Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway

Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

A Day Trip Along The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway

We had an amazing day as we climbed into the mountains on the scenic Flam Railway. A great day trip on our cruise along the Norway Fjords with Oceania Cruises.

The views from the train along the way were stunning. Our stop at the Kjosfossen Waterfall showed us yet another of the thundering waterfalls of Norway. The first waterfall was the mighty Langfoss Waterfall on our boat trip on the Akrafjorden Fjord. The final train stop at Vatnahalsen provided us with a tasty snack and some great views in the mountains.

The Quaint Town Of Flam

The ship cruised all the way up the Sognefjord Fjord to Flam. The town was nestled under the green hills. From the ship we saw the station where we left to ride on the scenic Flam Railway in Norway.

Town Port and Shops.jpg

Town Port and Shops - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Town Port and Shops - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

We walked through the quaint town on our way to the train. We found interesting shops with local wares. And the trolls were as prevalent here as when we visited the Akrafjorden Fjord on our day trip from Haugesund.

Town Port and Shops.jpg

Town Port and Shops.jpg

Town Port and Shops.jpg

It was a short walk to the station. Unfortunately we did not have enough time to visit the railway museum before we boarded.  There were lines for group tours like ours and separate lines for independent travellers going one way or round trip. We figured they loaded the train cars based on where people were travelling.

Station and Oceania Cruises Marina.jpg

As we waited for the train to arrive, we were excited for our day trip on the scenic Flam Railway.

About The Flam Railway

The Flam Railway line ran 20 km from Flam to Myrdal at at 867 metres above sea level. If we took the train with no stops, it would take about an hour to do a one-way trip. This route was one of the steepest standard gauge railway lines in the world. Most of the railway had a grade of 5.5%. The track ran through stunning scenery separated by 20 tunnels that spiralled through the mountains.

When we boarded the Flamsbana Railway we saw there were 3 seats each side of the centre aisle. So people jostled to stay with their travelling partners. Big windows offered good views. Although only a few at the end opened up. There was no air conditioning and it was really hot. So people wanted some breeze from the open windows.

A map provided information about the trip. And overhead monitors were updated regularly with information about the trip and sights along the way.

So Many Views Along The Way

The scenery out the window kept us entranced on the trip up and back down. We started our trip up in the flatter valley. Small towns were found all along the way. Smaller waterfalls and clear running rivers drew our attention.

Views Along The Way - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Waterfall Views Along The Way - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

River Views Along The Way.jpg

As we climbed, the train struggled up the steep grade. We heard the gears working. Often we were plunged into darkness as we went through the tunnels. From the windows we saw steeper waterfalls that ran down the rocks.

Trains On Track.jpg

Waterfall Views Along The Way - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Waterfall Views Along The Way - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

If we looked out the window, we saw the train as it snaked behind us. At Breikvam the track split in two. This allowed the train that came from the other direction to pass.

Trains On Track.jpg

Trains On Track.jpg

On our day trip on the scenic Flam Railway in Norway there was so much to see out the windows as we moved along.

A Stop At The Kjosfossen Waterfall

The train pulled to a stop at the thundering Kjosfossen Waterfall. We were happy when we got off the train. We had about an hour to explore before the next train stopped and picked us up to continue our journey.

The waterfall was over 90 metres tall. The water levels were high and cascaded in several tiers. We moved from spot to spot for different views. We saw our first Norway waterfall (Langfoss) when we took a boat ride on the Akrafjorden Fjord. So we were excited there was a stop to see the Kjosfossen Waterfall.

Kjosfossen Watefall - Scenic Flam Railway In Norwayjpg

Scandinavian fokelore said that the Kjosfossen Waterfall was home to mythical women called the Huldra. Men were bewitched by the songs of these siren women. We were drawn in when we heard the sound of hauntingly beautiful music that came from the waterfall. And then we saw the singer on the high ledge. What a great show we got!

Kjosfossen Watefall Huldra Singer - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

We returned to the train platform and waited for the next train. It was a magical stop on the scenic Flam Railway. We saw a lot of great waterfalls in Norway. Great preparation before we visited the waterfalls of Iceland!

A Final Stop At Vatnahalsen

We re-boarded the train and then got off again at the next stop at Vatnahalsen. This was last stop before the final station at Myrdal.

Our stop at the Vatnahalsen Mountain Hotel provided a sweet treat for us. We felt a bit sorry for guests who stayed at the hotel when the hoard of cruise ship passengers descended on their tranquil retreat. We formed a long line to get waffles and coffee for our snack.

Vatnahhalsen Hotel Waffle Treats.jpg

Vatnahhalsen Hotel Waffle Treats.jpg

Once we had our snack, we wandered outside and enjoyed the views of the resort and the mountains in the distance. When we looked out one side, we had a great view back down over the railway line to the Kjosfossen Waterfall.

