Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

Praia da Albandeira, Praia da Bordeira, Atlantic Coast, Caroveiro Algar Seco Cliff Boardwalk And Lagos Ponta da Piedade Cliff Walk

Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

Explore The Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves  

We explored the Algarve coast cliffs and caves on our visits to this southern part of Portugal.  There were so many spots to enjoy the stunning shoreline views.   

On our first visit to the Algarve, we loved our initial experiences on the amazing cliff sights.  Day trips added the wilder Atlantic coastline sights.  

On our second stay in the Algarve, we enjoyed the luxurious Pine Cliffs Resort with stunning cliff views all day and night.  On day trips we got amazing cliff sights in Carvoeiro on the Algar Seco boardwalk and from the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos.   


Staying On The Cliffs Above Praia Da Albandeira 

On our first visit to the Algarve, we stayed in a resort on the cliffs above Praia da Albandeira.   We followed the paths from the resort for our first view of the Algarve cliffs.  Wandering, we caught different views of the rock arches and the coves below.

Praia da Albandeira Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We walked a path that led us to a view of Praia da Albandeira (in Freguesia de Porches) below the cliffs.  The sand beach was nestled in the cove.  When we walked down to the beach at low tide, we got amazing views through the stone arches.  

Praia da Albandeira Beach
Praia da Albandeira Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We certainly got an amazing first look at the Algarve coast cliffs and caves.

On The Atlantic Coast At Praia da Bordeira

On a day trip from our stay on the Algarve coast, we headed to the Atlantic shore and planned a stop at the Praia da Bordeira.  As we neared the shore we saw a large, broad sandy beach.  Following the road to the top, we parked and headed out on the boardwalk.  

Praia da Bordeira Beach

As we walked along the boardwalk we looked down and saw rocky coves where waves pounded in.  The coastline views along the Atlantic coast were wild and untamed.

Praia da Bordeira Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We settled in and watched the surfers as they rode the crashing waves in.  The surfers provided our entertainment on this stop at the Praia da Bordeira.

Praia da Bordeira Beach

A day trip to the Atlantic shore gave us a different view of the Algarve coast cliffs and caves.

Stop At The Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente And Beliche

On our day trip to the Atlantic shore, we kept heading south along the coast until we hit the most southwest point and saw the Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente.  We saw the lighthouse on the point but the grounds were not open to visit.

Farol do Cabo de Sao Vincente LIghthouse

We joined busloads of tourists and peered over the cliff at the sheer drops and the pounding waves.  Another great spot to visit for views of the Algarve Cost cliffs and caves.

Farol do Cabo de Sao Vincente LIghthouse View - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We continued along the shore and got a view of the Forte do Beliche.  We wandered around the outside of this coastal fort but there was no way to get inside.

Bleiche Fort
Bleiche Fort

When we stopped down the road we got a view down to a rocky cove with a large sandy beach.  The waves on this shore were calmer with gently swelling waves.  So we were delighted when every now and then a surfer rode a wave in! 

Praia da Bleiche Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

On a day trip to the Atlantic shore we found some great places to stop for Algarve coast cliffs and caves.

Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves At Pine Cliff Resort On The Falesia Beach

On our return visit to the Algarve in Portugal, we stayed at the stunning Pine Cliffs Resort.  The resort sat above the Falesia Beach and we had stunning cliff views all day and night.  It sure enhanced our luxury stay at the Pine Cliffs Resort.

Falesia Beach
Falesia Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

When we went down and enjoyed the beach, we got great views of the cliffs from the bottom.   While we found calm waters on our visit, we could see the work that water and waves had done to erode the shoreline.

Falesia Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves
Falesia Beach

When we wandered in the neighbourhoods around the Pine Cliffs Resort we found another access point down to the Falasia Beach.  It was another great place for views of the Algarve coast cliffs and caves.

Falesia Beach
Falesia Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

Carvoeiro Beach And The Algar Seco Cliff Boardwalk

From our first visit to the Algarve region, we knew there were many stunning cliffs and caves along the Algarve Coast to explore.  When we cruised from Barcelona to Lisbon we enjoyed one day in Portimao on the Algarve Coast.  We passed on booking a day trip to the Benagil Caves and planned to visit them when we returned for a longer stay on the Algarve coast.  

We planned a day trip to the Carvoeiro area for a boat tour into the Benagil Caves.  But rough seas meant all boat tours to the Benagil Caves were cancelled that day.  Even so, we sure enjoyed our visit to Carvoeiro.  We started with a view from the water level in this charming beach town.  

