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Such An Amazing Trip To Visit The Norway Fjords

We were delighted when we booked two back-to-back Oceania Cruises trips that took us to visit the Norway fjords and then up to Iceland and Greenland. The first leg of our amazing adventure along the Norway Fjords was visually stunning! And we had the most amazing weather!

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Map From Oceania Cruises Brochure

We enjoyed our chance to cruise through the Norway fjords. But we discovered there were so many ways to explore the fjords! Ferries travelled between port towns. And the railway connected many areas. We were sure it would be stunning to explore some of the areas by car. We loved to taste test new locations cruising. And we discovered some great reasons to plan a return visit.

Return To Skagen Denmark

After a short stay in Oslo, we headed off to visit the Norway fjords. But the first cruise port stop was a slight detour to Skagen, Denmark. We visited Skagen on a previous Baltic cruise. But we were very happy to re-visit with bright blue skies.

With no excursion booked, we took the ship shuttle into town and wandered around. Skagen was a very busy tourist spot. The tourist population ballooned and Skagen was known as the “biggest small town in Denmark”. The streets were busy with people as they enjoyed the outdoor patios and shopping.

Skagen Denmark Town.jpg Skagen Denmark Town.jpg Skagen Denmark Town.jpg

We walked to the Brondums Hotel for what was billed as the best hot chocolate in Skagen. Even though the restaurant was not open, we were seated on the patio for our coffee and hot chocolate. We had a great view of the steady stream of people in this part of town to visit the museum.

Skagen Denmark Town Brondums Hotel.jpg

After our break we headed to the water tower and were happy we found it open on this visit. We did not let the 145 steps to the top deter us as we headed up the steep and narrow staircase.

Skagen Denmark Town Water Tower.jpg Skagen Denmark Town Water Tower.jpg Skagen Denmark Town Water Tower View - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

From the top, we got a great view back to the port and our cruise ship. As we walked around the top platform, we got views back to the lighthouse and Grenen point that we visited on our first visit to Skagen. The red tile roofed houses were visible in all directions. It was a great first stop on our cruise through the Nordic countries.

A Day Trip From Haugesund To The Akrafjorden Fjord

The second port stop was in Haugesund at the beginning of the Norway fjords. Our day excursion took us from Haugesund to the Akrajforden fjord. We boarded a boat at the top of the fjord and cruised down to the Langfoss waterfall. Several other stops that day gave us other perspectives on this beautiful waterfall.

Akdrafjorden Langfoss Waterfall - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Akdrafjorden Langfoss Waterfall.jpg

Lunch at a local farm provided more of the idyllic fjord views. And some delicious local products. We got another view of local life when we stopped at Unni Marie’s workshop. We browsed the art and then enjoyed the trolls and more views of the fjord.

Akdrafjorden Tour Farm Lunch - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Akdrafjorden Rosemaling Trolls - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Akdrafjorden Rosemaling Shop.jpg

Our day trip from Haugesund to the Akrafjorden Fjord was a great first close up fjord view on our cruise along the Norway Fjords.

Ride On The Flam Railway

The ship cruised all the way up the Sognefjord fjord to Flam. We opened our curtains in the morning to a beautiful country town view.

Flam Port - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

We boarded the Flamsbana Railway for a trip up into the mountains. The scenes along the route had us straining for a view out of the window.

Flam Town Railway View.jpg

The train stopped along the way to see the thundering Kjosfossen waterfall. The sound of hauntingly beautiful music seemed to come from the waterfall. And then we saw the dancer on the high ledge. What a great stop!

Flam Train Stop Kjosfossen Watefall - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

The train let us off at the Vatnahalsen Mountain Hotel for a sweet treat. And more views down over the Kjosfossen waterfall. We felt sorry for the people staying at the hotel when a full train of tourists descended on their tranquil retreat.

Flam Train Stop Vatnahhalsen Hotel View of Kjosfossen Waterfall.jpg

It was great to get up into the mountains from Flam on our cruise along the Norway Fjords.

Overland From Hellesylt To Geiranger

When the ship docked in Hellesylt we departed for an 8 hour bus trip overland to Geiranger. We saw so many great sights as we drove along. Glacier rivers and lakes shone with emerald hues. Green valleys were filled with small farms.

