Enjoy A Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua

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A Tasty Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua

After two days at sea on our way to cruise around South America, we were excited to leave the cruise ship for a champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua. When we returned to Antigua on our Caribbean cruise in 2021, we again chose to to this same port excursion.  A great tasty way to spend an island day!

There were several beach stops planned. And a great bbq lunch. But Mother Nature and human nature caused a few changes in our plans.

Returning To St John’s, Antigua

When our Oceania Cruises ship headed south to cruise around South America, there were three Caribbean island stops.  On our Caribbean cruise in 2021, we had 6 port stops.  On both trips, we visited most of the Caribbean Island stops on other trips.  And returned again to Antigua!  But it was always great to return. We always discovered new things to see and do on every visit.

On our first visit to Antigua, we took a full day trip to snorkel and kayak at several of the 365 beaches on the island. The second visit was a rainy day. But we enjoyed the opportunity to walk in town and we explored some of the St John’s sites.


Church on the Hill.jpg

Our third visit to Antigua took us to a different part of the island. We anchored off of Falmouth and spent part of the day as we explored English Harbour. And the rest of the time we played in the water off of our Windstar Cruises ship.

Falmouth English Harbour Marina.jpg

Windstar Star Pride Marina Deck.jpg

On every visit to St John’s in Antigua, we docked right in the main part of town. There was a great view out over the town.

St John's Harbour.jpg

St John's Harbour - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

We left the ship for a short walk along the deck to the Mystic Cruises catamaran. On our first excursion we sailed on the ship called Mystic Cruises.  But on our return visit, we boarded the red Explorer catamaran.  The days looked awesome for a champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua.

Heading Out For A Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua

The sun shone brightly so we took a spot on the catamaran under cover. This proved to be a smart decisions for many reasons. The crew introduced themselves and there was a short safety briefing. And then we left the harbour.

St John's Harbour Mystic Cruises Crew with Oceania Cruises Marina.jpg

St John's Harbour Mystic Cruises Crew.jpg

Mystic Cruises Boat - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

As we sailed out, we marvelled at the blue green Caribbean seas. The captain often narrated as we passed things out at sea. Barbuda was far off in the distance. But we passed closer to a small set of five islands.

Mystic Cruises Scenery.jpg

There are 365 beaches on Antigua, one for each day of the year! We passed several different beaches on our cruise along the coast. At one point, the captain pointed out the blow hole that sprayed water high above the rocks.

Mystic Cruises Scenery.jpg

Mystic Cruises Scenery.jpg

As we approached the turnaround point, the captain pointed out Hawksbill Rock. At a certain angle, the rock looked like a Hawksbill Turtle or a frog. Or whatever your imagination conjured up!

Hawksbill Turtle or Frog Rock.jpg

The plan was to sail further around the point and then come back to this area for lunch.  On our first trip, the weather turned rough. So the captain turned us around to find another spot for our champagne and lobster catamaran lunch.  But on our return visit we kept going with the sails up before we turned back around.

A Good Spot For A Beach Break

As we cruised back, the captain and crew looked for calm bay. When they finally found one, the catamaran drove up onto the sand. And on both trips the other catamaran joined us.

Mystic Cruises Boat - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

With the catamaran parked in the bay, plan was that the guests would go off the boat to swim as the crew prepared the bbq’s and lunch. On both trips, we headed off and explored the beach and waters.  A little rain was not going to stop us!

In the rain, we walked down the long beach. At one point we found a spot high enough on the sand to write “SA 2020” to commemorate our cruise to South America. Even though the rain still fell, we headed into the water to swim. But we really did not worry about sunscreen!


Mystic Cruises Boat.jpg

On our second visit, we had bright sunshine.  We donned rash guards and headed into the water with our snorkel gear.  We did not find much underwater.  But it was a beautiful day for a swim.

Mystic Cruises Boat.jpg

We enjoyed our short beach breaks. A fun stop on our catamaran tour in Antigua.

