So Much To See Exploring Along The Maine Coast

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A Week Exploring Along The Maine Coast

We spent a week exploring along the Maine Coast. Some days we stayed put and enjoyed the local charm of New England. And some days we headed off for day trips.

We started our trip to the eastern U.S. coast with a stay in Boston for the July 4th long weekend. There was lots to see and do in the city. But when we left, we picked up a rental car and headed off. It was great to spend some time in the smaller communities north along the coast.

Our Base At Wentworth By The Sea

For our stay on the New England coast, we wanted to stay in a spot that had iconic local charm. As soon as we saw the pictures of the Marriott Wentworth By The Sea, we were hooked.

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea.jpg

Our work to build points and status even got us upgraded to a marina-view townhouse. This provided us with an awesome spot to relax when we stayed on the resort. At nights we sat on the balcony and enjoyed the pretty pink sunsets. And the location was a great base to head off exploring along the Maine Coast.

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea.jpg

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea.jpg

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

We spent most of our visit to New England at Marriott Wentworth by the Sea. But we moved north to Bath, Maine for two nights. This allowed us to explore further north with shorter drives during the day.

Driving North Along The Coast Of Maine

When we rented our car at the airport after our visit to Boston, we were quickly convinced that we needed an EZ Pass transponder for the car. We could not even leave the airport without passing through a toll gate. And those toll gates accepted no cash! When we hit the highway, there were at least options to pay cash.

E-Z Pass.jpg

When we returned the car, we found a route that had no toll gates. But we found it so much easier to drive the highways in New Hampshire and Maine with the transponder.

Marriott Wentworth by the Sea was located in New Castle, New Hampshire. But the bridge to Maine was just a short drive away. During our trip to this area, we crossed between New Hampshire and Maine several times.

As we drove the coastal routes in Maine, it was soon obvious why we found fresh lobster everywhere we visited. Restaurants excelled at showing you they sold lobster. Lobster traps were displayed prominently in yards. We saw a busy lobster processing plant at a stop at Abner Point when we travelled north from Bath.

Taste of Maine Restaurant Lobster - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lobster Shack - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lobster Traps.jpg

 Abner Point Johnson Field Preserve Lobster.jpg

As we drove north, we passed many beaches at Long Sands Beach, Port Neddick, Old Orchard and Ogunquit Beach. Some were vast stretches of empty sand. While others were packed umbrella to umbrella.

Port Neddick Beach.jpg

Ogunquit Beach.jpg

Along with the beaches we saw some great ice cream shops! We passed one after the other. Although after our visit to the Nubble Lighthouse we gave in and stopped at Dunne’s Ice Cream. There was a flavour for everyone!

Dunnes Ice cream York.jpg

Even if we never stopped exploring along the Maine Coast, there was so much to see along the way.

Lighthouse Stops Along The Way

We couldn’t visit Maine without enjoying a few lighthouse views. Our offline map had dozens marked on it. We only made it to a few on this first visit to New England.

The first stop we made was at the Nubble Lighthouse. This was an iconic lighthouse standing with a while clapboard house on the point. At low tide we could walk to the lighthouse. But at high tide, supplies were sent across the wire in a bucket. We enjoyed the view and then spent some time as we looked at the views along the shore.

Nubble Lighthouse - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Nubble Lighthouse View.jpg

The next lighthouse stop was at Cape Elizabeth. This lighthouse looked out over a rocky shore. The Lobster Shack restaurant was located right on the point. It was a great option for seafood with a view.

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse view.jpg

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse Lobster Shack - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

The last lighthouse stop was at the Portland Bug Light. This mini lighthouse sat on the breakwater that protected the Portland harbour. The Greenbelt Walkway ran along the shore. It was a great spot to take a walk. Or to view the Liberty Ship Memorial. This was a tribute to the naval history of the area. And to the people who built the World War II Liberty ships at the New England Shipbuilding Corporation.

Portland Bug Light - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Portland Greenbelt Liberty Ship Memorial - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lighthouses were something we sought out when we went exploring along the Maine Coast.

Other Stops Along The Coast

As we travelled along the shores in Maine, we found so many other interesting spots to stop in addition to lighthouses.

Fort McClary stood on Kittery Point. It was defensive point for 5 different wars. And with the zoom lens, we even saw the White Island Light that protected ships at this harbour.

Fort McClary Kittery Point - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Fort McClary Kittery Point White Island Light.jpg

Perkins Cove was a quaint New England town with a boardwalk and small shops. We circled the parking lot twice and never found parking. So I got out and walked while David kept circling. We finally left with only a few pics. And a plan to come back on another trip!