Hellesylt Port - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Geiranger Tour Stone Bridge View.jpg Geiranger Tour Hornindalsvatnet Lake - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Geiranger Tour Views.jpg

And as then we saw the high mountains and glaciers at the heights. The bus climbed to the Geiranger Skywalk at the Mount Dalsnibba summit and then at the lower Flvdalsjuvet Viewpoint. We got stunning views that overlooked the Geiranger Fjord. Our cruise ship was far below in the harbour. A great end to a stunning trip over the fjords.

Geiranger Skywalk Drive Up.jpg Geiranger Skywalk Mount Dalsnibba View - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Geiranger Skywalk Mount Dalsnibba View - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

We were so glad we planned to the long inland trip from Hellsylt to Geiranger. It was one of our favourite day trips on our cruise along the Norway Fjords.

Exploring Alesund

We awoke tied up beside the larger port city of Alesund for our next stop. The views of this small town were beautiful in both directions. But not as stunning as the sight from the viewpoint high above the city.

Alesund Town Art Statues Mot Havet Oceania Cruises Marina - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Alesund Viewpoint.jpg Alesund Viewpoint View - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

It was a great little city to walk around during our day in port. The buildings were decorative and colourful. We loved when we found interesting art on our walks.

Alesund Town Buildings - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Alesund Town Art Monument over Englandsfarerne.jpg Alesund Town StreetArt Fish Mural.jpg

Allesund was a great change of scenery on our cruise along the Norway Fjords.

Our Second Small Coastal Town In Kristiansund

It was great to be right in the main port when we docked in Kristiansund. When we walked along the pier we found the local ferry that took us around the harbour. We paid for a round trip ticked. But there was also a hop-on-hop-off ticket. That would have let us get off and explore the small islands around Kristiansund.

Kristiansund Ferry Arriving.jpg Kristiansund Ferry Town Sign - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Kristiansund Ferry Stop Fishing vessel - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

The walk into town was all uphill. When we found the garden and statues, we sat to cool down and get our bearings. It was a quiet oasis away from the port.

Kristainsund Town Garden.jpg Kristainsund Town Garden - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

The Kirkelandet Church was an interesting surprise. When we sailed into town, we saw this unusual church perched high in the town. With very modern and unique architecture, it did not look like a church at all. And the inside stained glass wall went up above the open rafters. Much different than more traditional churches we saw.

Kristainsund Kirkelander Church - Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Kristainsund Kirkelander Church.jpg

As we walked back in the direction of the port at this upper level, we found a great viewpoint that looked out over the harbour. It was interesting to get this different perspective.

Kristiansund Harbour Viewpoint.jpg

We found interesting sights when we wandered in Kristiansund on a cruise along the Norway Fjords.

A Walk Through Bodo

Through the night we crossed over the Arctic Circle. On another cruise, when we crossed the equator, we got a fun ceremony to celebrate. We were sorry there was not a similar ritual for the Arctic Circle.

The morning view as we cruised into Bodo was very different. Steep snow covered peaks were visible on shore. The ship docked within easy walking distance to town.

Bodo Harbour Oceania Cruises Marina.jpg Bodo Harbour - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg

We did not have a tour booked so we just wandered in town. We were delighted when we found a great selection of street art in several spots. Later we learned there was a map that showed all the street art in Bodo.

Bodo Street Art Kiss.jpg Bodo Street Art Insomnia by Italian artist Millo.jpg

As we wandered in town we came to a more traditional church than the one we saw in Kristiansund. The steeple was separate from the church and had circular stairs inside. We wished this was open to get a panoramic view from the top. The inside was a little more ornamented with a stained glass windows on many walls.

Bodo Fredskatedralen Peace Cathedral Church - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg Bodo Fredskatedralen Peace Cathedral Church.jpg

As we cruised out of Bodo, we sat on deck and enjoyed the views. Bodo was definitely a great port stop when you visit the Norway Fjords.

Our Last Small Coastal Town In Harstad

The most northerly port we visited on our cruise along the Norway Fjords was Harstad. We sat on our patio and enjoyed the view into Harstad. At about 69° latitude, we were surprised we found the land so green and lush.

Hardstad Harbour.jpg

Our cruise ship was docked out of town. And we had a short port day. So we hopped on the shuttle bus and took a quick walk around town. The bus let us off by the ferry dock.

Hardstad Town Buildings - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg

On the drive in we saw colourful murals on the Town Hall. So we walked back up the hill to see them up close. We again found other interesting street art in the town.

