Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

Visit La Geria, Bodega Suarez and El Grifo Wineries

Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

Enjoying Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

We booked a tour for wine tasting on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands.  On our first visit to Lanzarote, we saw much of this colourful island and got a small sample of local wines. So on this trip we wanted to enjoy more of the volcanic wines produced in Lanzarote.  This was the only tour we planned for wine tasting on our cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon with Oceania Cruises.

Our tour took us to three different wineries – La Geria, Bodega Suarez and El Grifo.  The first two wine stops were quick and we got small taste tests.  Our visit to El Grifo was much longer and we got some great samples of the the very mineral rich volcanic wines produced on Lanzarote.

A Return Visit To Lanzarote

Our bus tour guide was determined to fill every minute of our driving time to the wineries and we learned much about this Canary Island.  She reinforced that Lanzarote was largely dependant on tourism.  And the pandemic was very hard on the island.  So they were vary happy to see tourists arrive at the large airport or by cruise ship.

When David and I heard there were over 300 days of sunshine and almost no rain, we knew this was a spot for us.  On the day we visited the sky was blue.  But we did get a taste of the almost constant winds that course over the island.

Lanzarote was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993.  Our guide talked about the environment of the island as we were directed to look out the windows.  

Although the island had more than 110 volcanos, none were active.  So we could enjoy the sights without fear of eruptions on this Canary Island.  On our last visit, we explored the Timanfaya volcano that erupted in the 1730’s.  So much of the island still bore the remains of the lava flows.

Lava Fields - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
El Grifo Winery Lava

We enjoyed views of the traditional white houses in Lanzarote.  The famous artist César Manrique was largely responsible for driving a set of architectural principles that created the very characteristic look of low white houses.  He lobbied for development of “sympathetic tourism” that created this very simple aesthetic.  

White Houses - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
White Houses - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

When we hit one of the major roundabouts, the bus went around for a full circle.  We saw the fun wind chime that dominated the centre of the road. At another point we saw camel sculptures that drew visitors for camel rides.

Street Art
Street Art Camel  - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

On a tour for wine tasting on Lanzarote we saw much on the island while in transit.

A First Stop At La Geria Winery

It was evident when we entered the wine growing region.  On our first visit to Lanzarote we learned about the wine growing practice of placing the grape vine in the centre of a lava rock protected area.  The roots grew down through the layer of black ash on the surface to the soil below.  And the rock border protected the plants from the constant winds.

La Geria Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

Three large tour buses pulled up as we arrived at La Geria.  We were rushed in for a very small wine tasting of the traditional Malvasia wine. This was much drier than either of us liked.  And the red wine was not to our taste either.

Cruise Ship Bus Tours
La Geria Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
La Geria Winery Tasting
La Geria Winery Wines - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

After the wine tasting, we wandered around the property at La Geria and got a closer look at the vineyard.  On the horizon we saw the multiple colours of the volcanic hills.  On a quick look at the production facility we saw the array of stainless steel tanks used for fermentation.

La Geria Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
La Geria Winery

Our first stop wine tasting on Lanzarote had us wanting more.

Wine Tasting On Lanzarote At Bodega Suarez

We re-boarded the bus and moved just down the road to the Bodega Suarez.  While the island could not sustain sheep because of the dry climate, goats were found on the island.  So we got a sample of goat cheese that went quite well with the sweeter wine.

Suarez Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

We settled first into the tasting room for a small sample of the Malvasia white and sweeter “dulce” wines. These wines were certainly priced for easy sale!

Suarez Winery Tastings - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
Suarez Winery Tastings
Suarez Winery Wines - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

After the wine tasting we wandered around the property.  The white buildings had a very traditional design.  

Suarez Winery
Suarez Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

The first two stops wine tasting on Lanzarote were quick ones with small samples.  

A Long Stop At El Grifo Winery

The El Grifo Winery was the largest on the island and accounted for about 80% of the wine produced.  When we pulled up the Griffen logo was evident immediately.  And it was repeated around the property.

