So Many Things To Do On A Dubai Mall Adventure

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Visiting The Dubai Mall

We were in Dubai twice within a month. On both visits we went to the Dubai Mall. This is certainly one of the things to do in Dubai.  I am sure you need to visit many times to see every Dubai Mall adventure. There was a nice fountain at the main entrance to greet us. Standing proud behind the mall we saw the Burj Khalifa.

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Burj Khalifa - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Our first visit to Dubai was on our amazing 51 day cruising adventure. A two day Hop-On-Hop-Off bus ticket let us get an overview of Dubai. Since the bus lines connected at Dubai Mall, we did just a quick walk-through of the mall on this trip. On our second time in Dubai for New Year’s Eve, we spent more time in the mall. We stayed out in the Marina district and it was an easy train ride to the downtown area.

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Of Course You Could Eat And Shop In The Mall

There were no end to the aisle after aisle of shopping in the Dubai Mall. I am sure many people took their credit cards on a Dubai Mall adventure! The high end brands were all well represented in the mall. Doing the currently conversion made these high end brand prices even higher. I was not really tempted to shop, even with over 1200 shops to choose from.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t window shop. The Apple iPhones were available in gold or diamond studded. Watches were branded for Dubai. And a stunning Maserati watch displayed the perfect workings inside.

Luxury Shopping - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Luxury Shopping Gold iPhone - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Luxury Shopping Dubai Time Watches - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Luxury Shopping Maserati Watches - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Any kind of food you wanted could be found in the mall. We were tempted by traditional chocolate covered dates and the most decadent box of chocolates I have ever seen.

Luxury Shopping Chocolate Covered Dates - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Luxury Shopping Chocolates - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

We were not surprised to find a Starbucks in the mall. But the Tim Hortons coffee shop caught us by surprise. This well-known Canadian brand was sure far from home.

Tim Hortons Food - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

We had a craving for Italian food and it was easy to satisfy when we found the Eataly shop and restaurant. This was the first time we had seen this chain. Surprisingly, the pizza was delicious and real Italian style!

Eataly Pasta Food - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Eataly Pizza Food - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

If you want a traditional mall experience, then you can shop and eat for your Dubai Mall adventure.

Things You Do Not Expect To Find In A Mall

If you want to experience some of the more unusual mall amenities, you will find a host of Dubai Mall adventures available. We found the aquarium first. From the mall corridor we could see the giant aquarium wall.

Aquarium - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Going closer we got a glimpse of the wide variety of sea life that was in the aquarium. We were tempted to sign up to dive in the aquarium. But then we ran out of time.

Aquarium Fish - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Aquarium Shark - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

In another end of the Duba Mall we found the inside skating rink. Families filled the rink when we visited. We were amused at the stands being used to help the little ones skate.

Aquarium Skating Rink - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Aquarium Skating Rink - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

We were drawn to the giant snow globe in the arena. As we drew closer, we saw that real children were inside the snow globe playing with the fake snow. It was such a fun thing to do.

Aquarium Skating Rink Snow Globe - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

One giant wall of the mall has a fountain running down it. A series of divers were positioned down the fountain stream. It was a most amazing piece of moving art.

Fountain Divers - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Fountain Divers - Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

If the aquarium, skating rink or divers don’t interest you, perhaps you can try the giant slide, the arcade, play football on a FIFA-certified pitch or try skateboarding. Who knows what new Dubai Mall adventure may be added in the near future!

Don’t Miss The Dubai Fountain Show

The fountain show runs regularly. If it is crowded or started when you get to that end of the mall, wait a short time for the next show. There are any great vantage points to catch the show.

The fountain pool sat with the impressive Burj Khalifa right behind it. It was the prefect spot to get a near perfect image of this 2,716.5 feet (828 metres) icon of Dubai. On our first visit to Dubai the visibility was marred by sand in the air. On our second visit it was fog. So we never did get up the tower or see the view fro the top.

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show -Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

The world’s largest dancing fountain show is set to music. The fountains do seem to dance as the water goes up and seems to curl around corners.

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show -Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show -Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

Burj Khalifa Fountain Show -Dubai Mall Adventure.jpg

The fountain show was my favourite Dubai Mall adventure. It was fascinating to watch during the day. But we wish we had seen it at night all lit up. Something for us to return to on a next visit to Dubai.

Plan A Lot Of Time For Your Dubai Mall Adventure

Everyone’s plan for things to do in Dubai should include a Dubai Mall adventure. Even if you don’t like to shop, it is an amazing sight to see. Everywhere we turned there was another interesting thing to see. Enjoy the inside, but make sure to head out for the great water fountain show under the Burj Khalifa.

We visited Dubai for New Year’s Eve but stayed out in the Marina district. We were sure that the show around the Dubai Mall would have been so fantastic. If we planned another trip at this time of year, we would definitely stay within walking distance of the Dubai Mall. We are sure that there will be new adventures and sights to see on our next visit to Dubai.

Have you done a Dubai Mall adventure? What was the strangest thing you saw in the Dubai Mall?

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