Many Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days

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There Were So Many Things To Do In Seville

We found so many things to do in Seville for 4 days. It was our first stop in Spain after 4 weeks touring Portugal. We really liked this beautiful city and crammed a lot into busy days.

On our first day we wandered in the tranquil Maria Luisa Park. We were stunned when we found the Plaza de Espana. The next day we walked around historic old town Seville in the Santa Cruz area. Both the Seville Cathedral and Alcazar Palace Complex were massive and beautiful sites.

One day we took a trip across the Guadalquivir River took us to the Triana neighborhood. This was the area where flamenco originated. And also where amazing tile art was created. This was a preview for our awesome walking tour for tapas and a flamenco show.

It was a great 4 days in Seville as we explored the many things to see and do.

Travelling From Portugal to Seville

We could travel between Lisbon and Seville by train, bus or airplane. Both the bus and train options went down to the Algarve area in Portugal before heading to Seville. If we took the bus, we actually needed to walk across the border and pick up a second bus. Either the bus or train were a great choice if we left after we visited the Algarve area.

A quick Google search suggested that flying was quick and cheap. While the flight was short, we got into Seville after midnight. So it was certainly not a convenient flight.

We were generally happy with the cost of the flights we booked as we travelled in Portugal. But this TAP Portugal flight may have been the most expensive flight per minute we ever took. And that included our First Class trip between Dubai and Toronto! Certainly a much higher cost per mile or per minute than our TAP Portugal flight home to Toronto!

This flight was operated by White Airlines and was apparently considered a super discount flight. The base cost was not cheap. But by the time we added in baggage, our flight cost almost doubled. We were very happy our next stop in Cordoba was by train!

Several flights all landed around midnight. But there were no taxis and a very, very long line of people waiting. The first few taxis that finally arrived must have sent out an alert. About 30 minutes after we got in the taxi line, we finally got our cab. It was not a great start to our visit to Seville for 4 days!

Getting Around Seville

The NH Collection Seville Hotel was advised of our very late arrival and we were quickly settled into our room. The hotel was located out of the older part of the city. So we travelled to see any of the sights. On some days we walked. But on most days in Seville for 4 days we used the great public transit system.

The San Bernardo transportation hub was a short walk from our hotel. Buses, the tram and the subway (“Metro”) were there. We used both the tram and subway when we went sightseeing. The tram took us to many of the tourist stops in the old part of Seville.

Trams Around Town - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

When we travelled in Portugal for 4 weeks, we found the cabs were very cheap. We never hesitated to grab a cab. But our cab from the Seville airport was probably the most expensive cab we took on our 10 weeks travelling in Portugal and Spain. There was a high airport pickup charge and we figured there was a premium for after midnight. And often we were charged for every bag and not just the large checked bags.

After the hills of Portugal, we found Seville to be very flat and easy to walk. And it was a great city to rent bikes. Or to grab a pedicab! In early June, the temperature was already 36℃ (97℉). It as a good thing that there were lots of tree-lined streets and parks to cool down as we walked. And if we wanted a more romantic trip, there were horse and carriage rides at most of the major tourist stops.

Pedi cab Around Town.jpg

Horse and Carriage Around Town - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Enjoy All Seville Has To Offer

As we wandered around Seville, our eyes were constantly drawn to the art in the city. We saw colourful murals of iconic Spanish scenes.

Colourful Art.jpg

Colourful Art.jpg

Colourful Art.jpg

The architecture was detailed and decorated. Statues adorned the many town squares and small parks. Every walk to took was slow as we constantly were distracted by a new sight.

Decorative Buildings Plaza del Cabildo.jpg

Decorative Buildings Tile.jpg

Statues Archivo General de Indias - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Statues in Squares.jpg

We wandered on our own in Seville. But we found many options for tours in the city. There were boat tours along the Guadalquivir River for a view of many of the historic sights of Seville. We even passed on our normal tour on the hop-on-hop-off bus. Although on the really hot days, an air conditioned bus would have been nice.