Hardstad Town Street Art Clock Tower - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg Hardstad Town Street Art Faces - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg

It was good to get out for a walk in Harstad. Even if we did not find much to see in the town.

Finishing Off In Colourful Bergen

For all of our cruise along the Norway Fjords we had sunshine and record high temperatures. When we sailed into Bergen we saw low grey clouds. But the clouds dispersed through the day. It was a very short port day, so we walked into town as soon as the ship was cleared. And rushed back before the gangway was raised.

Bergen Port Oceania Cruiseds Marina Docked.jpg

It was lovely as we strolled along the streets of Bergen. Many of the side streets were still cobblestoned. Colourful and artistic buildings were everywhere. We found the St Mary’s Church with graves outside. But ran out of time to see many of the tourist spots.

Bergen Town Colourful Buildings - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg Bergen Town St Marys Church.jpg

When we left Bergen, we stayed on deck and saw the town in all its colour.

Bergen Harbour - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg

A Panoramic View Of Bergen

The top thing on our to-do list for Bergen was to go high in the funicular at Mount Foyen. We walked up to the base and at 10am the lines were out onto the street to get tickets. We managed to go online and purchased a tickets that let us bypass the ticket line. But not the funicular line.

Bergen Funicular Mount Floyen.jpg

The line moved fairly quickly. As we moved higher up the mountain, we were delighted when we saw the clouds moving out and sunlight lit the town. At the top, we wandered from viewing platform to platform and saw the different panoramic views of Bergen. A table with a view was the perfect way to enjoy our time at the viewpoint.

Bergen Funicular Mount Floyen Viewpoint - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg Bergen Funicular Mount Foyen Snack View - Visit the Norway fjords.jpg

David was not leaving the mountain without finding the goats. The paths were littered with goat droppings so we knew they were about. When a group of them came out of the woods, we stopped and got our pics. There was more than one picture taken of all of us old goats on the hill.

Bergen Funicular Mount Floyen Goat.jpg

There were a lot of things to do at the top of Mount Foyen. But we only had a short visit. This was definitely a spot to visit you visit Norway fjords and stop in Bergen.

Such A Great Way To Visit The Norway Fjords

The cruise along the Norway fjords was the start of a much longer cruise through the Nordic countries. But oh what a high bar it set! The weather was sunny and hot. This gave us some amazing views of the scenery of the Norway fjords. We were happy we got to see the fjords from the water. And to travel inland to experience the mountains too. The small towns we stopped at offered interesting things to see and do.

We were so glad we planned this trip to visit the Norway fjords. The next section of our Nordic country cruise took us to the Orkney Islands, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. Our view of the Norway fjords was just the beginning of the beauty and diversity we found.

Have you visited or cruised along the Norway Fjords? Did you have a favourite stop? PIN To Pinterest: Cruise To Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Cruise To Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Cruise To Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg Cruise To Visit The Norway Fjords.jpg

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  1. I love that you all made a point to find the goats! I just think they are so cute haha. I am always amazed at the natural beauty of Norway. That coastal train must have been an amazing experience to sit there and take in all the incredible views including the sights and sounds of the Kjosfossen waterfall. I would have loved seeing all the different coastal towns like Kristiansund. I don’t know why, but I am kind of surprised there is so much street art in those little villages.

  2. Cruising through the Norway fjords sounds like the most beautiful way to experience it. There is so much that you can see best from being out on the water, such as some of those waterfalls. The little towns along the way are just gorgeous as well, with so much to explore.

  3. The colors. The waterfall. The mountains! Just everything! It’s always been a dream of mind to travel here, and this post was just what I needed to encourage me into looking into plane tickets, Airbnb’s, and plans for next year! So excited!

  4. Such beautiful scenic views! Your journey seems to have been quite fulfilling, seems like the Flam railway line threw up some amazing views! The port city of Alesand, the colorful and attractive wall street art in Bodo, to spotting the mountain goats in Bergen – you seemed to have covered it all. The Church in Kristiansund indeed does not look like those typical ones, unique architectural build. The waterfalls are just so gorgeous!

  5. The two of you always take amazing cruises. I can not wait to be able to travel again, especially to Norway. I like the idea of going by ferry, will have to look into that. Bookmarking the hotel – gotta try that hot chocolate! That church looks like an upside down accordion file. 🙂

  6. I love cruising and I wondered about doing the Oceania cruises. It seems to me that you are pretty happy with them. I hope I get to to do that one day – and the Norwegian fjords would be a place I would like to visit too. I was never there in Norway – and it would be a destination in my future cruises!

