE (including Dubai), India, China and Japan. Included in SE Asia are Bali, Thailand and Singapore.

One very long cruise for over 50 days moved us about to many Asian countries.  Travel on land included day excursions in Israel, Jordon, India and the UAE. Both inland and port cities were explored.

A month in China let us explore multiple regions from Shanghai through to Beijing.  That trip finished with several days in Hong Kong. We started our visit to Japan with a week in Tokyo and then cruised through multiple ports in Japan.

We moved from spot to spot in SE Asia by plane and explored Bali, Thailand and Singapore.

7) Oceania Travel

Travel blog posts about Oceania travel. On land this included road trips and city stays. By sea this will include cruise ship travels.

Oceania Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Oceania travel will include travel in 3 different regions:

1)   Australia – including Tasmania

2)   New Zealand

3)   South Pacific Islands

Travel to-date included trips by land and air through Australia. Sydney and Cairns were used as bases to explore these two areas and multiple activities.

We planned to cruise around Australia and catch many of the major cities. This cruise was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time our Australia cruise is re-booked, we will plan our travels around New Zealand either as a land trip or on a cruise.

At this time, we have not travelled to the South Pacific Islands. But as scuba divers, the South Pacific is high on our travel wish list

8) Travel Spots

Travel blog posts about travel spots we visited on land.  This included road trips, vacation stays and day trips.  It generally did not cover port days on a cruise.  However these may be included if the day excursion was extensive and covered a lot about the city or area.

Travel Spots By Land.jpg

Travel spots included:

1)   Destinations in pretty much every part of the world we visited.

2)   City stays in major cities where a lot of the activities were in the city.  These blog posts often cover things offered at our accommodations. If they exceeded expectations!

3)   Road trips that covered multiple stops in cities and in nature spots.

4)   Day trips that explored the National Parks and other outdoor activities.

5)   Typically there was a summary blog post published with numerous links at the end of a particular travel spot.

Some of our land-based travel spots were part of land tours we did with Viking Cruises and Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT).  But much of our land-based travel was done as independent travel.  For these trips, we set the itinerary, booked all travel and were self-directed as we moved from spot to spot.

9) Cruising Travel

Travel blog posts about cruising travel trips we have taken.  Blog posts talk about cruise itineraries, ports, day trip excursions and the actual experience onboard.

Travel Spots By Cruising.jpg

Cruising took us:

1)   On numerous cruises in both the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

2)   On many trips around the ports in the Mediterranean – Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Turkey

3)   From Greece to South Africa for over 50 days including countries in the Middle East, the UAE, India, the Indian Ocean and along the western coast of Africa to Cape Town.

4)   To Northern Europe in the Scandinavian region (Norway, Sweden and Denmark). This cruise also included Balkan stops in Russia and Estonia. There were final stops in Germany and Amsterdam.

5)   Along the north coast of Europe through France, Spain and Portugal.

6)   From Oslo Norway and up through the Norway Fjords.

7)   From Southampton to a few UK ports and then north to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.

8)   Around South America for 60 days from Miami and back the Miami.

9) A return to cruising after the pandemic with a trip from Barcelona to Lisbon through the Canary Islands.

We cruised extensively with Oceania Cruises. But also cruised with Windstar and Viking Cruises.

10) Food Travel

Food travel blog posts provide insight on the great food and drink we have had on our trips.

Travel For Food and Drink.jpg

Blog posts on Food travel included:

1) During our travels, food tours provided great food and drink with insight into local customs.  This has also included tours to learn about local specialty food and their production.

2) Cooking classes and demonstrations provided us with insight into the food and drink of a region.  And has shown us how to make tasty treats at home that reminded us of our travels.

3) We have done wine tasting around the world.  We have visited extensively in the wine regions in Canada and the U.S.  And have tasted our way around wine regions in Europe.  This has included things like port wine in porto, cognac in Cognac France  and bordeaux wine in the Bordeaux region in France.  On a visit to Cape Town we did a wine tasting in the Stellenbosch area.