Vatnahhalsen View - Mountains and Zipline.jpg

Vatnahhalsen View - Mountains and Mountain Bikes - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Vatnahhalsen View - Kjosfossen Watefall - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Vatnahhalsen View - Kjosfossen Watefall - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

We enjoyed our tasty stop at Vatnahalsen on the scenic Flam Railway. From Vatnahalsen the train headed back down the steep grade and returned to Flam.

We meandered slowly back through town before we re-boarded our ship. At the dock, we saw tour boats for more fun. The electric ferry that took people along the fjords was loading. In the future, only electrically powered boats will be allowed to travel in the Norway fjords. Definitely lots to see and do on a return visit to Flam.

Port Oceania Marina - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

A Beautiful Sail Out The Sognefjord Fjord

The long hours of daylight were a great advantage when we cruised in the Norway fjords in the summer. After we left Flam, we sat on our balcony and enjoyed the view as we sailed along the Sognefjord Fjord.

Cruising The Sognefjord Fjord.jpg

Cruising The Sognefjord Fjord Oceania Marina - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Cruising The Sognefjord Fjord Oceania Marina.jpg

When the sun finally began to sink, we got a most amazing view as the sky turned colour. It took longer for the sun to set. But that just meant a longer show!

Sunset on The Sognefjord Fjord Oceania Marina - Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

A Great Day To Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway

It was great to get up into the mountains for a day trip on the scenic Flam Railway on our cruise along the Norway Fjords. The view from the train was stunning. But we were glad we had the opportunity to get off the train at the Kjosfossen Waterfall and at Vatnahalsen along the way.

Our visit to Flam gave us a second look at the stunning Norway fjords. The next day we had another fun day planned to travel high above the beautiful Geiranger Fjord. So many great stops when we visited the Nordic countries.

Have you taken a ride on the scenic Flam Railway in Norway? What was your favourite stop or view along the way?

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Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

Ride The Scenic Flam Railway In Norway.jpg

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  1. Working in rail, this mode of travel is my favourite! The views from the Flam Railway are absolutely stunning. And with the cruise… it just looks spectacular!

  2. What a fabulous trip – the views from the train are stunning and I love that you have stops where you can get off the train and have a little wander. You lucked out with the singer – that must have been a magical moment.

  3. wow, the Kjosfossen Waterfall alone sounds amazing. This is definitely getting added to Darcee’s Train Bucket List because she would absolutely love capturing all of the beautiful scenery from Flam to Kjosfossen Waterfall. Just keep me away from the Huldra…though I think I would be far suckered by the siren song of those waffles you ate at the Vatnahalsen Mountain Hotel!

    • Eric, The Kjosfossen was definitely stunning. We were amazed at the lovely waterfalls we saw in the Norway Fjords. It was great to have a few chances to get off during our trip. Hope you get to make this train trip. Linda

  4. Such a beautiful area! I love scenic train rides and this one looks like it has no shortage of great views! It is great that you were able to get off the train and explore for a little while. Kjosfossen Waterfall looks stunning and the music must have been something! The waffles look delicious and I love the trolls!

    • Melissa, We were so glad we booked a day trip on the Flam Railway. Other than the train being very hot, the whole trip was great. So many views from the train and on our stops. Linda

  5. We went to Flam but didn’t get to go on the railway as it was so busy. Instead we hiked and ended up at a waterfall which was amazing. Maybe if we ever go back we will pre-book train tickets!

  6. Oh my god! I would have been so scared as the train went up. But it looks like all of that was worth it when you started putting those amazing waterfall photos.

    I don’t know if I would ever be brave enough to do something like that.

    • Lourdes, I hope you do get to visit. The train trip was really not that bad. Although it was very hot and crowded. But the views were definitely worth it. Linda

  7. This look like an absolute dream or fairy tale! I’ve never been fortunate enough to do a scenic train ride, but it seems like such a relaxing and peaceful way to see a new place – especially a location with so much charm and extraordinary nature!

    • Stephanie, We were glad we took the railway trip up. It was so scenic along the whole path. Definitely a great way to see another part of the Norway fjords. Linda

  8. I am used to seeing pictures of Norway in the snow, and that’s the kind of travel I had in my mind. It’s so great to see how green it is – the falls and fjords are beautiful! the towns are adorable, and doing this in a scenic train just makes the perfect experience. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am glad that I showed you another view of Norway. In fact when we visited it was so hot! I could not believe the heat. But it did make it green and lovely for touring. Linda

  9. Incredible scenery. We should have been here next week in fact but our trip was cancelled. Hopefully next year. And that waterfall, wow! Not sure if this post makes me more disappointed that I’m not going to be there or more excited for next year, lol.

  10. The Flam Railway sounds amazing! The scenery is spectacular and the little villages along the way really make you think about how many different ways people live. What a beautiful place to live! Waffles at the end would have been a perfect way to take in the views below.

