Do You Need 6 Reasons To Visit Cuba?

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You Will Want To Visit Cuba

Has Cuba always been on your travel wish list? As Canadians, we are able to visit Cuba when we want with little restriction. It is a great packaged beach vacation destination for many. But there are also many interesting cities and towns that show off the art and culture of Cuba. A wide variety of companies now provide options to take a cruise to Cuba. Let me show you 6 great reasons to visit Cuba! And a few tips for your planning!

1) Beaches And Water Sports

Our early visits to Cuba were as beach vacations. All-inclusive packages were easy and relatively cheap to get from Canada. We found some of the most beautiful beaches. Great beaches on the resort. And long stretches of pristine white sand a cheap cab ride away. Some of the best days ended watching the sun set over the water as it calmed for the night.

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We tried all the water sports on our visits to Cuba. We snorkelled and scuba dived from the resorts on the north end of Cuba. The water was ok. But we still have Jardines de la Reina and Isla de la Juventud on our scuba diving wish list. We have heard that the best diving can be found in those areas.


Beaches and water sports are definitely a great reason to visit Cuba.

2) History

There is so much history to see when you visit Cuba. We toured around Havana and saw the Revolution Square and heard about the changes that most Cubans still remember. The old wall that once circled Havana was visible in spots. Forts stood in several places. Some are tourist sites. But most have been turned into museums or other public buildings.




When we cruised into both Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos, we saw forts standing on the banks. These forts guarded the entrances to secure harbours. All around the island, large forts once protected Cuba from smugglers and invaders.



One of the reasons to visit Cuba is for the history.

3) Architecture

In many places in Cuba, we saw remnants of the vibrant cities that existed before the revolution in xxx. Buildings showed grand architectural detail both inside and outside.








In some places we saw buildings that showed the vast range of societies that influenced Havana at one point.




And the old cars rolled everywhere through the streets of Cuba. This has become such an iconic image of Cuba. People want to tour the cities in old cars.




A chance to see amazing architecture will be one of the reasons to visit Cuba.

4) Colour, Art and Music

We were continually amazed as we walked through the streets of Cuba to find art everywhere. Interesting statues drew people in to pose. Many statues were historic figures and others were just fun art.







There was such a variety in the street art we found. At times colourful and bold. Or designed to tell a story.





The Fusterlandia neighbourhood in Havana took art to the whole community. What started as one man’s tile art dream spread from house to house. Everywhere we looked there was art and colour.



The music scene is alive and well in Cuba. Bars often had singers or bands. While we did not get to experience it, the night life was lively. And when we visited the country in Cuba, the locals loved to share their local customs and dance.


If you are looking for reasons to visit Cuba, you will find them in the colour, art and music.

5) See Life In The Country

We have visited the large city of Havana. And got another view of city life in smaller coastal cities like Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. But we have also had the chance to go out into the country and see life at a different pace.

We drove though small towns. And stopped in for coffee or a drink. One day we visited a sugar plantation. A walk through showed us life that has not changed much through the years. One day we got to enjoy a local festival. It came complete with a roasted pig!



One of our favourite memories was when a local man convinced us to go for a horseback ride on the beach. I rode horses before. But this was new for David. But the gentle horses took us for a romantic walk down the beach. With our smiling friend not far behind.


As we cruised along the shores of Cuba, we saw the smaller towns that people lived and worked in.



A chance to see life in the country might be one of the reasons to visit Cuba.

6) Picking Up Some Local Products

When we cruised to Cuba, many of the people on the ship picked up local Cuban art. There was much to choose from for souvenirs.

Still others went in search of cigars. You can buy them at many places in Cuba. We had the opportunity on one visit to see a cigar factory. The people welcomed us and showed us the process used to make cigars. And what distinguished various quality levels. We did not take home cigars, but many did.




The other favourite product to pick up in Cuba is rum. Cuba is still one of the few countries left that make rum from sugar cane. I am not a rum drinker. But David knows his rum and says it does make a difference.

The chance to pick up local Cuban products is definitely one of the reasons to visit Cuba.

A Few Tips For Visiting Cuba

If I have convinced you to visit Cuba, there are a few things to think about for your planning.

1) Restrictions To Visiting

I know that as Canadians, it is pretty easy for us to visit Cuba. There is a fee to be paid. But that is normally added to vacation packages or airfare costs.

Visitors from the U.S. have much more restrictions on travel to Cuba. And the rules change regularly. I am not sure how hard it is for people from other places. Make sure you know what the current rules are for you. There are restrictions on who you can tour with and where you can spend your money. And some reporting rules too. Make sure you check before you plan your detailed itinerary for your visit.

2) How To Travel

The first few times we visited Cuba we booked all-inclusive trips. These are typically beach resorts. There may some excursions from the resort. But this is really a good option if relaxation is a big one of your reasons to visit Cuba.

On our recent trip, we cruised to Cuba with Oceania Cruises for the holidays. The cruise ship went out of Miami and cruised around Cuba with a day stop in Havana and two overnight stops in both Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos. This was a great way for us to taste test some new destinations that we might want to return to. Most of the people on the cruise ship were Americans. If they booked excursions with the cruise ship, there were sure to stay within the current rules for Americans. Many people did more than one excursion a day to get the most of what might be their only visit to Cuba.

If you don’t want a resort or cruise vacation, then it may be a bit harder to plan your Cuba trip. If will depend on the restrictions you have for visiting. But within the restrictions, it is still possible to plan a visit to Cuba that lets you see all the island has to offer.

