Hold Your Nose and Drink

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Hold Your Nose and Drink A Spoonful of Medicine

The wonder of modern medicines – a shelf full of remedies, to counter the effects of the original problem and the side effects from various medicines – like a chain reaction. My original problem from my Cuba visit has receded, but new ones have settled in. Radical action is called for.

David has never been a big believer in Western medicines and since the day we met has pushed me to alternate medicine. I have come kicking and screaming to believe that some of the non-traditional cures do work. It took 3 years for me to accept that the naturopathic cures really did tame my summer hayfever. The TENS device I own, when applied to specific acupressure points, has worked for Plantar Fasciitis, severe tooth pain and as an aid to fighting jet lag. 

I have even got over my deep aversion to needles to accept acupuncture treatment. I haven’t yet given up my drawer of Western medicine but I am much more open to other options.

While we wait to get in to see the doctor, we are worried about what kind of bugs we picked up in Cuba that may be burrowed deep in our intestines enjoying a trip to Canada. Water flushes alone are not likely to work. So off we went in search of options.

Without even a second thought, David went looking for deep cleanse and detox. While he really wanted the one day “kill all fast” version, he settled for a more complex multi-day regimen. I was half committed to joining him, so let him mix the first batch and be the guinea pig. While the mix looked very unappetizing, the easiest thing is to hold your nose and drink.

The quick start regimen for the first two days proved to be a green concoction that would be used in combination with 5 horse pills twice daily, taken in conjunction with 10 glasses of water. I would be staying close to the bathroom this week! After mixing the green mess, he brought it to me to try. This one would be going down with my eyes closed and my nose held, hoping that such disrespect would not impact its efficacy.

Bottoms up. Bugs beware. Your vacation is coming to an end. Hold your nose and drink!

After tests for Hepatitis, worms and other stomach things – the doctors found nothing wrong. As a precaution I agreed to do the 30-shot Twinrex vaccination series for Hepatitis – figuring that with all the travelling we were doing, better to be safe! I would be packing Immodium for all future trips south!

Have you picked up a bug when travelling? Did traditional medicines work for you? Do you hold your nose and drink when the medicine is really bad?

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