    • Adele, We do love our Oceania Cruises. The smaller ships are more to our liking. And we can give up big and varied entertainment. This cruise along the Norway fjords was perfect. Linda

  7. First, I am surprised such a big cruise ship docked in such tiny towns. Second, so happy for you that you got to visit all these beautiful little places and the train trip sounded like a success! And finally, the street art is so cool.

  8. I am aware about the beauty of the Norway Fjords and wanted to visit them a few years ago when we went to Sweden. We decided to wait however, since we only had three days available for this trip. After reading your post I realize that wouldn’t have been possible to do in such a short time. Also, combining a cruise to visit the Norway fjords and then going to Iceland and Greenland seems like the great idea. I’d love to visit Bergen too, so it’s good to know that the cruise will take you there as well.

  9. Ah! This makes me wish that I was retired and traveling. What a fun trip with an amazing itinerary. You got to see so many gorgeous places. The architecture and history is so lovely. That’s one thing I adore about cruises – there are so many fab ports for stopovers. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

  10. I did a cruise to the fjords years ago. The Kjosfossen waterfall and the Flam railway along with cruising into some of the fjords were my favourite memories.

  11. Norway and its fjords have been a part of my bucket list for a long time, but reading your post makes me want to move them to the top! How stunning is it, unbelievable!
    Geiranger Fjord especially looks incredible. Your pictures of it and the journey to it look straight out of a postcard!

  12. I would seriously love to visit here one day. The fjords are beautiful and the towns look so fantastic. I love that this trip gives you a bit of everything – nature, art, railways and more! I hope one day soon we are able to visit Norway!

  13. I have to say that the type of holiday which has never appealed to me is a cruise…however, one of the few places in the world I would consider taking one is the fjords in Norway. You have just totally reinforced why as it looks beautiful! It is also good to hear all the other ways you can experience the area too. Who knows when I will get there but it’s firmly on my list.

      • Postcard views, amazing street art and goats! I’m glad you sent this out in your recent newsletter because it’s such great inspiration for future travel once things open up again. I would normally question an 8-hour bus ride, but I bet time flew by with those incredible scenes out the window 🙂

        • Lynn, It has taken me awhile to catch up on the backlog of posts – and I am not close to finished yet. But it was great to re=live this trip as the new blog posts went out. Hope you get to visit. This should definitely be on a travel wish list. Linda

  14. This post brought back so many memories of my time living in Norway. The fjords and the views in Norway are simply stunning. I have never seen the Kjosfossen waterfall and wish I did. How lovely that the train stopped along the way.

  15. Cruising through the fjords is one of my dream trips and this article is giving me so many reasons to start planning it! From scenic views to gorgeous landscapes and enchanting coastal towns, this is a truly amazing trip! The cruise down to the Langfoss waterfall looks sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful street art in Bodo and Harstad myself 🙂

    • Val, We were so glad we booked the cruise to the Norway fjords. I am glad this has moved the Norway fjords higher on your travel wish list. Definitely a spot we want to visit again. Linda

  16. Seems like everything in Norway is amazingly beautiful! The small towns, the fjords, the nature. I really like the lush green of Harstad, but I also like the colorful Bergen. I wonder if the hot chocolate in Skagen tasted really good.

  17. This post is quite special to me since I wanted to go to Norway for Easter. Of course, everything was cancelled. But reading your post, I at least had the chance to visit Norway virtually. Thanx for that 😉

  18. Wow, those images speak a 1000 word. I’ve only seen a tip of the iceberg when it comes to this incredible scenic country – it is truly blessed by these Fjords.Thanks for sharing your highlights. I am hoping I get back there some day.

  19. I have heard so much about Norwegian fjords and reading your post makes me tempt to visit this place. I have only seen fjords in Oman but it would be great to see in Norway as Norwegian fjords are too famous. I would love to take train ride by Flamsbana Railway for a trip up into the mountains. The scenes through this train really looks heavenly.

    • Alison, We were so glad we got such a great variety of ports on our cruise along the Norway fjords. It was so much more stunning than I expected it to be. Not just the same fjord views day after day. Linda

  20. This makes me so excited. We are off to bergen for a long weekend in May to go kayaking. We can’t wait. I was thinking of adding a few extra days and heading somewhere else for a couple of nights. Where would you reccomend? We are thinking Flam would be good.

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