Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC

Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

Some Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC 

On the first stop on our visit to British Columbia, we saw some great waterfalls in Revelstoke. Our appetite for waterfall stops on our road trip from Toronto to Vancouver was first whetted with waterfalls in Northern Ontario. So when we checked out waterfall sites near Revelstoke, we knew what we would do for our visit.

Stops at Moses Falls, Sutherland Falls and Begbie Falls provided us with stunning waterfall views. And we even snuck in another when we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls on the way to Vancouver. Such a wonderful road trip stop in Revelstoke.

Finding Moses Creek Falls 

On our waterfall drive to Thunder Bay, we learned how important it was to research a waterfall site in advance. Many spots were local gems that were not always easy to find. So we were glad we did the advance work to find Moses Creek Falls.

We headed out of Revelstoke and went north along Westside Road. The falls were not marked at all from the road. A search of Google maps showed us the dirt road that led down to the bottom of the falls. We bypassed what looked like a parking lot and found the steep dirt road that headed down.

A quick look showed us that the hike to the top of the falls was not an easy one. Good thing our SUV was up to the task of driving down the rough road.

Moses Creek Path.jpg

At the bottom of the hill we found an open area. We were not alone and were quickly pointed to the path that led up to the waterfall.

Moses Creek Path.jpg

Our View Of Moses Creek Falls

As we climbed along the path we heard the water. And soon came to the view of the water as Moses Creek Falls cascaded down.

Moses Creek Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

We scrambled over the rocks and tree roots for different views of the pretty waterfall. We were sure it would be a stunning sight in the spring runoff. It might be possible to climb up through the woods for views down the falls. But that was not on our plan that day.

Moses Creek Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Moses Creek Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

It was great to start our view of the waterfalls in Revelstoke with Moses Creek Falls.

Checking Our Revelstoke Canyon Dam

After we took the path back down from Moses Creek Falls, we wandered along the Columbia River. We got our first view of the Revelstoke Canyon Dam from the water level.

Revelstoke Dam.jpg

When we got back up on Westside Road we continued along and searched for a spot for a better view of the dam. Through a fence, we got another view of the dam from the road.

Revelstoke Dam - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

But we found no way to get a closer view of the dam. We later discovered that there was a visitors centre located on the other side of the Columbia River. Although this was closed during our visit.

Our view of the Revelstoke Canyon Dam reminded us of our travels in the Saguenay region in Quebec where hydroelectric power and dams were so prevalent. It was no wonder there were so many waterfalls in this part of British Columbia.

Sutherland Falls In Blanket Creek Provincial Park

From the dam, we turned around and headed south on BC Highway 23. We drove through rain showers but that did not deter our search for waterfalls in Revelstoke. When we saw the sign for Blanket Creek Provincial Park we pulled in and followed the park road to the bottom. We saw the fast flowing waters of Blanket Creek.

Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

There was a sign that pointed to the Sutherland Falls and a 5 minute walk. The broad path went up a gentle slope. We found a viewing deck and got our first view of Sutherland Falls. We again climbed over the rocks for a closer look at this beautiful waterfall.

Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls.jpg
Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls.jpg
Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

When we left Blanket Creek Provincial Park we went back over the bridge over Blanket Creek on BC Highway 23 and stopped in a large cleared area. We saw a sign that pointed to Blanket Canyon. We figured this was the spot to hike to the top of the Sutherland Falls. But we had our Sutherland Falls views for the day.

Blanket Creek Park Sutherland Falls Alternate Path.jpg

Panoramic Views Of The Columbia River

Most of the highway had dense trees on either side. But every now and then we got a view of the Columbia River. When we found a clearing by a bridge, we pulled over and took in the panoramic views. Down below we saw water flowing and wondered if there were more waterfalls to chase.

Mulvehill Creek Columbia River View.jpg
Mulvehill Creek Columbia River View - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

Across the river we saw the mountains that surrounded Revelstoke. It looked like the sky was beginning to clear. This gave us hope that we might still be able to go up to the summit of Mt Revelstoke on this visit.

Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke Hiking For Begbie Falls

When we headed south on BC Highway 23 to Blanket Creek, we passed several signs for Begbie Falls. When we looked at the map, several roads and paths seemed to wind through a large area. But as we drove back, we pulled in at the dirt parking lot and found a sign and map for Begbie Falls. We heard the rushing water and knew this time we were at the top of the falls.