Champagne and Lobster On The Catamaran

When we got back on board, the crew valiantly tried to bbq at the back of the boat. It took much longer as the rain cooled the grill. But they soon had a large stack of lobsters grilled to perfection. The secret recipe included lots of butter and a spritz of local Carib beer.

Mystic Cruises BBQ - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

Mystic Cruises BBQ - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

Mystic Cruises BBQ.jpg

The group was called to eat and found places to sit. With the lobster, they served rice and salad. And of course, champagne, beer or the local rum.

Mystic Cruises BBQ - Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

The hungry group certainly enjoyed the champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua.

We Enjoyed Our Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua

When we booked shore excursions well in advance of port days, it was always a challenge. Most times the weather and plans came together for the perfect experience.

On both cruise ship stops, we enjoyed a day out on the water for our champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua. It was great to see a new part of the island from the water. And the lunch was tasty. We got enough of a tease to know we wanted to go back to explore more of the beaches of Antigua on a return trip.

We were always very glad when we enjoyed the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. On our visit to Antigua on our South America cruise, we next headed into the Amazon. As we cruised the Amazon River, the muddy waters were such a contrast. Not at all tempting to swim!

After our visit to Antigua during our Caribbean cruise in 2021, we had several more days to enjoy the water in the Caribbean.

Have you tried a champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua? What else have you done in Antigua?

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Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua.jpg

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  1. A champagne and lobster tour in Antigua sounds like the perfect luxury boat trip! Those views and water look incredible. Good for you for swimming in the rain – I’d do the same. If you’re going to get wet, you might as well be swimming, right?

  2. Champagne and lobster is right up my alley, well the lobster anyway. I would swap the champagne for a pinot grigio. I want to go stand on the giant float out in the water too.

  3. You had me at lobster! I went to Antigua a long time ago but didn’t know about the 365 beaches, how wonderful. I’d definitely be up for this catamaran tour, it looks wonderful.

  4. We haven’t yet been to Antigua, but I’m sure we’d love it. The beaches look amazing, and I’m assuming the water is warm. I I’m amazed that you’ve been able to visit multiple times. We don’t usually return to the same place twice as there’s so much of the world we still want to see. But there are a lot of destinations I’d like to return to. Your lobster cruise looks like a lot of fun!

  5. I was scheduled for a girl’s trip in Antigua right before Covid hit, we still haven’t gone. I am now adding the Champagne and Lobster Catamaran cruise the itinerary, those lobster look incredible.

  6. Wow that looks like a fun catamaran tour in Antigua.Those grilled lobsters looked so tempting. And that Hawksbill rock did look exactly like a frog.I love reading your cruise experiences.

  7. I’m not sure which looked more enticing – the water or the lobster! The lobsters on the grill looked like perfection. This is the kind of experience I’d really love to enjoy – a perfect day in the Caribbean.

  8. Antigua looks like such an amazing place to explore! I love the idea of seeing it by kayak! Champagne on those crystal blue waters sounds like the dream! Thanks for the great guide!

  9. I haven’t been to Antigua, but it sure does look inviting. Your pictures always exude such happiness, even in the rain. When on holiday, you always just have to go with it. I love how there are 365 beaches, one for each day of the year! And to end your excursion with such a decadent meal. I’m surprised they shared their special ingredient.

  10. After growing up in Jamaica, reading your post was like a short visit back. Lobster and snorkeling, doesn’t get much better than that! And champagne’s a nice addition. Antigua looks like another beautiful island.

  11. Wow never been to Antiqua– but the Lobster cruise looks like something I could do and I like that you could be on a beach instead of just hanging out the whole time in the deeper waters= I am not much of a swimmer so like to be able to touch the sand — lovely

    • We too love to be on the water. On this cruise, all of our excursions were on the water. We are still avoiding big bus tours! But the catamaran in Antigua was fun to do – twice!