3) Money Matters

There are two currencies in Cuba. The locals use Cuban Pesos (CUP) and tourists must use Convertible Cuban Pesos (CUC). The CUC is pegged to the U.S. dollar. But there may also be processing fees that mean it is not 1:1.

When we visited, we had no trouble using our Canadian credit cards. At this time, I am not sure how easy it is to use American credit cards. Or whether it is ok if you stay away from the restricted places.

Cash is easiest. And using U.S. dollars may be easier than some other currencies.

4) Internet

Internet is not generally widely available in Cuba. Although on our recent trip, we did see a lot of people with cell phones.

The first few times we visited Cuba, we stayed at resorts. They typically provided a dedicated computer to log onto the internet. And it was so slow. I am not sure if this has gotten better.

On our recent cruise to Cuba, I checked to see if either my international SIM or hotspot had coverage in Cuba. And neither did. So we pretty much were left with internet on the ship.

There Are Many Reasons To Visit Cuba

If you visit, you will enjoy at least one of reasons to visit Cuba. Beaches, history, architecture, art or music will keep you entranced as you visit the many spots around Cuba. And you can take home a memory of Cuba in art, cigars or rum. And after you have visited once, you will be drawn to return to enjoy another aspect of this emerging country.

We have provided just a few planning tips for when you start to think about a trip to Cuba. Rules and restrictions change regularly so make sure you do your research. There are so many reasons to visit Cuba, that you may need to plan more than one trip.

What was your favourite of the reasons to visit Cuba? Do you have another one to add to our list?

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  1. I really love your photos of the public art and street art all around Cuba! That’s always some of my favourite things to see when I travel as it says so much about culture, and how much they value art. I haven’t been to Cuba yet, but its definitely on the list.

    • Lesley, I am glad you like the art pictures. We are always fascinated with how much is out in the public spaces. But great to let more people enjoy it. I do hope you get to Cuba. We were happy to go back and see some new places on our recent cruise. Linda

  2. Super detailed read! I’ve never been to Cuba, the closest I’ve come was Mexico and even considered taking a boat ride across but sadly didn’t have enough days in the end. Your visuals seems to really capture the essence of the place with the fascinating culture and traditions definitely coming across. Can’t wait to make experience it first hand 🙂

    • Stephen, We did not get great scuba diving where we went. But Cuba is still on our list to go back. There are several great spots for scuba diving left to explore. I do hope you get to visit. Linda

  3. Thank you for a really comprehensive guide. It’s strange because beach is the last thing I expected – I guess because I’ve seen so much about the history of Cuba. Those white sands look superb though. And, I love your insight into the cigar factories – I didn’t realise they still existed in that form!

    • Fiona, The beach was the big draw for our first few visits. We saw some of the most pristine ones in Cuba. But later trips have added so many other reasons to visit too. Linda

  4. Alright, your post has just convinced us to visit Cuba! Not just because of the pristine white sand beaches, but also the colorful architecture, the historical fort, and the awesome sculpture and street art everywhere! Trying Cuban food is also a great reason to visit this island, as well as touring the city in one of those beautiful old cars! Thanks a lot for this inspiring post! 🙂

    • Mei and Kerstin, I am glad this post inspired you to think about Cuba as a destination. We wish we got to try more local Cuban food. And more of the nightlife too. But always good reasons to go back. Linda

  5. I love your photos and it has given me inspiriation even more to visit Cuba. Not sure if I need 6 reasons, I only needed one, to explore :D. I also seen recently that Cuba has amazing beaches and I would love to check them out also.

  6. My heart skipped when I saw this post. Cuba is a trending destination and I’d loooove to visit this colorful vibrant city. So rich in culture and history! I mean look at those vintage cars.

    • Tala, I am glad that this post caught you at the right time. It does seem that Cuba is very popular right now. So much variety in the things to see and do. Hope you get to visit. Linda

  7. Cuba is in my bucketlist! Those mansions and monuments look so grand. It is as if time has stood still there. The cigar industry looks interesting.

  8. I have wanted to go for so long but your architectural detail pictures have kicked that idea into high gear. It’s wonderful to see a story about Cuba that shows more than a few tired buildings and cars in Havana.

  9. I would love to visit Cuba. My dad and I have been talking about taking a trip. However, since we’re from the US, it will take more investigating. Beaches are always one of my favorite reasons to travel, but in the case of Cuba, I think the history and culture would win out. Thanks for the great information. Love your photos.

    • Kathleen, I do hope that you and your dad get to visit. It seems to be a bit more challenging for Americans to get to Cuba. But cruises or tours are available to get you there. Linda

  10. I still have yet to visit but this article is giving me major FOMO! As a US citizen its always up and down as you said to enter but I hope I can go on a cruise as well to visit. I’d love to walk passed all the gorgeous architecture while music and life surrounded me in CUBA! oh and rum from sugar cane, count me in!

    • Layla, I do hope you get to visit Cuba. There is so much to see and do. Cruising may be your best option. Although I know that there are tours run from the U.S. too. Linda

  11. Cuba is a fascinating place to visit, and such a beautiful country! I wasn’t keen on Havana but once I’d got out of the city I fell in love with the smaller towns and villages like Vinales and Trinidad – and Santiago is next on my list!

  12. I knew about Cuba’s beaches, but I didn’t realize that there was such architecture there. I haven’t been, but I should take time to go there someday. What a great trip!

  13. I think there are many reasons to visit Cuba. What I find absolutely fascinating is the very different form of running things. While for locals, life is certainly not always easy, I find it very refreshing and relaxing for visitors that you really dive into a different worlds with far less action and accessibility – on Cuba, we visitors really have the chance to unwind.

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