L’Aquila Still Recovering

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Force Of Nature Hit But L’Aquila Still Recovering

We spent a week in Pescara on the Adriatic coast of Italy and explored the Abruzzo region with day trips. One day we headed high in the Gran Sassa mountain and park area. With map in hand we picked L’Aquila for our enroute lunch stop. We were absolutely not prepared for what we would find in L’Aquila! The sobering images of devastation would stay with us as a constant reminder of the power of the force of nature. This would hit us hard again later when we visited Pompeii!

With a little research we would have found that L’Aquila had been severely damaged by an earthquake in 2009. Five years later we found L’Aquila still recovering. Navigating by GPS or my offline map was almost impossible as they could not account for the number of streets still closed for repair or unsafe driving. We must have tried 6 different ways to get to the old town centre and to find a parking spot for lunch but we finally left defeated.

L'Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009.jpg
We both found it quite emotional to see the damage to the city. While most of the hardest hit buildings were older, we saw newer buildings standing with missing walls, the inside still showing life stopped in mid-breath.
L'Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009.jpg
L'Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009.jpg
L'Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009.jpg
L'Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009.jpg

L’Aquila still recovering after earthquake in 2009 slowly but it is still easy to see the devastation wrought by the severe earthquake. It was even sadder after doing some reading that night about this particular earthquake and learning that the death toll need not have been as high as it was!

As we travelled through the hill towns of Abruzzo we would find other buildings with what looked like earthquake damage but nothing quite as devastating as we saw in L’Aquila. It was a sobering reminder about how much Italy has endured!

Were you moved when you visited L’Aquila?  Did you see lots of other earthquake damage remaining as you toured the Abruzzo region?

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