Triana River View Torre del Oro - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Bus Tour.jpg

As we wandered the city, we enjoyed the local things to do in Seville for 4 days.

Wander In the Maria Luisa Park

It was an easy walk from our hotel to the Maria Luisa Park. We found a massive series of gardens in bloom. The paths seemed to go on forever out to the riverfront. There were fountains, ponds, benches and statues to be found. It was a lovely green space.

Maria Luisa Park Fountain - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Maria Luisa Park Fountain Pond.jpg

The Pabellon Mudejay building was a great find when we first entered the park. It was our first view of the stunning architecture we found in Seville.

Maria Luisa Park Pabellon Mudejay - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Maria Luisa Park Pabellon Mudejay.jpg

We were drawn to the sound of squealing and found the Pigeon Park. Food was available for sale and a handful of food brought swarms of pigeons to the people.

Maria Luisa Park Pigeon Park Plaza de America.jpg

After we strolled through the park for hours, we finally arrived at the Plaza de Espana. This large semi-circular building with a moat left us speechless as we wandered through the site. The decorative fountain in front was used by many to cool down.

Maria Luisa Park Plaza de Espana - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Maria Luisa Park Plaza de Espana.jpg

Our day around the Maria Luisa Park was one of the relaxing things to do in Seville.

Explore Historic Old Town Seville

We did not want to miss the Santa Cruz historic old town on our 4 days in Seville. Our visit to the iconic sights started on the Guadalquivir River at the Gold Tower. From there we wandered along the water to the Maestranza Theatre and the bull ring.

Santa Cruz Torre Del Oro - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Santa Cruz Plaza de Toros Statue Glorieta Curro Romero - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Leaving the riverfront, we walked the narrow streets until we came to the Seville Cathedral. It was a massive site. On one corner was the Giralda Tower. We saw this tower high above the city from many places we stopped on our visit to Seville.

Seville Cathedrale Giralda Tower.jpg

Seville Cathedrale Puerta de San Cristobal - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Seville Cathedrale Stained Glass.jpg

We finished up our day with a visit to the Alcázar palace complex. This was another vast site. We wished we did not leave this for the end the day. The series of palaces and gardens were beautiful. Many of the old Moorish buildings reminded us of our visit to Alhambra in Granada. And then we discovered the stunning Alcazar in Córdoba!

Seville Alcazar Palace Courtyard of the Maidens - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Seville Alcazar Palace Ceiling Design - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Seville Alcazar Palace Gardens.jpg

Exploring the Santa Cruz old town areas one of the things to do in Seville that should not be missed!

Cross the Guadalquivir River To The Triana Neighbourhood

Many people never cross the Guadalquivir River to visit the Triana neighbourhood. When we strolled the streets of the Triana area, we found colour, art and decorative balconies everywhere we looked. Seville was famous for its azulejos (ceramic tiles) since Roman times. Triana was the home to Seville’s famous tile workshops and potteries. And we found beautiful tile work everywhere!

Triana Neighborhood Streets.jpg

Triana Neighborhood Streets Balconies - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Triana Neighborhood Streets Tile Art - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

We found a local market in the Triana neighbourhood. And when we crossed back across the river, there was a newer much more upscale market. Both were interesting views into the food we found in 4 days in Seville.

Triana Neighborhood Mercado.jpg

Triana Neighborhood Mercado Barranco.jpg

We were glad we crossed the Guadalquivir River to Triana. It was definitely a colourful and artistic thing to do in Seville.

Don’t Miss The Tastes and Dance of Seville

We finished up our visit to Seville for 4 days with a night food tour and flamenco show. We booked with Devour Seville for a walk through Seville. There were 3 food stops where we tried local drinks and food.

Devour Seville Flamenco and Food Tour Marcelino Vermouth - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

Devour Seville Flamenco and Food Tour Marcelino Vermouth.jpg

The flamenco show at La Casa Del Flamenco was the highlight of the evening. During our walking tour, our guide David provided us with great background on the history and traditions of flamenco. We got a great authentic flamenco performance as we finished up our Seville visit.