Carvoeiro Beach - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves
Carvoeiro Beach

When we walked back to the top of the cliffs, we headed off along the boardwalk to Algar Seco.  From the top we got great views of  the shoreline cliffs.  

Carvoeiro Algar Seco Boardwalk

At several points along the Algar Seco Cliff Boardwalk we found stairs that took us down the cliffs.  The limestone rocks we found were fascinating and we saw how the caves were hollowed out of the cliffs by pounding waters.

Carvoeiro Algar Seco Boardwalk - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves
Carvoeiro Algar Seco Boardwalk - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We finished our walk by the large limestone pinnacle known as “A Boneca” or “the doll”.  Walking down the stairs, we went through the cave passage into a small chamber.  There we found two eroded arches with views out over the ocean.  These looked like the eyes of “the doll” from the sea.

Carvoeiro Algar Seco Boardwalk A Bonica
Carvoeiro Algar Seco Boardwalk A Bonica - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

The views we found as we explored the Algar Seco Cliff Boardwalk made us want to explore more of the Algarve coast cliffs and caves. 

Discovering The Ponta Da Piedade In Lagos

From our visit to Caraveiro we moved along the shore to Lagos.  We wandered in the harbour town and then we headed for the stunning cliffs at Ponta da Piedade (Piety Point).  We walked along the cliff edge and enjoyed the view of the limestone coastline.  The rock faces were all chiselled from pounding waves.

Lagos Pointa da Piedade
Lagos Pointa da Piedade - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

We continued our walk and found stunning rock arches and hidden grottos.  A stairway led to the lower levels.  We wanted to get closer and explore the arches but we were out of time on this visit.

Lagos Pointa da Piedade - Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves
Lagos Pointa da Piedade

A visit to the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos gave us a stunning view of the Algarve coast cliffs and caves.

Great Spots To Enjoy The Algarve Coast Cliffs And Caves

When we visited the southern coast of Portugal, we always searched out different spots to enjoy the Algarve coast cliffs and caves.  

We enjoyed hotel stays on the top of the cliffs that gave us stunning views all day and night.  And a visit to the Atlantic shores added in wild waves and surfers. 

Day trips to the Algar Seco boardwalk in Carvoeiro and to explore the Ponta da Piedade in Lagos showed us limestone cliffs with arches and caves carved by nature.

We never tired of the rugged coast of the Algarve in Portugal.  

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  1. It’s a beautiful area of Portugal to visit. I love the look of Falesia Beach, it looks pretty quiet and with beautiful sand and views. The cave formations on the Algar Seco Cliff boardwalk are so fascinating! You got some wonderful photos and the beach here would be a high contender on my list too.

  2. I’ve yet to visit Portugal (we actually almost did earlier this year, but flight prices were cheaper flying into Amsterdam, so we went with that instead), but I’d really like to someday! The Algarve coast looks absolutely incredible, and you’ve captured some gorgeous photos of the caves, cliffs and coastline here. I will definitely be adding this area to my itinerary – and referring back to this post! – whenever we do get the chance to visit :). Xx Sara

    • Portugal is one of our favourite places and the Algarve is worth a visit on any trip. The cliffs and caves along the Algarve Coast can’t be missed. Hope you get this trip on your travel planning board.

  3. Your photos have me so excited! I’m in Porto right now, on my first trip to Portugal, but next week I’ll be in the Algarve! I can’t wait to take in those landscapes while breathing in that fresh sea air!

    • It is always great when a post comes along just at the right time. I am sure you will be entranced with the cliffs and caves along the Algarve Coast. One of our favourite spots to visit.

  4. Since right now, the weather is absolutely crazy in Europe, I’m so longing for a beach vacation. In the north, it’s rainy and disgusting, in the south it’s even worse as there are wild fires. Reading your post took me back to happy days in beautiful Portugal where I had such a great time. I definitely need to go back soon, especially as I haven’t visited the Algarve and all those mesmerizing places you are introducing.

    • The weather this year seems off everywhere. We too are thinking back to sunny days on the Algarve Coast in Portugal. Hope you do get to visit and explore some of the great cliffs and caves in the Algarve one day.

  5. Awesome photos! The coast, cliffs and caves of Algarve have totally inspired me to visit this part of the world. These are the kind of places we love to visit. In addition to the rock formations, I like the idea of the convenient boardwalk and steps to reach the sea or the rocks further down. Pines cliff resort looks like the best place to stay with such amazing views! Adding this to my bucket list in Portugal.

