Iconic Experiences In Switzerland Not To Miss

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So Many Iconic Experiences In Switzerland

On our spring visit to Central Europe we enjoyed a few weeks of iconic experiences in Switzerland. The outdoors called to us and we were awed by panoramic views. Small Swiss towns were charming. And the cities provided much to see in architecture and history. Art kept our eyes entertained. While sweet treats gave us energy. There were so many reasons why we loved our visit to Switzerland.

Outdoor Adventures For Everyone

We got a teaser for the outdoor adventures we found in Switzerland when we visited Austria. We took a day trip to the lake town of Hallstatt for our first view of the Austrian Alps. While we did not plan for Swiss mountain adventures on this trip, we enjoyed a day trip to Interlaken. From there we knew it was an easy hop to Jungfrau and Zermatt for the full Alp experience.

Swiss Alps.jpg

On our day trip to Interlaken we were entertained as paraglider and skydivers floated high over the mountains and landed in the town. We were sure the view of the Swiss Alps was stunning!

Interlaken Paraglider.jpg

On our stay in Zurich, a day trip took us to see the beautiful Rhine Falls. We saw the Rhine Falls from above before we wandered and saw them from below. Fun boat trips took people close. And our view as we walked up the side of the falls gave us yet another perspective.

Rhine Falls - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Rhine Falls.jpg

On our final stop in Geneva, we enjoyed all that Lake Geneva had to offer. Beaches, boats and water fountains kept us close to the water.

Lake Geneva Boats.jpg

Lake Geneva Ferry Boats and Beach - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Outdoor adventures were one of the most fun iconic experiences in Switzerland.

Stunning Panoramic Views Are Iconic Experiences In Switzerland

We found the sights of Switzerland charmed us. And we found so many spots for stunning panoramic views on our travels.

When we visited the small town of Schaffhausen, we climbed the 350 stops to the Munot Fortress. From that vantage point we saw the town and countryside spread out for us.

Schaffhausen Munot Castle View.jpg

Schaffhausen Munot Castle View - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

On our stay in Bern, one day we took the Gurten Funicular high above the city. Many great spots showed the vast panorama of the Bern spread below us. We even climbed a tower for a better view. It was a great spot with lots of things to do for kids of all ages.

Bern Gurten Funicular - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Gurten Funicular Patio View.jpg

When we finished our Switzerland trip with a stop in Geneva, we splurged on a room with a view. Lake Geneva and the city called to us every day. One day we even climbed to the top of the St Pierre Cathedral for a different panoramic perspective on this beautiful city.

Geneva Ritz Carlton View Lake Geneva - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Geneva St Pierre View.jpg

Geneva St Pierre View - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

But no visit to Switzerland was complete without a panoramic view to the Swiss Alps. On our day trip to Interlaken, we took the Hardenbahn Funicular to the Harder Kulm Viewpoint for panoramic views.

Interlaken Harder Kulm Platform Cow View - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Interlaken Harder Kulm Platform View - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Panoramic views were definitely one of the iconic experiences in Switzerland that we visited for.

Explore The Fascinating History And Architecture

We visited three larger cities in Switzerland – Zurich, Bern and Geneva. But we missed the chance to see Basel and Lausanne on this trip.

In every city, we wandered and admired the architecture and learned more about the history of the country. In Zurich, we headed uphill to the Lindenhof viewpoint. This spot housed a Roman fort and then a large walled in palace in the time of Charlemagne.

Zurich Town Lindenhof Viewpoint.jpg

Zurich Town Lindenhof Viewpoint - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

The entire city of Bern was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. And there was lots to see in the Bern Old Town. The Historical Museum was the second largest history museum in Switzerland. It housed ten permanent exhibitions on history, archeology and ethnography. There was a section devoted to Einstein.

Bern Munster Church - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Old Town Federal Palace - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Old Town Historical Museum - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

History and architecture was one of the things we explore on our visit to Switzerland.

Visit Charming Swiss Towns For Iconic Experiences In Switzerland

The large cities were interesting but less unique. We started our visit to Switzerland with mental images of small charming Swiss towns. And on our visit, we found many of these that reinforced these views.

A day trip to Schaffhausen provided us with our first view a small Swiss town. The architecture was charming and colourful.

Schaffhausen Town Building Ritter - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Schaffhausen Town Building Clock.jpg

Schaffhausen Town St Johns Church - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

We headed outside of Bern for an afternoon and visited the small town of Gurten before we went up the funicular. It was another fascinating small town.