El Grifo Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
El Grifo Winery Griffen

We were a bit early for our wine tasting so we enjoyed a short time in the cactus garden.  Cactus were quite plentiful and we enjoyed the wide variety we saw.  And we even found a few very colourful flowers in bloom.

El Grifo Winery Cactus Garden - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
El Grifo Winery Cactus Garden
El Grifo Winery Cactus Garden

Our guide then took us for a walk closer to the vineyard. Unlike the traditional circular planting area, the vineyards went up the hill in straight rows.

El Grifo Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

We were also told that both grapes and other fruits trees were planted deep in the crevices of lava flows.  As we walked around the fields we got a close up look at the crevice and plant.

El Grifo Winery - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

It was interesting to start with a walk around the grounds at El Grifo Winery.  But when it was time, we headed indoors for more wine tasting in Lanzarote.

Wine Tasting at El Grifo

We walked in through a large tasting bar to a separate room for our group.  For this wine tasting someone from the shop walked us through the tasting and told us more about each wine.  We started with the traditional Malvasia white wine.  It was a much lighter taste that the ones we had earlier on our tour.

El Grifo Winery Wines - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
El Grifo Winery Wines

We then sampled a red wine and were pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was.  We were told it was a good one to serve chilled in the summer.  It did not need food to enhance its flavours. 

El Grifo Winery Wines
El Grifo Winery Wines - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

The last wine we sampled was another sweeter wine.  David made sure he did that tasting.  Although this time he found it to be a drier taste. On another table there was a bowl of crackers and some local fruit preserves.  A tasty addition to this wine tasting stop.

El Grifo Winery Wines - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

The wine tasting stop at El Grifo felt more like a traditional stop on a wine tour and a great way to experience wine tasting on Lanzarote.

The Wine Museum At El Grifo 

The last stop on our stop at El Grifo was the museum.  We wandered on our own and looked at a variety of displays.  It was interesting to see the different exhibits.  But with no commentary we did not really learn much from the museum.

El Grifo Wine Museum
El Grifo Wine Museum - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands
El Grifo Wine Museum

Our guide gathered up our group and we headed back to the bus.  We were done wine tasting on Lanzarote for this trip.

A Quick Stop At Casa Museo del Campesino

So much of the island of Lanzarote was influenced by the artist César Manrique.  His art was everywhere. The bus pulled in at Casa Museo del Campesino and we saw one of his famous pieces.  The 15 metre sculpture of ‘Fecundidad’ or ‘Fertility’ dominated the scenery.  We remembered this stop from our first visit to Lanzarote.

The sculpture was constructed in 1968 by Jésus Soto from old water tanks following Manrique’s design.  The sculpture sat on top of rocks left by the last volcanic activity.  It looked different as we moved about and saw it from different sides.

Casa Museo del Campesino Monument to Fertility - Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

On our first visit to Casa Museo del Campesino we explored more of the property and had lunch.  But this time it was just a quick stop to see the interesting sculptures.  It was fun to finish our wine tasting on Lanzarote with a look at the interesting art.

A Fun Day Wine Tasting On Lanzarote In The Canary Islands

Our day wine tasting on Lanzarote took us to three wineries – La Geria, Bodega Suarez and El Grifo.  We tried three different versions of both the traditional Malvasia dry white wine and the sweeter wine.  At El Grifo we even tasted an interesting red wine.  

We love wine tasting when we head out on our own. But when several cruise ships send large buses to the same wineries, things were more rushed and we learned less. We were glad we had a much longer and more in-depth stop at El Grifo.

We enjoyed our day as we wandered around the properties and saw the unique way that wine was grown on Lanzarote.  And the winery buildings gave us a close look at the architecture of Lanzarote.  From Lazarote we headed for a return visit to Tenerife.  We had such variety planned for this visit to the Canary Islands.

Have you been wine tasting on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands?  Did you find a new favourite wine?

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  1. A wine tasting on Lanzarote sounds like a great idea. I don’t think I’ve tried wines from this region so it’d be interesting to have a taste. The Malvasia is a variety I know in Italy but I’ve never tried the Spanish one. All the wineries are in lovely locations too.