We wore only our running shoes. As we started down the path, we wished we had hiking boots and poles with us. This was not an easy hiking path.

Begbie Falls Path.jpg

When we heard the wild rush of water, we looked for a path and finally found a barely a beaten down path towards the water. But when we pushed through, we got a view of the water as it rushed over the fallen logs.

Begbie Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Begbie Falls.jpg
Begbie Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Begbie Falls.jpg

We kept walking down the path that led further away from the sound of water. At a meadow opening, we got a view of clear skies over the mountains. Our trip up to the summit of Mt Revelstoke became much more likely.

Begbie Falls Meadow View Mountains - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

Another View Of Begbie Falls

The path finally hit a wooden bridge over the water and we were not sure we wanted to keep going. So we turned around and began the tough hike back up.

Begbie Falls Bottom.jpg
Begbie Falls Bottom.jpg

At one point when we felt we were close to the water, David climbed through the brush for another view of the rushing waters. The water was at a steeper angle here.

Begbie Falls Lower - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

But even with two views of the rushing water, we were still not sure if we really saw the Begbie Falls. Maybe we just did not walk far enough. What we found did not seem to match pictures we saw in advance.

Next time we will follow the roads to the bottom and look for signs to Begbie Falls. There may be more treats to discover on a search for waterfalls in Revelstoke.

A Bonus Stop At Bridal Veil Falls

We were quite excited with the waterfalls in Revelstoke that we found. But when we saw the sign for Bridal Veils falls on our drive to Vancouver after we left Revelstoke, we could not resist another waterfall stop.

The parking lot was easy to find and signs pointed to several paths that said “15 Minutes To The Falls”. We chose a path not knowing what to expect. And soon we were like billy goats climbing up a hill again. We were not quite sure who timed the 15 minutes.

Bridal Veil Falls Path.jpg
Bridal Veil Falls Path - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Bridal Veil Falls

Soon we heard the rush of water and saw a large viewing platform. We moved around for views of the falls and the downstream waters.

Bridal Veil Falls - Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Bridal Veil Falls

It was a good thing we were quick about getting our pictures. A large tour group showed up and destroyed all sense of peace. So we hiked back down and found a picnic table. A tranquil spot for a lunch break.

Some Fun Chasing Great Waterfalls In Revelstoke BC

It was great to see so many waterfalls in Revelstoke BC. We were glad we did some research in advance so we actually found the three waterfalls we set out to find. But we ran out of time to visit the Akolkolex Falls that were in a different location than we visited.

It was a treat when we then stopped at Bridal Veil Falls after we left Revelstoke.

With the mountains all around Revelstoke, we were sure there were many other waterfall sites to discover. A great reason to plan another visit. When we visited the mountains of Whistler, we found some great waterfalls to add to our list. And then found even more as we explored the Sunshine Coast. No shortage of wonderful outdoor adventures when we explored British Columbia in the Fall.

Have you chased waterfalls in Revelstoke BC? Did we miss one for our next visit?

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  1. I really wish I managed to get to Revelstoke during my Rockies trip it’s not too far away. Bridal vail looks amazing. I love your pictures btw

    • Thanks for your comments on the photos! We only had one day so we were glad the weather cooperated and we get saw so many waterfalls. Watch for my other Revelstoke post coming up about our trip to the mountain and you will wish you did stop in Revelstoke!

  2. Amazing that those beautiful waterfalls aren’t even all signed out, Linda. The cascading Moses Creek Falls would be my favorite I think.

  3. What a beautiful area! I love how you mapped some out falls but also went with it too, so fun! I’m so glad you decided to stop off at Bridal Veils Falls, so stunning.

  4. I love Revelstoke! We stopped there on our way between Vancouver and Banff. We visited Bridal Veil, but none of the other falls… looks like you were way more adventurous than us LOL

  5. Love all these great falls near Revelstoke, BC. Moses Falls, Sutherland Falls and Begbie Falls are stunning!

  6. I love waterfalls. These remind me of some I have seen in upstate New York. It is making me feel nostalgic.

  7. These photos of the waterfalls are incredibly majestic. What kind of research do you do when you’re looking for waterfalls to travel to?

    • We usually search the web for waterfall sites. There are also some good hiking blogs and hiking sites that help with directions. Hubby also walks the path on Google maps so we can check out the different paths in. All help with making sure we find the sites we want.

