Iconic East Coast Images

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A photo journal of colourful and iconic east coast images ….

One Look And You Know You Are On The East Coast

While we visited Nova Scotia in May when spring was just trying to assert itself, everywhere we went we found colour and art on the east coast.

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Colourful Buildings.jpg

Seafood - Iconic East Coast Images.jpg

Lunenburg Jail - Iconic East Coast Images.jpg

Fisherman - Iconic East Coast Images.jpg

Lunenburg Walking Tours.jpg

Piano Art.jpg

Iconic East Coast Images 

We stopped regularly to catch the very iconic images that are everywhere in Nova Scotia.

Boats in Harbour - Iconic East Coast Images.jpg

Boats in Harbour.jpg

Boats in Harbour.jpg.jpg



Fishing Saying.jpg

Lobster Art - Iconic East Coast Images.jpg

Horse and Carriage.jpg

We enjoyed our days of travelling around Nova Scotia?

What are your favourite east coast images?

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