  2. Wow, I never associated Lanzarote with wine waking! A wine tour sounds like a fabulous way to explore the island! I loved seeing your photos of the vines in the centre of a lava rock circle. What a unique way to grow them! Next time I’m in Lanzarote I’m definitely booking a wine tasting tour! Thanks for the great guide!

  3. Isn’t amazing how the grapes grow and survive in the volcanic soil? Great pictures of the vineyards, so different than what we are used to seeing.

  4. I have not been to Lanzarote yet, but to some of the other Canary Islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria, where they also have a wine growing industry and volcanic soil. I thing the Canarian wines are not so well-known because they do not produce that much. And in addition the wines are not cheap compared to Spanish wines from the mainland. You had a great day!

  5. I like Lanzarote a lot – I find it truly unique. Especially the traditional wine growing in those hollows in the lava is impressive and one of a kind. The whole scenery is like from a different planet. However, after all this enthusiasm, now comes a shocker: I didn’t like the wine we got to sample – and I’m usually a very merry wine driner. But other than that – let’s hear it for Lanzarote!

    • I have to agree that the landscape in Lanzarote does look like another planet in places. With such an interesting way to grow wine. Hope you get to try some on a return visit.

  6. Lanzarote is such a unique island. It was the first place I travelled solo, so fond memories. The way in which the vines are grown is truly unique as well. Great to hear you enjoyed it all.

  7. Gosh this was such an interesting read and I loved seeing the little semi circular beds for growing, fascinating to see! I’d love to try the traditional white wines and goats cheese, 300 days of sunshine doesn’t sound too bad either!

  8. Your article on wine tasting in Lanzarote is both informative and enticing! It was fascinating to read about your journey through the unique wineries of this colorful Canary Island. Your descriptions of La Geria, Bodega Suarez, and El Grifo paint a vivid picture of the diverse wine-tasting experiences available. The combination of volcanic wines, local goat cheese, and stunning landscapes makes for an unforgettable adventure. It’s inspiring to hear about destinations like Lanzarote that offer such unique experiences. Thanks for sharing your journey, and I’m now eager to explore the wines and wonders of Lanzarote myself.

  9. So this is Lanzarote. It is a desert? There are familiar cacti! And the vineyards Look différent there. I should visit…we have timeshare there.

  10. It is so interesting to see wine being grown in such an unusual landscape. It is funny that you mention the 300 days of sunshine. We visited in November and bore the brunt of a Saharan sand storm which coated all the lovely white buildings a grit grey, blew our shutters off and dumped a sandpit worth of debris in the pool. I feel the need to revisit, in the sun, and to sample some delightful wine along the way.

    • We were lucky on our 2 visits to Lanzarote to not get caught in a Saharan sand storm. But we did hear about those. But when the sun was shining we found so much to see and do. And some lovely wine too!

  11. I love to do wine tastings when I travel. It is fascinating to meet the locals who run the wineries. They are so passionate are about their quest. The only problem is I can never resist buying the wines to take home lol.

    • The other challenge we find is that when we find a great wine we love, we can never find it at home. So when our travel supply runs out we are always sad. But it does not stop us from booking more wine tasting tours. And the 3 on Lanzarote were great to visit.

  12. I remember the unusual way the vines are cultivated! Great to read about your experiences, woukd definitely opt for the tour rather than drinking myself so entry wine can be tasted

  13. Lanzarote looks like a different planet!! I love wine tasting and I would love to hear how different it is to grow grapes in that volcanic landscape than other places.

  14. Wow what a unique and beautiful wine region! I’ve never been there before but I love doing wine tastings when travelling. Adding this to my bucket list now! Thanks for sharing this insightful post 🙂

  15. This is such an interesting read, the landscape is extraordinary! I haven’t seen grapes grown in that way before and appreciate your descriptions of the wines they produce. It looks like a wonderful way to explore the region, thanks for the helpful guide.

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