Bern Wabern Gurten Building - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Wabern Gurten Building.jpg

A day wandering in Interlaken provided us with the classic mountain town view. The buildings were decorative and framed with towering mountains in the background.

Interlaken Town Gardens of Friendship Hotel.jpg

Interlaken Town Victoria Hotel - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

We checked out the small towns and found more iconic experiences in Switzerland.

See The Traditional And Modern Art

We saw such a fascinating variety of outdoor art on our visit to Switzerland. Some pieces were traditional. But many were far more modern and eclectic in their design. We were sure there was something for every taste!

Geneva Art Statue - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg
Zurich Town Statue.jpg

Bern Statue Priest.jpg

Bern Historical Museum Bear Statue - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

We visited many churches as we travelled in Switzerland. And we were always drawn to the colourful stained glass we found. In Geneva we even found beautiful stained glass in the Art Library. And on the Munster Cathedral in Bern we found the decorative panel that depicted the Last judgment to be a stunning work of art.

Geneva St Pierre Church Stained Glass.jpg

Geneva Art Library Stained Glass - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Munster Church Stained Glass.jpg

Bern Munster Church Stained Glass - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Bern Munster Church Last Supper Art - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

On our stay in Geneva, we even found some interesting collections of street art.

Geneva Street art - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Geneva Street art.jpg

As we walked the streets of Switzerland, our heads continually swivelled. There was always another interesting piece of outdoor art that drew our attention.

Feed Your Sweet Tooth

You know we found some great chocolate on our visit to Switzerland. As chocoholics, each new stop provided a new tasty opportunity. When we visited Bern, our hotel was right beside the Toblerone factory. Although we never did get for our tour and free samples!

Bern Holiday Inn Toblerone Poster.jpg

We started our chocolate tastings on our stay in Zurich. We were tempted by the sweet treats at the Honold Tea Room. But the Laderach Chocolate shop was the main draw.

Zurich Food Honold Tea Room - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Zurich Laderach Chocolate - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

On our visit to Geneva, we were never far from great dark chocolate. The chocolate shop in the five star Ritz-Carlton at Hotel De La Paix Geneva was the source of bedtime treats and a tasty wine and chocolate tasting. Not surprisingly, chocolate desserts were the big temptation!

Geneva Ritz Carlton Chocolate Wine Tasting.jpg

Geneva Ritz Carlton Chocolate Dessert Fiske Bar - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

And when we wandered in the city, we could not resist a stop or two at the Ladurée macaroon shop. My new favourite flavour turned out to be salted caramel.

Geneva Laduree Macaroon - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

We ate really well as we travelled in Switzerland. But the chocolate really provided the iconic experiences in Switzerland.

Be Pampered In Switzerland

There we so many places to be pampered on a stay in Switzerland. We knew that one day we would return and splurge on a great Swiss Alps escape. For our stops in Zurich and Bern, we knew we would be out touring all day so we picked functional hotels. But on our last stop in Geneva, we went all out and splurged on a pampering stay.

Our five star Ritz-Carlton experience at Hotel De La Paix Geneva spoiled us in every way. We had an amazing room with a view. Customer service was excellent at every interaction.

Geneva Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Pais View Fountain - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Geneva Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Pais Chocolate.jpg

The hotel was architecturally stunning. And the hotel Fiske Bar Restaurant had so many tasty dishes we were tempted to eat there often.

Geneva Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Pais Architecture Design - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

Geneva Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Pais Architecture Design.jpg

Geneva Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Pais Architecture Design - Iconic Experiences In Switzerland.jpg

We wandered out and enjoyed the sights of Geneva. But we also used this time to unwind and reflected on all the iconic experiences in Switzerland. It was the perfect end to our time in Switzerland.

So Many Great Iconic Experiences In Switzerland

We were so glad we planned to visit Switzerland on our spring trip to Central Europe. We enjoyed a great group land tour from Prague to Budapest. But then set out on our own and explored first Austria and then Switzerland.

Our plans included a number of iconic experiences in Switzerland. We enjoyed the great outdoor sites from many different perspectives. Cities and towns provided much to see and do. Great art and food tempted us. But we knew we had only scratched the surface and would return to Switzerland again.

Did you enjoy these iconic experiences In Switzerland? What else should we add on a return trip?

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  1. Your post shows that you had a great time in Switzerland! And you managed to see a lot of places. However, I think you have to come back for more mountains :-)! Go into the small valleys and stay in in the villages, I think you would like this. We recently spent almost two weeks in Geneva and loved it (we had drinks in the Fiske Bar too). And you are right – the chocolate in Switzerland is heaven – and pricey!

