So Many Great Vienna City Sights

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We Found So Many So Many Great Vienna City Sights

We found so many great Vienna city sights as we wandered in Vienna for a few days. Every part of the Vienna (or “Wein”) had buildings to visit and to admire. Statues seemed to be scattered everywhere we looked. The churches were varied in design. And had amazingly beautiful when we looked inside.

We saw most of the sights from the outside on this visit. But that left much to see and do on a return trip to Vienna.

Sights Close To Our Hotel

The hotel for our stay in Vienna was centrally located. We found many of the key sites just a short walk away.

Most days we headed towards the Opera Building. This was a main square and the hub for tour buses. There was no end to the buildings and statues everywhere we looked.

Opera House Statues - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Opera House Statues.jpg

In the other direction we found the Museum Quarter. The Maria Theresa Plaza was in the centre. In the gardens we found more statues. Around the square there were various museum buildings . All were intricate and decorative. On this visit we only enjoyed the outside. But we were sure there were treasures inside.

Museum Quarter Burgtor Arches.jpg

Museum Quarter - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Museum Quarter Welt Museum.jpg

Museum Quarter Hofburg Palace - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Museum Quarter Hofburg Palace Statues - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Museum Quarter Hofburg Palace Statues.jpg

Museum Quarter History Museum - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Museum Quarter History Museum.jpg

Across from the Museum Quarter was the Austrian National Library and the Burggarten. We found a quiet green oasis from the crowds. And there was even a cafe if we needed a snack!

Burggarten Albertina - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

One night we walked down to the Hochstrahlbrunnen fountain. Behind it was a giant memorial to the Red Army. The fountain celebrated the first direct water pipeline into Vienna from the Alps. As such, it was an expression of the power of water. At night the fountain lit up with various colours.

Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Buildings Were Works Of Art

We were amazed at how many buildings were decorated with statues and reliefs. Tops of buildings were favourite spots for intricate detail. Walls were often a source of amusement as we tried to figure out the story being told.

Building Art DEO Spiritui Santifica tori.jpg

Building Art Pediment - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Building Art Pediment.jpg

Building Art.jpg

Building Art Hofburg Palace - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Building Art.jpg

And then we found modern buildings in the newer part of the city that provided a different kind of architectural art.

Modern Architecture.jpg

Modern Architecture.jpg

Modern Architecture - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

We walked very slowly when we wandered. Every building was another opportunity for great Vienna city sights.

We Found Little Modern Street Art

When we travel, we often search out street art. We saw amazing pieces in cities around the world. In Vienna we found some murals on buildings. Many were colourful tile patterns. But we also found metal carvings as wall decorations.

Building Mural.jpg

Building Mural.jpg

Building Mural.jpg

Building Mural.jpg

But when we looked for more modern expressions of street art, we found mostly pieces that were closer to graffiti than street art.

Canal Wall Graffitti.jpg

We were sure there was great street art around Vienna. When we searched the internet for examples, there were some interesting pieces. But we missed them all on this trip. Just one more reason to return and search out the Vienna city sights.

Churches Inside And Out

We were intrigued by the variety in design of the churches in Vienna. Most of the churches we saw only from the outside and we learned a tidbit or two about their history. But we did peek into a few and were awed by the beauty.

Close to our hotel, we walked past St Charles Church. The large reflecting pond and sculpture in front of the church drew people at the end of the day.

Karlskirche St Charles Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

St Stephan’s Cathedral was the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. It stood on the ruins of two other churches. Its multi-coloured roof and intricate bell tower drew us in. A quick look inside showed us an amazing interior space.

St Stephans Cathedral - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

St Stephans Cathedral.jpg

St Stephans Cathedral - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

The Voltive Church was a classic Gothic style church with two towers and intricate detail on the outside. This church was built as a result of the failed attempt to assassinate Emperor Franz Joseph in 1853. Donations were gathered from around the Austrian-Hungarian empire to build the church as a votive offering for Franz Joseph. It was meant to act as “a monument of patriotism and of devotion of the people to the Imperial House”.