4) In addition to wine tasting, we had some unique spirit tasting experiences.  In Prague we even tried absinthe!  Beer tasting has added another dimension to our food and drink experiences. When we did a gin tasting in Sintra in Portugal, it forever added some tasty new spirits for us.

5) We loved to splurge on Afternoon Tea when we travel.  Visits to local spots in Toronto caused us to head out when we were based at home.  We love the tea ritual.  And the tasty sweet and savoury selections.  Often we got great entertainment with our Afternoon Tea.

11) Adventure Travel

Travel blog posts about fun and adventure activities. This includes a broad range of things:

1)   Scuba Diving

2)   Snorkeling

3)   Wildlife

4)   Fun Activities

5)   Art and Street Art

Adventure Travel.jpg

Adventure travel for scuba diving took us to several spots in the Caribbean. We went scuba diving in iconic spots like the Red Sea in Egypt and on the Great Barrier Reef.

Snorkelling adventures covered a wider range of destinations. We tried to snorkel whenever we get the chance. Snorkelling in Brazil were fun day trips on our South America cruise.

We have experienced wildlife adventures all over the world. There were bears, eagles, sea lions and more on travels in British Columbia, along the California coast and up through Alaska. Panda bears in China were a delight to see. We found penguins the first time in South Africa.

And then saw so many different groups in South America. Safaris in Africa were a great way to add the big 5 and so many more animals to our experiences.

Whenever we travel we try to find fun ways to get out and enjoy the area. We have rented boats, done helicopter tours and even went off-road on a jeep adventure.

At every spot we visit, we are always on the lookout for outdoor art. Sometimes that is amazing statue gardens. But it always includes an interesting variety of colourful street art.

12) Travel Tips

Travel blog posts with travel tips that helped you plan and enjoy the experiences when you travelled.

Travel Tips Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

1)   Customer Service tips provided insights and experiences on customer service excellence.

2)   Points and loyalty tips helped with how to build points and get the best out of loyalty programs. This includes airlines, hotels and cruising.

3)   General travel tips included a broad range of helpful tips on topics like packing and planning.

4)   Cruising tips covered things that are helpful when planning or taking a cruise.

5)   Travel technology tips offered suggestions for travel apps. Blog posts included options to stay connected when travelling. Also included were key technology things like VPNs that kept us safe online when we travelled.

6)   A small number of blog posts provided some tips for people who wanted to start a travel blog.

13) Travel Blog Summaries

With well over 500 travel blog posts, it may sometimes be hard to know where to start. And sometimes all that was needed was a summary. Or a starting point with links to access detailed travel blogs post.

Travel Summaries Travel - RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content.jpg

Travel blog summaries covered a variety of dimensions:

1)   City visit summaries covered travel where we were based in a major city. The summary blog post provided an overview of what we did on our stay: city exploration, food, accommodations, day trips and tips for visiting.

2)   While RetiredAndTravelling generally did not do hotel reviews, we loved to share the details of hotels and customer service that exceeded expectations. The Hotel Stays menu shares some of those experiences!

3)   For travel trips that included multiple stops in cities, towns and nature sites, we often included a summary travel trip blog post that covered the itinerary and major things that we saw or did during the trip.

4)   At the end of the year, we published a “year in review” blog post that detailed the travel statistics and places we visited that year. It was a master index for our year of travel. We also published a travel blog post that details the travel for the coming year. That was often aspirational in nature. And was not updated as our travel plans changed in the year.

Each of the summary travel blog posts is rich in links. And each includes photos that will tease you to dig into the detailed blog posts.

So Much RetiredAndTravelling Travel Blog Content

We hope this blog post helps you to appreciate the breadth of RetiredAndTravelling travel blog content available. And we always hope the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog helps to inspire your wanderlust!

If you need help navigating the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog, check out the separate post for help. We want to make sure you can find everything that interests you!

Are you interested in the RetiredAndTravelling travel blog content? Are there travel content blog posts you would like to see in the future?

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