Enjoy The Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires

Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires Argentina South America

We Enjoyed The Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires

We sure did enjoy the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.  Our evening out included a dinner and an engaging tango show in an intimate venue at the Faena Hotel.

After our Antarctica cruise we headed to Argentina. We saw a lot of the colour and culture on our tour of Buenos Aires.  There was tango dancing in the streets of the La Boca area.  And we even followed the tango steps in front of the La Ideal Coffee Shop.  So we were quite excited when we headed out for our tango evening.  An iconic experience on this visit to Argentina.  

Tango on the Street

We Definitely Wanted To See Tango In Argentina

We experienced our first tango show when we did a walking tour in Seville, Spain.   And we saw tango dancers at an Andalusian horse show in Cordoba, Spain.  We even saw tango dancers at a horse show in Casablanca in Chile.  But we wanted to see more of this beautiful artistic dance.  When we learned that the Argentine Tango originated in the streets of Buenos Aires, we knew we needed to book a tango show on our stay in Buenos Aires.

We booked our tickets to the Rojo Tango show in advance as part our tour plan for Buenos Aires with Tully Luxury Travel.  The experience included  a spectacular performance of live musicians and tango dancers with unlimited drinks.   We were picked up from the hotel and then taken back to our hotel after the show.  And we’re so glad we planned this treat on our visit.

The Faena Hotel Was A Perfect Setting

The Faena Hotel was a stunning 5 star hotel.  We only got a quick glance as we walked to the show room. The venue for the Rojo Tango Show was a small room, decorated as a cabaret of the 1900s.  This small venue made it feel more like an exclusive screening than a public show.  

Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel

Our ticket included dinner so we were seated early at a table right at the edge of the stage.  Not only did we have a very close view of the stage but it was soon clear that the dancers used the entire room as their stage.  We got a close-up look at the elaborate costumes as the dancers swirled around the floor.  It looked like there was no bad seat in the house. 

The Faena Hotel was a perfect spot to enjoy the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.

Delicious Food And Drink

Our ticket included dinner.  We had 3 choices for the starter, main course and dessert.  I started with the most creamy buffalo burrata and had grilled loin for my main.  While David stuck with seafood.  He started with octopus and had the most tender salmon for his dinner.  We had to sample the dark chocolate and the dulce de leche flan for dessert.

An open bar was also included with our ticket.  We had champagne to start and a good Malbec Reserve with our dinner.

At dinner shows the meal often leaves something to be desired.  We sort of expected “wedding chicken” for our food.  But the food and drink at the show was amazing.  It might have been the best meal we had on our visit to South America this trip!

Great food and drink sure let us enjoy the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.

The Tango Show

At the back of the room was a band that played through night.  We were entertained with tango hits from throughout the past century.  There was a host and hostess who entertained us with dancing and classical songs.  

Band - Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Hosts - Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires Argentina South America

As we watched the history of tango in Argentina unfolded. The tango numbers were performed by ten professional tango dancers. The routines started in the 1920s when tango began.  

Each dance routine changed the dancing, music and costumes.  Routines moved through Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango era.  We saw the addition of elements of jazz.  The modern tango showed more evolution.

Dancers - Rojo Tango Show In Buenos Aires Argentina South America

We were spellbound throughout the performances and cheered with the crowd when the tango dancers took their final bow.  It was an amazing night out.  We were definitely glad we got the opportunity to enjoy the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.


A Fun Evening Out To Enjoy The Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires

We had a really fun evening out and enjoyed the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.  The intimate tango show gave us a historic tour of tango with impressive choreography, dazzling costumes and great music.  The show and the dinner were so much better than we expected.  It was the perfect way to finish our stay in Buenos Aires.

Did you get a chance to enjoy the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires?  Or did you do a tango show somewhere else?

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  1. I would love to see a tango show in Buenos Aires. This one looks so authentic and the dancers look incredible. The hotel was a perfect setting and your meal included sounded really delicious. I’d love to see it one day.

  2. This looks like a really fancy show. When I was in Buenos Aires, I went to the Cafe Tortoni where there was an intimate Tango show in a backroom. This way, I was almost sitting on the stage 😉 It was truly beautiful and felt very authentic, yet, it wasn’t as posh as the Rojo Tango. By the way, I like the dancers in the blue shirts’n’shorts best – can you get me an autograph? 😀

    • We were worried this would be a much less intimate gathering but we had seats at the front and the dancers were almost on our laps. Bt I will have to try the Cafe Tortoni the next time. Such envy as I watch the dancers.

  3. I don’t remember the name of the place we saw Tango…It wasn’t as fancy as this…but still such an amazing show. The athleticism is pretty astonishing. Thanks for sharing this great experience. And I totally think you and your hubs look the part!

    • We love to try new things … even if just for fun. Dancing is always one of those things! Especially when compared to the amazing tango dancing we saw at the Rojo Tango Show in Buenos Aires.

  4. The Tango always makes me think how exotic it is. What a great way to see masters of this amazing dance style. Definitely on my list of places to visit when we get to head to Buenos Aires

  5. Spell binding pictures of the dance performance and I can just imagine how it all must have looked actually. Very graceful poses of the dancers and you have captured it really well.

  6. Great experience! Just a curious fact: there was a carpet with just the same tango steps cheme in my hotel room in Buenos Aires. Whenevar I tried to foolow the steps, I ended up with my legs tangled in an imposible to continue pose :). You must have had a great time!

  7. A Tango Show would be one of the things I would like to experience on a visit to Buenos Aires. I guess there are numerous shows to choose from and it is difficult to decide which one is worth the money. Your post helps a lot in this regard. It seems the Rojo Tango show is very well organized, has a good show and tasty food!

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