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An Easy Day With A Quick Tour Of Stockholm

We were ready for an easy day with a quick tour of Stockholm. We had a very busy few days at the start of our Baltic cruise. After we finished two full days in St Petersburg, we then had another long tour day in Estonia. So we planned to use the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus for a quick introduction to Stockholm. There were a few things that we wanted to see in the city and the bus served as easy transportation.

When we docked at the cruise terminal, we saw a number of large ferries. It was clear these ferries travelled the same route as we did on our tour through the Baltic countries. Maybe next time we would use the ferries for our visit.


A Great Cruise Into Stockholm

We got up very early and watched the sail in to Stockholm with Oceania Cruises. This may have been my favourite part of the day. We saw from the map that we would sail a very twisty path and be close to shore at many points.

Route Through the Islands.jpg

David flung open the curtains at 5am and urged me to get up and look at the view. This was a bit earlier than I planned to be up since it was still dark. He headed up forward to the lounge on the top deck and I tried to go back to sleep. I was unsuccessful and joined him shortly after he left.

My timing was perfect. We got a great view of the sunrise towards the stern of the ship. As we cruised along we got a great view along the side of the passages. It reminded me a little of our cruise through the inside passage up to Alaska.

Oceania Cruises Marina Sunrise.jpg

Transit Through the Islands.jpg

Oceania Cruises Marina Transit Through the Islands.jpg

It was a great spot to settle in to work on some blogs and picture editing.

Oceania Cruises Marina Transit Through the Islands.jpg

A Quick Tour of Stockholm

We had a great cruise in and the skies were clear. But when we arrived in Stockholm it was cold and cloudy. We were glad we only planned to take the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus for a quick tour of Stockholm. It was even easier when we found that the bus left right from the cruise terminal.

City Sightseeing Bus.jpg

The bus had a retractable roof but it was closed tight. We got a good view from our windows as were moved around the city. There were many things we saw that we would visit on a return trip to Stockholm.

Sights Amusement Park.jpg

Sights Building Nordiska Museet Nordic Museum.jpg

Sights Building Riddarhurset.jpg

Sights Building Riddarholmen Church Riddarholmskyrkan.jpg

We saw the City Hall as our bus went past. The spires on the building featured the golden Three Crowns. We wanted to climb the towers for a panoramic view of Stockholm. But we did not get off when we were close. By the time we finished exploring the old town, we were ready to return to the ship.

Sights Building City Hall.jpg

Walking Around Old Town

We left the bus at the Royal Palace in the old town to explore. After we wandered around the outside of the Palace, we considered going inside for a tour.  But we already saw enough Royal Palaces on our visit to St Petersburg and again in Estonia.

Royal Palace.jpg

Royal Palace.jpg

Royal Palace.jpg

The palace guards seemed a little less disciplined that we saw in the other palaces we visited. We watched the changing of the guard when we started our cruise in Copenhagen. There was a large guard and the ceremony was formal, but nowhere near the ceremonial changing of the guard on Parliament Hill in Canada’s Capital City – Ottawa. We did not wait for the changing of the guard in Stockholm.

Royal Palace Guards.jpg

Royal Palace Guards.jpg

Royal Palace Guards.jpg

Beside the Royal Palace we found the Palace Church.

Royal Palace Church.jpg

Royal Palace Church.jpg

From there we wandered along the cobblestone streets of the old town. We found the path across the canal by the Parliament. On the other side of the bridge we admired the main square with the Opera House behind it.

Sights Parliament Building.jpg

Sights Parliament Building.jpg

Sights Parliament Building.jpg

Sights Opera Building Gustav II Adolf Statue.jpg

We enjoyed wandering around in town on our quick tour of Stockholm.

A Short Visit In Stockholm

We started our day in Stockholm very early as we cruised in. It was a sight not to be missed. When we did the return trip at the end of the day, the skies were grey and the view was not as nice.

A quick tour of Stockholm by bus gave us a general sense of this town. The cold grey day did not inspire me to get out and wander around. We were sure it was a lovely town to visit and explore. But that will need to wait for a return visit. On this Baltic cruise with back-to-back stops, sometimes we needed to pick our down days.

Our next planned stop was in Visby, Sweden. We had a tour planned to see a more rural view of Sweden. Unfortunately the seas were too rough and that port was cancelled. It definitely meant that we will need to plan a return to Sweden! Our next port took us to Germany.

Have you done a quick tour of Stockholm or did you enjoy a longer stay? What would you say we should go back for?

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Quick Tour Of Stockholm Sweden.jpg

Quick Tour Of Stockholm Sweden.jpg

Quick Tour Of Stockholm Sweden.jpg

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  1. Stockholm has been on my list. I was supposed to travel to Stockholm couple of years ago but unfortunately the trip did not happen. The city has so much to offer. I hope to be there for a few days and explore the city, mainly by walk. I also like the Hop on and off buses as they are a quick way to get around.

  2. What a lovely post on cruising across Stockholm. The heritage buildings look majestic and the view of your editing seat is stunning :-).It’s on my bucket list seriously.