Devour Seville Flamenco and Food Tour Flamenco Dresses.jpg

Devour Seville Flamenco and Food Tour Flamenco Dance - Spain Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days.jpg

We were happy we planned in advance for one of the iconic things to do in Seville. The food and dance definitely gave us a good look at history and tradition.

Great Things To Do In Seville For 4 Days

We were happy we found so many things to do in Seville. It was an easy city to get around. So we crammed in everything we wanted to see and do. But we still left wanting more!

Our next stop in Spain was in Córdoba. It was an easy train trip (less than one hour). We looked forward to enjoy more of Andalusian Spain!

What would you want to do in Seville for 4 days? Was there something we missed that should be at the top of our visit next time?

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Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days Spain.jpg

Things To Do in Seville For 4 Days Spain.jpg

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  1. I am a huge art lover so I was drawn to the murals and mosaics. The painted tiles in the Triana neighborhood remind me of the Columbia restaurant in Ybor City -, Florida that used to be a Cuban cigar factory. The heavy Spanish influence is obvious.

    • There was so much beautiful art everywhere we went in Seville. That tile work in the Triana area reminded us of Portugal. A great reason to stroll slowly through Seville.

  2. I studied abroad in Cadiz and absolutely loved visiting Seville! Your post really brought me back. The architecture, food, sunshine, music… I really hope to return someday soon!

  3. It brings me back to my study abroad in Spain!! So many beautiful places around Seville that I can’t wait to experience again as an adult. The architecture is my favorite – just look at that Plaza de Espana, cathedral and Alcazar!

  4. oh my, I’m in love! I’ve just been to Santander and Bilbao when i had my travelling tour in Spain but Seville looks AMAZING. Definitely adding it on my list!

  5. I would LOVE to visit Seville one day. There is so much beautiful art and culture in Seville. I especially would enjoy a Flamenco performance, it looks like it would be a lot of fun!

    • We were sure glad we did not miss out on a Flamenco show. It was fun mixed with a food tour. And great to find flamenco dancers in the street. Such a reflection on the fun we found in Seville.

  6. Makes me want to visit there…if we could travel. You really made the most of your time there. You were able to see so much in a short period of time.

  7. You’re so lucky that you got to spend four days in Seville. We went there twice during our vacations on the coast and really loved it. However, it was summer, hence it was super-hot – we were actually hiding at the department store El Corte Ingles – just for the aircon 😀 I’d like to visit Seville either in the Spring or in Autumn when you are not literally frying there. I loved the architecture and the vibe!

    • I understand about Seville being too hot to do much touring. We were early in May and it was still really hot. But we saw enough to know we want to go back.

  8. I love the spanish architecture its so pretty and charming. And Seville has such a wonderful culture of the arts. So much to see and do

  9. I would love to visit Seville and walk around the different neighbourhoods – so beautiful – especially the old town areas

  10. Must have been a livid experience in Seville, the food, arts and architecture. The tiles in Triana area reminded me of Portugal, and the balconies look so cute! Wish I had continued onwards from Algarve to Seville, like you did 🙂

    • We were glad we made it from Portugal to Seville on that trip. It was a lovely spot to visit with so much to see and do. Maybe one day you will head back that way.

  11. I remember we went to Sevilla for a day trip from Portugal, but it was so many years ago 🙂 I would love to go back, and stay in the city for a few days to get the feel of it. The only thing I remember is the cathedral and we were nearly robed 🙂

    • A day trip to Seville would be a great taste test. But we were glad we had several days to enjoy all the sights. Never good when you are robbed in a city. Makes you Leary to head back.

  12. I’m going to Spain in three weeks – and Seville will be my third stop. After having read your post, I’m looking even more forward to my stay. I already got a ticket for the Alcazar – guess what: I got it for free since in the afternoon on Mondays, there’s no admission. Guess not many people know…. I’ll also add this Setas construction – it looks really cool. Have you visited?

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