  8. There are so many amazing wateralls in BC! I’m glad you had fun exploring and finding waterfalls during your road trip. If you ever venture further, there are amazing ones on the way from Vancover up to Whistler and Pemberton as well.

  9. Your post has got me thinking that I should plan a waterfall trip in India. The Moses Creek Waterfall is simply something out of a movie. Everything in the region looks so pristine and clean, it makes for an amazing holiday.

  10. A great tip to share about Begbie Falls – needing poles and hiking shoes. But glad to see you still ventured on the trail, and to be gifted in return the scenery must have made it all worthwhile. There is nothing like hiking in BC- to be under the towering trees is something else. I think I need to plan a west coast trip, nature is calling!

    • We did not leave home on our trip out west without the hiking poles. We did a lot of BC hiking and a lot in the rain. So the hiking poles provided a little extra safety.

  11. I love waterfalls so much and always looking for new waterfalls to visit. The Sutherland Falls might be my favorite – absolutely stunning!

  12. This looks so serene! I really get to appreciate the wilder outdoors – and in combination with creeks’n’waterfalls – it can hardly get any better. You pics illustrate the landscape’s beauty perfectly – and I love to see you both finally in one picture 😉

    • We were so glad we got to explore the outdoors around Revelstoke on our stop. We rarely take selfies (or share them) but every now and then we get one we are happy with 🙂

  13. British Columbia is delightful but so huge. I’ve been to many places when I went from Vancouver to Alaska, but the province is so big that I haven’t seen many exciting places yet. I haven’t seen waterfalls in Revelstoke. They look impressive. The surroundings are also very picturesque. I would like to visit Revelstoke Canyon Dam, Begbie Falls, etc. Great hiking trails as well.

    • I hope you do get to visit the Revelstoke area on a return trip to British Columbia. We were originally going to just stop for one night but two days gave us time to explore some of the gems in the local area. And we know there are more for a return trip!

  14. This looks like such a fun adventurous experience to make! So inspiring! thanks for sharing your view on this! keep doing the great job!

  15. All of these waterfalls look beautiful, but I think Sutherland wins as my favorite for now! We will have to see if that holds up when I am able to visit in person.

  16. I like your waterfalls found in Revelstoke, but my favorite is Sutherland Falls. But I imagine Moses Creek will look spectacular in the spring, when snow has melted, like you said. There’s a Bridal Veil Falls also in Telluride, Colorado. Beautiful!

  17. What beautiful scenery. Not one waterfall in my country, so very envious of your adventure. Hopefully, when life is a little bit more normal I will have the chance to revisit this part of the world.

  18. We’ve seen many waterfalls all around asia and these ones in Revelstoke looks just as majestic. Love the cascades of water that we can see in your photos. Would be great to do a long exposure here! A BC roadtrip is definitely in order!

    • A BC road trip is definitely well worth it. We had so many photos – including long exposures – it was hard to pick just a few to showcase the trek and the waterfalls. Hope you get to visit one day.

  19. This place looks divine. Waterfalls are a great sight and I have myself done qite a bit of them in India. With so many waterfalls around it must be truly a lovely experience. Love the scenery around Revelstoke Canyon Dam as well.

  20. Wow, that panoramic view was definitely worth it!! I absolutely love “chasing waterfalls”, and these look beaut, especially Sutherland Falls and Moses Creek. Were you able to take a dip in them, or was it too cold?

  21. What an amazing post on Revelstoke BC.I was totally mesmerized with the views of the Moses Creek, Bridal veil and Sutherland falls. A view of the Mount Revelstoke summit and the crystal clear stream of Columbia river is breathtakingly beautiful.

  22. Bridal Veil Falls look beautiful! All of these places do. Would love to see the Columbia River with the mountains in the background. Stunning!

  23. I love finding waterfalls! Moses Creek Falls looks like it would be my favorite! We really do need to explore BC more, your blog has convinced me of that for sure.

  24. Oh my gosh! Sooo many beautiful waterfalls! I absolutely love waterfalls, love that you were able to see so many in such close proximity. The bridal veil types are always stunning! I remember seeing one in another country and I think it was the most beautiful that I’d ever seen. Maybe where we got inspiration for veils on our wedding dresses

  25. All of these waterfalls look beautiful, but I think Sutherland wins as my favorite for now! We will have to see if that holds up when I am able to visit in person.

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