    • We loved all the different views we got of the cliffs and caves along the Algarve Coast. And so many were accessible to explore. A great spot for your travel bucket list.

  6. What a spectacular area…both Albufeira and Carboveira. The Algarve Coastal cliffs and caves abound here. I hope we can go but i think à longer stay will be better!

  7. Beautiful spectacular pictures of the Algarve coast. The Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente is one of my favorite places in Portugal. I visited it for the first time at the end of a long-distance hike along the Algarve. However I have never been in the area in summer like you guys.

  8. Absolutely stunning. I should plan my trip to Algarve too and I’d love to stay at Pine Cliffs Resort for its views, esp. the view at night is just mindblowing. Sand beach nestled in the cove where you get such amazing views through the arches in low time is just exceptional. The Algar Seco Cliff Boardwalk is stunning. I’d love walking through those grooves & eroded limestone holes!

  9. I’ve got Portugal on my list. And the Algarve Coast is stunning…so beautiful! Would love to explore here.

  10. the views around Pine Cliff Resort look amazing! Algarve is next on my list for Portugal so thank you for this article 🙂

    • We got a small taste of the Algarve on our first visit so we knew we had to return when we got back to Portugal. And I know it won’t be our last visit either!

  11. I’m delighted you got to experience such natural splendor and connect with the world’s beauties. Your trip along the Algarve Coast had to be an amazing and soul-enriching experience. Continue to explore and appreciate the wonders that this world has to offer!

  12. The Algarve Coast is surely home of the best cliffs and caves! The view from the stone arch in Praia da Albandeira during low tide is very beautiful. Somehow it reminded me of Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali. The water at Praia da Bordeira looks strong. I guess it’s only the experience surfers that could surfing there. But the views of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos is definitely my favorite. It looks so amazing!

  13. I can’t recall where I saw beautiful natural formations last. The natural arches against that blue sky and emerald waters are just amazing. Algarve Coast seems to be a long one. It’s good to know that board walks have been made in many places. This certainly makes it easy to walk around the rocky terrain. I hope I get a chance to see this part of Portugal some day.

    • We were happy we found boardwalks in some areas. And very surprised that in others you could walk right to the cliff edge for great views of the caves. Great discoveries all along the Algarve Coast.

  14. I remember crying the first time I saw Praia da Bordeira! I wasn’t ready for this wild and stunning beach! The Algarve coast is so beautiful and I can’t wait to go back!

  15. Gosh! Your photographs are fantastic. I want to jump online and book a flight to the Algarve immediately.

  16. When I went to the Algarve, I only went to Lagos but I loved it! Walked down to the cliffs at Ponte de Piedade. The town itself is so cute too! Would like to go back and explore more of the area.

  17. My boyfriend has been on a golf trip to Portugal and he has walked on the famous cliffs in the Algarve during his free time. He told me how amazing the cliffs are and always said we should go together sometimes, so maybe it’s time to plan a trip to there for a bit of winter sun soon. I think that you chose a perfect resort to stay at, right on the cliffs. This way you could see them both by day and by night. I am surprised that the path is illuminated at night, when you can go for a more quieter experience. The shape of the cliffs and the caves the erosion has created are stunning.

    • I hope you do get to visit Portugal and spend some time in the Algarve. We loved this resort in the quieter months. Lots to do on the resort and stunning views.

  18. Algarve Coast is so high on my to-visit list – and your experiences that you captured expertly with the camera just reminded me why I should go there pronto. I love cliffs and the blue sea so exactly what I am looking for. The Algar Seco Cliff boardwalk in particular is pinned on my map now so as not to miss being able to explore the cliffs. Heck I got all the locations pinned now!

  19. I have been to Portugal few times, but not to Algarve area yet. I have say it looks stunning. So many cliffs and sea and ocean coast to explore. I would love to stay at the resort on the cliffs. Must be awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!

    • The resort on the cliffs was indeed an amazing spot to stay. Every day was a new discovery on the Algarve Coast. Definitely a spot for you to visit when you return to Portugal.

  20. The Algave cliffs and caves are so scenic, they look like they are worth including on a Portugal visit.

  21. Wow! The coasts, caves and cliff of Algarve is definitely worth visiting. They are fascinating. The stunning cliff view during night time is so beautiful. It’s cool that they put up all those lights. It feels so magical to take a stroll there.

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