  3. I love Sweden, but have never been to Stockholm. I love the understated nature of Swedish architecture – still detailed, but not as pompous as it can be in Europe. You’ll have to go back to enjoy Visby next time!

  4. I haven’t been to any of the Nordic countries yet, but they are definitely on my radar. I love seeing the architecture, both the similarities and differences to other European countries. The opportunity to visit it while cruising gives you a bit of a taste- to know whether or not you want to return and stay a little longer. It’s good to know Sweden falls into that category.

  5. What a great idea to do the bus on a grey day. Sounds like the tour piqued your interest and now you have lots to do when you return. The photos from the cruise in are gorgeous!

  6. I have been to Stockholm several times and find it to be the most beautiful capital in Scandinavia. On my ferry trips from Riga, Latvia, to the city, I was surprised to see outstanding views of the Stockholm archipelago. Your beautiful photos remind me how beautiful the Swedish capital is!

  7. You did a lot in your short visit to Stockholm! The Vasa museum and Djurgarden are worth visiting too. It’s a pity you missed Visby. I think we all need to do a second visit of all the lovely cities to check out the things we missed. Love that image of your laptop – working while on a cruise! 🙂

    • We do love to cruise and just get an idea of places we might like to re-visit. But so many get put on that list! We definitely want to go back and spend more time in this area.

  8. Stockholm has been on my list. I was about to travel to Stockholm in 2019 but unfortunately the trip did not happen due to covid issues. The city has so much to offer and see. I wish to be there for a few days and explore the city by walk and explore the places, pubs and streets.

  9. A trip to St Petersburg, Sweden and Copenhagen would be amazing. Stockholm appears gorgeous. A hop on-hop off bus seems the perfect way to see many things quickly when you have a short cruise stop. That is for sharing your awesome pics!

  10. Yes, you got a general sense of Stockholm. We stayed two days and got to see more, came from Helsinki, and then moved to Oslo,.and picked up the cruise ship to Copenhagen, Iceland, and Scotland.

  11. Stockholm looks like a dream. I like how you are able to walk to see many of the attractions because I love staying active while vacationing. The city really seems as if it has a lot to offer and do!

  12. I’d love to visit stockholm and see all this architecture and the islands. The hop on hop tour buses are such a fantastic way to be introduced to a city. I hope you get to go back and explore here and visby.

  13. You still managed to see some great sights in Stockholm, even though it was a short trip. I haven’t been there on a cruise, but a long weekend for me is enough to see the sights and to get a feel of the city. A bus tour is a great way if you only have a short time!

  14. This looks like a great day! It can be a lot, but you still can cram in a ton if you hustle. I’m glad you were able to experience so many things here. I’ve always wanted to go to Stockholm. One day we will get there… a cruise like this might be just the ticket!

  15. Nice beautiful architecture. This is such an awesome quick way to get a feel of Stockholm. That sunset looks majestic! Traveling by cruise is next on my agenda!

  16. This refreshed our memories of Stockholm. We had spent 3 days there and it turned out to be such a memorable trip. We too love to use hop-on-hop-off buses in every new city to get a good feel first before hopping off at some of the must visit landmarks.

  17. You certainly made the most of your day stopover in one of the most beautiful and historic capitals in Scandinavia. Having spent a week, your post brought back nice memories. ?

  18. I would love to cruise around Europe and stop at many different ports and cities! Great that you got up early to see the sunrise – weather can be rather fickle and makes a place very different. It can also change your experience too. Love the old town beauty of Stockholm

  19. What a great way to start your day in Stockholm, sunrises are so special, particularly when travelling. The Hop-on & off buses can be a great way of seeing a lot in a short period of time but I completely get why the weather didn’t encourage you to get off! I spent a few days in Stockholm a couple of years ago for the Christmas markets. My main memory is how cold it was (in November) but I was lucky to see the blue skies along with the cold & it was beautiful.

  20. Thanks to hop-on-hop-off buses. It was easy for you to appreciate the beautiful structures without the need to get down. It looks like everything nice is on a walking distance. But yes, maybe you are meant to come back and get to know Stockholm in another level next time.

  21. This was a great overall view of Stockholm and gave me an idea of what to expect if I should ever travel there. I particularly liked the architecture but I guess everything would have looked even better on a good day.

  22. We’ve been to Stockholm several times and enjoyed it very much. If you return you must visit Gamla Stan (wander around the narrow medieval streets away from the main tourist squares), the Vasa Museum, and take a Thousand Islands cruise. All three were highlights for us.

    • We did love the cruise into Stockholm and can imagine how lovely a cruise around the islands would be. We definitely needed more time on our visit. Thanks for the suggestions.

  23. I skipped Stockholm on my last Sweden road trip, although I know the city is worth visiting. But we left them for the next visit because we were traveling in a camper and avoided parking problems. For sure I would love to see the impressive Royal Palace and famous Opera House. I will consider some of the Baltic cruises from Poland for my next visit, as it’s a perfect idea for sightseeing!

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