  2. This is truly fascinating. Thank you for the source of knowledge from this iconic experience. Would really love to visit. Switzerland is full of history and culture. The sweet treats looks so good.

  3. The sceneries are just incredible in Switzerland. And while Basel and Zurich are not that picturesque, all the smaller places definitely are. The smaller, the cuter. I love those painted houses.
    As you are mentioning traditional and modern art: I find it very interesting that some of the craziest contemporary artists I know are from Switzerland (as well as Austria). Maybe it’s this cute surrounding that provokes the rebel in some locals?!

  4. Your photos are stunning and looks as if straight from a postcard. I agree with you that a visit to Switzerland won’t be complete without the view to the Swiss Alps. Can’t wait to visit again soon and have all of these iconic experiences.

  5. Now that is what I call a well rounded Switzerland experience. You might have said this (and i missed it)…but how long did this whole journey take, and how much time would you recommend a normal person take to do it?

    • We were in Switzerland for 2 weeks and we missed so much. We did not get into the mountains and that is probably another 3 days. And many people suggested we needed to spend more time in the small villages. And then there were cities we missed. So 2 weeks if you go hard you can get a good taste test. But more to really see all the facets of this beautiful country.

  6. Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most scenic countries in Europe where you can have so many iconic experiences. My favorite one was the Jungfraujoch Peak, near Interlaken. I can’t remember seeing much modern art, as we’ve spent more time out in the wilderness. We also didn’t make it to Geneva, but l hope we’ll return there soon.

  7. Great photos! This brings me right back to my trip to Zurich, especially the chocolate tour I did. I didn’t get to explore the rest of Switzerland as you did so thanks for sharing your experiences.

  8. Switzerland is beautiful and I think I spent too little time there. I will definitely need to visit it for a longer period of time. And even though there are many reasons to visit the country, number one thing that really attracts are the chocolates. I can go anywhere to eat Swiss chocolates.

  9. Switzerland is one of my favourite countries in Europe. Your guide and list of things to do and see are great for everyone who wants to see the hidden gems and enjoy the Swiss beauty. You’ve included really all the most stunning Swiss places. Great post, thanks :).

  10. I lived in Zurich for a few months and you hit on all of the amazing Swiss experiences I did and more! I can’t wait to get back with this as a guide

  11. The city of Bern is absolutely gorgeous! It’s been on our bucket list for a long time and I didn’t know it was a UNESCO world heritage site! Also love your recommendations for indulging in a Toblerone. I always forget it’s from here and it’s one of my favorite chocolates!!

  12. Wow! I feel like I just traveled all of Switz with you guys! Being on a boat makes me happy so I pinned the sail boat to come back to where I want to sail one day. The architecture and stained glass arts are a sight for sore eyes!!! Just beautiful.

  13. Switzerland is one of the few European countries I haven’t been to yet. This is such a good round up of the things to see there! Saving for the future (:

  14. Your photos of the mountains and countryside are breathtaking! We took a train from Germany to Switzerland to Mt. Santis and felt inspired by the view at the top of the mountain. It’s a trip I’ll never forget.

  15. First of all, skydiving over the Swiz Alps sounds absolutely fascinating! I really would want to do that. View of Rhine Falls from above and then from beside it, now that also sounds awesome. Bern has been in my wishlist for quite some time. Schaffhausen sounds interesting too.

  16. I have been to both Zurich and Basel on separate trips and missed Rhine Falls both times, I need to fix that it looks gorgeous. The view from your room in Lake Geneva is incredible and has definitely convinced me to splurge when I visit!

  17. I have not been to Switzerland so your article is a great teaser on things to see and do. I love the architecture in the cities as well as the great outdoors and views. This is a country that I need to visit.

  18. You certainly covered everything. I had no idea Geneva had so much water! The stained glass windows are so beautiful. I used to help my mom do a lot of stained glass work, it’s not easy! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

  19. The exotic location of Switzerland has so much in store. No wonder it is thronged by honeymooners to mark a remarkable and memorable beginning. Thanks for bringing in these innumerable adventures to make your visit iconic. The history and architecture is surreal. Wonderful post.

  20. Switzerland is so beautiful! My friend lives in Zurich and she kept telling me to come visit her. Now I have a long list of cities and places that I want to visit when I go there thanks to your post. I think I will go everyday to Laderach Chocolate Shop while in Zurich. Hehe..

  21. Switzerland is definitely on my list as well. For a landlocked country, there certainly seem to be a lot of lake views, which makes me want to visit even more. Also, the architecture of the Hotel De La Paix Geneva is stunning. I just checked out your other post about your stay, and it looks like an incredible place to stay!

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