Colourful Cartagena

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The Art and Beauty of Colourful Cartagena, Columbia

A photo journal showing colourful Cartagena ….

The furthest point south on our 26 day cruise with Oceania Cruises was Cartagena, Columbia.  We were not sure what to expect but we were delighted by the colourful, very European city that we found.

Everywhere we looked when we visited Cartagena we saw colour, art and life.  We found it in the clothing, buildings, town squares, cars, flower-draped buildings and in the cruise port at the “zoo”.

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Street Art Wall Mural - Colourful Cartagena.jpg

Colourful Town Squares - Colourful Cartagena.jpg

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Statues in the Square - Colourful Cartagena.jpg

Historical Paintings.jpg

Panama Hats.jpg

Colourful Local Art.jpg

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Bike - Colourful Cartagena.jpg

Hanging Flowers In The Square - Colourful Cartagena.jpg

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It was a joy as we walked through Cartagena, Columbia and saw the colour and the art!

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Colourful Cartagena.jpg

Colourful Cartagena.jpg


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  1. I have been dreaming of visiting beautiful Cartagena! I’ve heard there are so many lovely churches there. Thank you for this great guide!

  2. First of all, Colombia is one of the most wonderful countries I’ve ever visited. I found especially the people just lovely. However, although Cartagena – especially the old town – is truly beautiful, I never got the hang of it. In comparison to other places in Colombia I found it too globalized and touristy. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful and cultural place – and as I’m looking at your pictures….I might even consider visiting again 😉

    • Cartagena was our first look at Columbia and we found it so much better than we expected. We loved our first glance and one day want to go back and explore more of Columbia.

  3. Colombia is our favorite country in South America. We already visited twice and would love to go another time. There are still so many places we want to explore. They have wondreful hiking too! Cartagena was one of the first cities we visited in the country and like you, we were very impressed by the colours.

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