  11. We drove around Norway in the Flam area and did the scenic train ride. This part of Norway can be visited again and again. We also took the fjord cruise from Gudvangen to Flam – which was amazing. Your pictures look beautiful:-)

  12. Wow! This is beautiful. The scenery is definitely worth the trip. It is nice that they allow you enjoy the waterfalls where you can actually get off the train. I would really love to visit in the future. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Such dramatic scenery, it looks like it was well worth getting off the ship to explore the railway and surrounding area. I saw in one of your photos a whole collection of bikes. I can’t imagine cycling around that landscape … but I assume there had to be some flat roads around to explore on two wheels. My brother did a little cruise in Norway and loved it, he’s a real ale fan and they had a good pick of different beers to sample at the different towns they stopped at.

    • Jay, We were definitely glad we chose to head high on the Flam Railway. Great to get a different perspective. The bikes were mountain bikes for guests at the hotel. I am sure someone used them! 🙂 Linda

  14. The Flam Railway seems to provide a truly magical experience. I was reminded of some trips we have done in Switzerland looking at your pictures. But I can see that the Norway landscape is truly unique and so beautiful. The Kjosfossen Waterfall looks spectacular and the legend associated with it makes it all the more alluring.

    • Sandy, We love all kinds of train trips. I am sure there are lots of steep railways in Switzerland too that chug up the hills. We were glad we got this experience to see the Norway fjords from above. Linda

  15. Man, this post makes me all sad: At Easter, I intended to visit Norway. Well, you can imagine how that worked out….not. I didn’t even know about the scenic railway – so now I’m ever more keen on going to Norway as soon as possible. Hopefully next year. And I’ll take this train for sure!

    • Renata, I am sure it was a big disappointment to miss Norway this year. We loved every part of our journey. But I am glad we are now home long enough to finally get these posts done. It is bringing back amazing memories. Hope you get to go when the world opens back up. Linda

  16. This excursion of the Flam Railway sounds and looks amazing! It would be a relaxing way to see that incredible landscape, the wonderful waterfalls and the tiny villages dotted along the way. really make you think about how many different ways people live. To cap it all off with the golden sunset. So lovely.

  17. Wow Flam is so beautiful. And I now repent why I had overlooked this Flam railway leg when taking a train ride from Oslo to Bergen a couple of years back.Although that trip was beautiful too but nothing compared to what I experienced here. Another reason to go back to Norway.

  18. I love thematic train journeys. The scenery and the views are incredible. Loved the green hills all around. The waterfalls kept your entertained. So sorry that you missed the railway museum but overall this looks like a very peaceful indulgence. I am glad there were several opportunities to alight from the train and have closer views of nature. Overall, Flam looks picturesque and cheerful.

  19. I love mountain railways and therefore good to know this scenic rail route in Norway. Good to know you have passed through so many beautiful scenery and your first stop was at the Kjosfossen Waterfall. This quaint town Flam looks very beautiful with those colorful houses and a lake. You have taken lovely shots of two trains coming from both directions at Breikvam where the track split in two. I love all your photos and I love such scenic trips.

  20. Summer in Norway looks glorious. I am a firm favourite of travelling by train; you get to see much more from the windows. I have not been to Norway yet, but it has crept on to my bucket list!

    • Larch, I am sure you will love Norway. We loved this train trip in Flam. But I heard there are lots of great train routes in other areas too. Hope you get to visit. Linda

  21. I love rail travel – so this sounds right up my alley! I’ve been wondering about a European cruise but not sure they would allow for enough Cultural experiences – so I’m glad to see some here! And those waterfalls are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  22. The beautiful of Norway! What a wonderful train ride! Kjosfossen Waterfall sounds like such a mystical place. It is beautiful and very neat how you were able to catch someone actually singing there. Very interesting legend and experience!

  23. I took this journey about 4 years ago. Absolutely loved the whole experience, the scenic views, the little performance at Kjosfossen Waterfall (which entranced me as well) and the cruise on the Sognefjord. I spent the night in Flam, it such a lovely little town. Norway is beautiful!

    • Medha, I am sure staying over night in Flam was great. I love small towns like this when most of the tourists leave. Get to experience more of the local town. Linda

  24. Noway has been on my travel list forever! I feel like it would be such a magical place and your photos and experiences certainly show this! The views look amazing! I love that there are tiny houses scattered about beneath the mountains! looks magical! I think I would be a little nervous on this train journey but wow it looks so worth it! The photos made me feel like I was there with you!

  25. Stunning Linda. Norway is most definitely on my future agenda. I think I’m happiest in these raw nature places. So many waterfalls, so many views. And credit to those who built that train track, can’t have been easy.

    • John, We were so glad we got to Norway last year. And delighted we finally have time to get the photos and blog posts published. Flam was just one of the stunning stops we made. Linda

  26. I LOVE trains! It is such a fun way to travel (as long as you don’t have too much luggage!). I dram of doing a really long train trip with nothing to do but enjoy the scenery!

  27. I love taking historic railways and cablecars. And the Flam Railway sound particularly interesting as it is very steep. Seeing the beautiful Norwegian Fjord landscapes along the way must have been wonderful. I made a note on my Norway wish list!

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