Perkins Cove - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Perkins Cove.jpg

We drove through the small town of Kennebunkport. We knew that the Kennedy compound was somewhere in this area. But we saw no Kennedys as we walked around this small town.

Kennebunkport Post Office.jpg

Kennebunkport South Congregation Church.jpg

When we ventured north for day trips from Bath, we found less populated spots to stop. The Bailey Island bridge was a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. Of course this Civil Engineer needed to stop to look at the granite cribwork design. This is the only bridge of this kind in the world. We stopped at the Salt Cod Cafe for a snack before we explored further along this coast.

Bailey Island CribStone Bridge - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Bailey Island CribStone Bridge View.jpg

Bailey Island CribStone Bridge Cafe.jpg

At the end of a long drive, we finally made it to Land’s End. The Fisherman’s Memorial was a tribute to the state’s lobster fisherman. We enjoyed a stop to browse in the Land’s End gift shop. And were amused at how many lobster souvenirs we found.

Lands End - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lands End - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lands End Fisherman Memorial - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Lands End.jpg

Travelling along the Maine coast, we found so many great spots to stop. We did not get as far as we expected because there was so much to see.

Seafood Stops Were Plentiful

We enjoyed so much tasty seafood when we started our trip in Boston. As seafood lovers, we never passed the chance to have our seafood fresh from the sea.

On one of our day trips, we stopped at the Saco Lobster Claw Restaurant. They offered lobsters for takeout. And a great variety of lobster dishes in the restaurant.

Saco Lobster Claw - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Saco Lobster Claw.jpg

Saco Lobster Claw - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

At the end of another long day, we stopped at J’s Oysters in Portland. We snagged a seat with a view out over the harbour. And proceeded to sample a wide variety of fresh seafood.

Portland Js Oysters Mussels - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Portland Js Oysters Scallops.jpg

Portland Js Oysters Seafood Mac N Cheese.jpg

We started our lobster feast when we stayed in Boston. But that only whetted our appetite for more fresh seafood. And we were not disappointed!

A Visit With Friends In New Hampshire

While we were in the New England area, we did not pass up the chance to connect with Cathy and Frank from RoarLoud Travel. It was a short drive to get to Nashua, New Hampshire.

While we wanted to see our friends, we also took advantage of the fact the New Hampshire had no sales tax. We had a few things on our shopping list. And the outlet mall in New Hampshire fit the bill.

Of course shopping made us hungry. So we couldn’t pass by the sign for “Bite Me Kupcakez”. The name alone drew us in. But we made sure to sample a cupcake or two.

Bite Me Kupcakez - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

Bite Me Kupcakez.jpg

We met Cathy and Frank in one of their favourite spots in downtown Nashua. Surf Seafood had a great selection. It was always wonderful to meet locals and get great recommendations. We certainly ate well. And chatted for hours!

NH Nashua Friends Cathy Frank.jpg

NH Nashua Surf Seafood - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

NH Nashua Surf Seafood - Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

We loved when we got the chance and met with other travel bloggers on our travels. It was delightful to spend the evening with Cathy and Frank.

So Much Fun Exploring Along The Maine Coast

We loved the chance to visit the iconic New England coastal area after our visit to Boston. Our stay at Marriott Wentworth by the Sea was relaxing. Exploring along the Maine Coast for day trips we found so many local gems. It reminded us a lot of our travels through Nova Scotia in Canada. We can’t wait to plan a return trip to enjoy more!

Have you gone exploring along the Maine coast? Are there other stops we should make on a return visit?

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Exploring Along The Maine Coast.jpg

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Maine. Now I feel like I have. Thanks so much, Linda and David! I can almost smell the salt air.

  2. Looks like such a wonderful roadtrip! I love the idea of staying in a townhouse with a view of the ocean, the sunsets have to be amazing (just like you say they were and I can see it in your picture too). Also, stopping for some fresh seafood along the way is exactly what I’d do as well. I love coastal drives because of the ocean views, I’m a sucker for those things.

  3. oh Linda, you manage to find another great place. after reading your post, Maine is now on my list in the US to visit. I love seafood and lobster , so that is the place I want to be. Also the picturesque view from your stay in Wentworth By The Sea, simply perfect!

  4. What an amazing road trip Linda. I’m so glad you finally got to visit Maine and used some of your points to grab a room upgrade. There is really so much to see and eat while exploring Maine coast. I am fascinated with lighthouses and I would have tracked them down too.