Votivkirche Votive Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Votivkirche Votive Church.jpg

Votivkirche Votive Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

The St Francis of Assisi Church was also known as the Emperor’s Jubilee Church and the Mexico Church. It sat beside the Danube River and reminded us of a fairy tale castle more than a church.

St Francis of Assisi Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

We saw most of the churches only from the outside. But we were amazed at the beauty we found when we looked inside the St Michael’s and St Peter’s churches.

Michaelerkirche St Michaels Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Michaelerkirche St Michaels Church.jpg

Peterskirche St Peters Church - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Peterskirche St Peters Church.jpg

There were many churches to visit when we went out and saw the Vienna city sights.

Statues Old And New

Many of the statues we found were classical in style. They were beautiful and decorative.

Statues Museum Quarter Maria Teresa - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Statues Museum Quarter Maria Teresa Triton und Najadenbrunnen.jpg

Statues Liebenberg - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Statues Lion Chariott.jpg

Statue Haus Der Kaufmannschaft globe - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Around the city we found statues to major famous people from Vienna. There were statues of musical composers, artists, great thinkers and leaders of the time – Mozart, Johann Strauss, Johann Sebastian Bach, Goethe, Maria Teresa, Emperor Francis Joseph and more.

Statue Mozart - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Statue Goethe - Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

While most of the statues were classical, we found some strikingly modern pieces too.

Statue Modern Art Heads.jpg

The Vienna city sights included a great variety of statue art.

Such Great Variety In Vienna City Sights

We found such great variety in the Vienna city sights on our visit to Vienna. Building, churches and statues were artistic displays that kept us looking at the details on every walk. The history of the city was on display.

We had a quick glimpse of many of the sights from the outside on this visit. A great stop on our visit to Austria.  But we knew we missed many of the key attractions. Vienna was definitely a city we needed to spend more time in.

Did you enjoy the Vienna city sights? Did we miss your favourite?

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Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

Vienna City Sights in Austria.jpg

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  1. Wow! So many churches and they are all so individually unique, especially the roof of St Stephan’s Church. I’ve never been to Vienna, but I did make it to Salzburg. Austria is very beautiful

  2. I have only been to Wien once in my life and I wish I did some research on the city (I went way back in 2007). I just wandered around for a day checking out all the pretty buildings, but I didnt know what they were housing apart from the parliament and the cathedrals. I would love to give the city another crack and maybe catch a classicial concert.

  3. There will be nothing quite like European churches, I’m in awe every time I see one (your pictures are beautiful!) I haven’t made it to Vienna yet but I sure hope to one day

  4. I love it that you found a place to stay within distance from so many sights. Sometimes, it is difficult as traveller to get around the city when you dont know how and where to get to your preferred destinations.

  5. We can’t wait to finally visit Vienna! It was supposed to be our New Year’s Eve getaway this year but covid decided otherwise. Hopefully later this year! All these tips will come in very handy!

  6. I’ve never been to Vienna but I’ve always wanted to. The art and architecture has always intrigued me, especially the statues. Looks like you had the chance to see pretty much everything in Vienna, although I’m sure it never seems like enough!

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. I am due to head to Vienna for work in September and cannot wait. I’m definitely booking a few extra days to explore the city.

  8. I 100% agree that Vienna has seriously beautiful city architecture. In some ways, the city is too perfect looking and sometimes it’s hard to believe the history behind it when everything looks perfectly new. However, I do have serious appreciation for how clean and well maintained the city remains.

  9. Vienna is surely a lovely place. You have given the complete information on churches, museums, and the architectural wonders. Will definitely visit the attractions.

  10. Vienna is one of those places I have wanted to visit for a long time already. All the building look so amazing and there is so much history in them. We just love to wonder around checking out the architecture and reading about it. All the street art and churches look amazing on these photos!

  11. Wow I have always been intrigued by European history. Its amazing to see the church built on top of two ruins of other churches. Also, I love those art works around Vienna. Such beautiful city. I am still yet to go but I have had this on my list for sometime now.

  12. I only got to spend a couple of HOURS in Vienna. I surely need to go back and explore all you have listed here. Your photos are great. I love the contrast of architecture old and new. Thanks for the great ideas;

  13. Vienna is such a beautiful city and we were fortunate to explore a small part of it in one day. Thanks for sharing your experiences and sights – just in case we can’t have a return visit there.

