Eat Local In Nassau And Be Entertained!

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You Will Get Tropical Conch Salad When You Eat Local In Nassau

We love to visit Bahamas and enjoy fresh fruit and seafood!  The growing season in Canada is so short and unless you live on the coast, seafood is an expensive treat.  Who would know we could get both and a great show with a quick stop at Arawak Cay in Nassau!  Eat local in Nassau and be entertained!

With the massive new BaHa Mar Resort on Cable Beach now open, staying out in that part of Nassau offers new dining options.  Trips into downtown are planned around the cruise ship schedules.  Checking the online cruise site let us pick the day with the least visitors crowding the downtown streets. With only one ship in port, it would be much easier to wander than later in the week when over 16,000 people all descended on one day.

With our downtown shopping quickly finished, we headed back to Cable Beach with a detour at Arawak Cay to eat local in Nassau with fresh conch salad.  As a native Bahamian, our friend Derrick could be counted on to make the perfect choice of the wide range of shops. We perched on our stools and debated our options. Selecting the Tropical Conch Salad, we sat back to watch the show.

Creating The Perfect Tropical Conch Salad With A Show

The onions were the first to fall victim to the lightening fast machete blade, followed quickly by green peppers and tomatoes for colour.

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Pineapple and mango in generous portions added the tropical sweet flavour. Fresh conch right out of the shell was diced into the mix.

Tropical Conch Salad Ingredients.jpg

Tropical Conch Salad Ingredients - Eat Local In Nassau.jpg

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I was a bit worried about the heavy handed salt that was added but later I couldn’t even taste it. Once fully mixed, the salad was dressed with fresh squeezed orange and limes to add a tart tang to the mix.

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Our mouths were watering while we watched the show and we were ready to dig into the massive salad bowl we got handed at the end. Yum yum yum.

Tropical Conch Salad Ready.jpg

I didn’t make it much beyond a third of the container but that would mean more for later. As we sat at the picnic tables eating, we acted like an advertisement for the salad. Everyone stopped to ask what we were eating!

Tropical Conch Salad Ready.jpg

Fresh fruit, seafood and entertainment!  Another day in paradise!

Where is your favourite spot in Nassau for conch salad?  What other options are there for dining in Nassau?

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    • It was full of veggies and fruit – delicious! But our friend piled his high with ghost peppers! Being spice wimps, we passed on the pepper topping. It was great entertainment to watch the salad being made. Linda

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