  12. I love lobster and did eat the best in the Caribbean – here it’s simply neckcutting. However, I’m deeply impressed by the grill master and the load of lobsters on that grill. I’m actually thinking about going to some Caribbean islands as soon as travelling gets a bit less complicated again – and your post is definitely encouraging…. 😀

  13. A catamaran tour with lobsters and champagne – what a great idea to make a stay on the island unforgettable! For me, the food often ends up being a highlight of the trip. Although the tour of the Antigua beaches must be so interesting!

  14. WOW, what a great tour! I don’t think I’ve ever done a tour like this before but now it’s something I totally want to do. Antigua looks amazing with so much to see and do. I need to make a visit soon!

  15. Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour In Antigua sounds like a fun idea to enjoy island life on blue water. I would love to experience it for sure. Antigua looks so beautiful and serene at the same time.

  16. Seems you had a great day on the Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour in Antigua. And I can see why: Warm weather, blus sky and blue sea and good food. I have never thought about visiting Antigua, but your pictures made me research a bit more about it!

  17. Wow what beautiful views. Boat trips are always special and when they include a sumptuous meal it makes it even more special. Champagne and lobster both are my favorites. Would love to do this tour once in my life.

  18. Well, this idea wins! I add it to my wish list. I have made catamaran trips several times. But the catamaran tour in Antigua with lobster and champagne is just a pleasure. You had a great trip!

  19. We visited Antigua, hired a car and explored the island. I loved English Harbour it has so much history about it. We also did a cruise across to Barbuda which was beautiful. I think our favourite excursion was to stingray alley to swim with the stingray. If we ever return , now the kids aren’t with us, I think the lobster and champagne cruise sounds a fun think to do.

  20. Your trips to Antigua all sound amazing! I’ve never been. I would love to do the Champagne and Lobster Catamaran Tour because I love both champagne and lobster – yum! Xx Sara

    • On this trip to the Caribbean, we really wanted outdoor day trips. With the pandemic still running we were not getting into any 50 person buses for tours! Being on the water is always a fun way to spend a day for us.

  21. I love Antigua & you’ve taken me back to some familiar spots while reading this post. I lived on the island for 6 months a few years ago but never got to experience this kind of cruise. But you had me at lobster & champagne, definitely one for my return & glad the weather treated you better the 2nd time around!

    • I am sure it was great to live on Antigua. How many of the 365 beaches did you enjoy? We loved the chance to be on the water and a tasty treat helped convince us to do it a second time.

  22. This has to be the most luxurious catamaran tour I have ever seen: champagne and lobster..perfect combo. I would love to do something like this, eating delicious food while appreciating the amazing view Antigua has to offer.

  23. Antigua is one of the islands I haven’t visited yet and would love to! The lobster cruise sounds lovely even though I don’t care for champagne. We were just craving Carib the other day, and can’t find it in any stores here!

  24. I am reading this article such a nice about the champagne and lobster catamaran tour in Antigua thanks sharing this article

  25. This looks like great fun! I had no idea there are 365 beaches on Antigua – what a fun year that would be if you visited one each day! 😉 It also looks really fun swimming in the rain without the worry of sunburn.

    I love the idea of lobster and rum (or champers!) It looks like they treated you all really well.

  26. This seems like such a nice treat! It is definitely more of a luxurious experience, and I am more of a budget type of traveller, however, you made it sounds like to much fun that I would be interested to try it out!

  27. What a perfect combination! Lobster AND champagne! Love, love, love Antigua, have cruised through there many times and each time, we love it more. We also did the snorkel and kayak tours! We were wrecked by the time we got back to the ship LOLOL! Supeer fun read, thanks for sharing!

    • We loved our first catamaran trip with lobster and champagne so much we booked the same tour a second time. And were not disappointed. It was a great way to enjoy Antigua on the water.

  28. Really enjoyed reading this. I’ve yet to visit the Caribbean and really hope to do so one day. A couple of years ago my husband was offered contract work in Antigua and we were very tempted but Covid intervened. Hope we get another chance to try out the champagne lifestyle, it looks rather fun!

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