  5. What a lovely road trip in New England! I would love to visit the Nubble Lighthouse and explore the Maine coast. We did a similar trip many years ago driving through Portland and New Hampshire. I think it’s time to do another trip. Your pictures of the lighthouse and seafood are stunning!:-)

    • Jan, Thanks for the comments on the pics. There was so much to see and capture as we travelled on the Maine coast. Definitely worth more than one visit. Linda

  6. I have never been to New England, but have always been intrigued by the cute coastal towns, lighthouses, and of course the lobster. Its so funny that the restaurants there really make a point of advertising lobster. That one picture of the restaurant you posted looks like a giant lobster is taking over the restaurant. That will certainly catch someoneone’s eye. I bet the seafood must have been so fresh and tasty. This article will certainly come in handy when we make our way north to Maine!

  7. Seems like quite a relaxed drive and visit. A Mecca for sea food lovers and in my case, desserts and ice creams. Those light houses seem like a lot of fun to explore. I did notice kayaks – I might just skip a meal or two to have a go at those.

  8. Glad that you made it to Maine and show us how amazing it is. I like those street arts especially those giant lobsters. How many lobsters you can eat in one sitting?

  9. I don’t know this part of the coast, but I would like to see it. It looks great, so many places to explore, as Long Sands Beach, Port Neddick, Old Orchard, and Ogunquit Beach. Especially as I am a fan of lighthouses, it’s good to know that there are so many of them on this route in New England. I love the Nubble Lighthouse, which seems to be so photogenic. Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse & Portland Bug Light are great too. I add Maine Coast to my list.

  10. Your lobster and other seafood dishes look so tempting!! I’ve yet to visit Maine when in the US and it looks so scenic. I’d like to explore those viewing points and capture photos of the lighthouses too. Definitely a road trip to bookmark for the future.

  11. I don’t know what it is about lighthouses … but they really add a touch of ambiance to a stretch of coastline. I don’t think I’ve ever been inside one before, but whenever I’m driving and see one, I always have to stop and photograph it. Looks like Maine would be a good location to add more to my collection. I wonder if there’s a name for Light House Spotters!? (If you’re not already a member of FB group Not So Young Female Travel Bloggers – you should come and join us)

  12. I have only ever heard about Maine lobster haha! Looks like there is so much more to this coastline! Driving along the beaches with ice cream for days sounds like a dream right now! I love a good light house! They just add to that real sea side feel! I don’t eat seafood but those cupcakes look super yummy too! what a fab trip!

  13. Happy to know that there are great ice cream shops in the area. My daughter loves ice cream and I am sure she’d enjoy this. Can’t wait to have another road trip soon. Thank you for sharing your experience at the Maine Coast. Will consider this on our next one.

  14. Lighthouses are my favorite. I had not heard about Maine coast but I loved the virtual trip. So much so, even your place of stay near the base was a great idea. While watching over the sunsets was a great idea the ride was never far away. The corner cafe and the post office looks so cute. I loved the food pics and that gluten free bakery would be on my cards, anytime.

    • Manjulicka, We loved heading out on our search for lighthouses along the Maine coast. So many varieties along the say. And so much great food! Yours to discover one day. Linda

  15. Was Kennebunkport named after the Kennedys? Do they still all hang out in Maine? I thought most of them would have scattered around the country by now? I would be more interested in spotting Stephen King :D. He’s made Maine so famous through all his books!

    The drive and the lighthouses look delightful; and so does the food!

    • Nish, It was always fun to enter a new town along the Maine seashore and see what we would find. Certainly good food and lighthouse views were plentiful! Linda

  16. Maine has been a huge road trip destination for me, one that I was hoping to do next year. This post is going to be super handy when I start planning that trip! Thanks!

  17. I’m just so in love with how small town-like the place still looks like.

    Great cities are fun but small towns are by far my most favorite places to visit. I think that everything is more authentic there, not so touristy.

    And also, the seafood makes it sound like the perfect spot for me. It makes me so happy just to read that it was everywhere.

    • Lourdes, Maine will be the perfect spot for you to discover. Great small towns all unique in their own way. And fresh seafood every day. Our dream spot. Linda

  18. Wow look at the views of that ocean from the room, absolutely amazing. I can do a bit of this right now. I love visiting lighthouses in the coastal area, that is something that I always love to do. I feel lighthouses have so much history and each one of them is different from the other, very fascinating. So I am sure I will enjoy at this place.

    • Raksha, We were happy we finally made it to the Maine Coast. There was so much to discover every time we went for a drive. And the resort was a perfect retreat when we returned. Linda

  19. This is such a fabulous post and literally took me on a holiday with you. Maine Coast looks such a fabulous way to spend a week. The food, the sea, the small churches, the vast canvas of natural beauty is so inviting. The room you got was fabulous with such great views. It looks such a wonderful trip for you.

  20. We supposed to visit Maine and the other states in the New England this summer. i guess I could enjoy the lobster and other seafood for now from your pictures. Apparently, besides the lighthouses, Maine has so many beautiful spots all over the state.

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