  14. Oh Vienna!!! I was planning a trip here a bit before lockdown. They had recently introduced direct train from here and I was so eager, but then…. Anyways, hoping I could get there later this year atleast. The sculptures are just incredible, ofcourse I wouldn’t miss the museum quarter. Indeed the buildings look like works of art. Historic street art with murals & tiles & metal work? Whoa! That’s awesome.

    • I hope you do get to re-plan this trip to Vienna. We found so many amazing sights as we toured the city. We definitely have it on our list for a return one day.

  15. Wow, Vienna has some of the most beautiful architectures. The churches look majestic, especially the St Stephan’s Cathedral. Its interiors are so grand and it was good to know a bit about the history of the churches. The modern street art is also quite interesting. With so much art and architecture in Vienna, I am sure that this is going to be one of my favourite places to visit!

  16. I am so overwhelmed with the sights you have shared. The Museum Quarter to the church and then those contemporary yet heritage street art. I wonder how many photos you took. I am sure I would have run short of memory cards trying to capture the details in each one of these. I so hope that I get to do this someday! Vienna is definitely high on the list!

  17. Thank you for sharing. We were to visit Vienna last year and then it was postponed to this year. Unfortunately now cancelled. Hopefully one day I can visit and see all these amazing places you have shared on this post.

  18. A long weekend in Vienna the weekend before Christmas has become a Jetset Boyz annual event. Vienna’s prettiest squares transform into magical Christmas markets. The aroma of Christmas baking & hot punch sets the mood in the run-up to Christmas.

    We usually stay at the Hilton because it’s so close to the fabulous Christmas market at the Rathaus and about five other markets. Last year there were fourteen different markets – you’re absolutely spoilt for choice and you’ll feel like a kiddy in a sweet shop! So, if you’ve never been to Vienna in December why not make a plan and do it?

  19. Wow, those churches are spectacular. I was amazed at how elaborate the inside of the churches were. I would love to see it in person someday. The water fountain is beautiful as well as all the street art. I really like the tiled art. So much beauty all around in Vienna.

  20. How very cool to see a beautiful mix of history and modernism! Also, I love admiring European buildings and looking at murals so it totally seems like I need to pay Vienna a visit. And the churches! Wow… Bummer you didn’t get to explore all of the insides, but Voltive is definitely stunning!

  21. Seems like there are statues at every corner and buildings in the city. I think Vienna deserves the name City of Statues. 🙂 The modern architecture also look attractive. But you are right about the city art you found. It’s more like a graffiti, especially the ones by the water.

  22. I’ve heard good things about Vienna from friends who’ve been, but didn’t know that it had an area with modern architecture or street art! St. Stephen’s Cathedral has such a stunning tiled roof and I would definitely want to see that in person. I would also want to hear the famous Vienna Philharmonic if I could get my hands on some tickets!

  23. Vienna seems like a living museum of art. There seems to be art wherever you turn in Vienna. It has shades of Rome and Florence to it. One of the most beautiful places in Europe Vienna endears with its iconic attractions. The churches and monument are really spectaculat. Visiting Vienna must indeed be an unforgettable experience.

  24. Vienna is a delightful city with amazing architecture. I only spent a weekend in it, but I know that it is worth much more time. I want to focus on the architectural details and art of this city next time. I haven’t seen Little Modern Street Art yet, so I add it to my list. It’s a perfect guide to Vienna.

  25. Great to see your Vienna post gone live, Linda. As you know, I love Vienna and Ellie & I used to visit for a few days nearly every winter for many years. To be honest, I’m guessing you’ve seen much more of it than we did so far. We always seem to go to the same few places. The street art and the statues look very interesting and we’ll check them out next time around, perhaps as soon as next month, if everything goes accoding to plan.

    • I sure hope you and Ellie get back to Vienna. You can have a pastry or two for us since it will be much longer before we get to visit. It was great going back to finish the blog post and be reminded of how beautiful Vienna was.

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