Walk The Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany

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Wandering In The Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany

We arrived very early in the morning in the small fishing village of Warnumunde on our visit with Oceania Cruises. There were many tours going from this port into Berlin. It was a 3 hour bus ride each way. Since we planned to visit Germany for a long stay one day, we passed on the long day trip into Berlin. Instead we chose to visit the fairy tale palace at Schwerin. It was a much shorter drive and was an interesting excursion.

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The port was very busy. Large ferries came and went on a regular basis. It was a good reminder that it would be easy to hop around the Baltic by ferry if we returned to this area.

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Rostock Port Pier 7 Oceania Cruises Marina - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

The ship left port after 9pm when the tours returned from Berlin. So once we got back from our visit to Schwerin, we headed out on food and explored the fishing village of Warnemunde.

We Started With The Art Of Warnemunde

The ship was docked at Pier 7. There was a large shop and places for food and beer. We were surprised when we found a display of sand art. There were a few interesting pieces themed for Moby Dick. Not like the giant sand art show we found in the Algarve in Portugal!

Sand Sculpture Art Moby Dick Whale Fin - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Sand Sculpture Art Moby Dick Captain Ahab.jpg

Sand Sculpture Art Moby Dick Dancing.jpg

Sand Sculpture Art Moby Dick The Writer - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

We walked through the tunnel that took us to the train station. We saw our ship above the train tracks. The train was another option for a visit to Berlin from this port.

Train Station.jpg

Train Station With Oceania Cruise Marina - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

The first thing we saw when we started into town was very large bubbles that floated in the air. We found the young woman who was creating this interesting art.

Bubble Art.jpg

But we were not done with art in the fishing village of Warnemunde. Just as we entered town we found a whole mural along the outside of two buildings.

Street Art Mural.jpg

Street Art Mural - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Street Art Mural - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Walk Along the Canal

The small fishing village of Warnumunde had a canal through the centre. Ships of all sizes were docked along the canal. The streets that lined the canal had an interesting array of shops and restaurants. There were several water tours offered from here. Had we not been so late in the day, it would have been interesting to take a water tour.

Canal View - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

There was a human statue on the bridge all painted white. I knew he was there when I passed. But I was still startled when he reached out and touched me. He blew me a kiss when I squealed.

Canal View Live Statue.jpg

We found a large collection of love locks on the railings by the canals.

Canal Love Locks.jpg

Canal Love Locks.jpg

A Picturesque Town

The fishing village of Warnemunde was a very picturesque town. We walked along the cobblestone streets and admired the buildings. Many looked like gingerbread houses. Flowers were in bloom and adorned many of the buildings.

Town Houses - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Town Houses.jpg

Town Houses.jpg

Town Houses - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Like most of the Baltic towns we had visited, bicycles were a favourite way for people to get around. We also saw a segway tour going through town. This may have been an easier way to handle the cobblestone streets.

Town Houses.jpg

The Town Church

The Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde church was visible from almost everywhere in town. We walked around the outside and caught a few views of the church from many different angles.

Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde Cathedral - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde Cathedral - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

The inside of the church was much less ornamental than many of the churches we had visited on this cruise through the Baltic. The altar had interesting carved statues and was framed by simple stained glass windows.

Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde Cathedral Altar - Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde Cathedral Altar.jpg

Soft music played for the whole time we spent inside the church. When we looked up we saw the organist as she played.

Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde Cathedral Organ.jpg

We Enjoyed Our Walk In The Fishing Village of Warnenunde

We were glad that we had time to visit the little fishing village of Warnemunde after our tour to Schwerin Palace. It was a cute little town to wander around. There were lots of shops if shopping was your thing and cafes to sit and people watch.

From Warnemunde we headed back to Denmark. Our next stop was the charming small town of Skagen.

Have you done a walk in the fishing village of Warnemunde in Germany? What did we miss?

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Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

Fishing Village of Warnemunde In Germany.jpg

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  1. Good that you enjoyed your time in Warnemünde. It is funny, I never thought of Warnemünde as a fishing village, but as of a small town. Reading your post, I can see that it looks like a fishing village. Germans also go to Warnemünce for the bearby beaches. Did you have some “Fischbrötchen” (fresh buns with fish) there? They are really good in Warnemünde!

    • We are sorry we missed the Fischbrotchen on our visit. But we did try the ice cream in Warnemunde. It looked like a fishing boat to us and much of where we wandered was by the water. Although we did not get to spend time at the beach. Next time!

  2. A three-hour drive for a day trip when you’re on a cruise excursion sounds like a long way to me. I think you did right to choose something much closer. Warnemunde looks like an interesting place and sounds like it is well geared for visitors.

    • We were happy we stayed close on this port stop and just wandered Warnemunde. There was lots to see for a day trip. And happy we left Berlin for a future longer trip.

  3. Such a beautiful post on Warnemunde, Germany. The street murals and sand art featuring Moby Dick looks awesome. And the houses exactly look like gingerbread homes and the ice cream sculpture was fascinating to look at! The human statue and the colorful series of love locks was amusing too!

  4. The fishing village looks pretty directly come from fairy tales. The entire small village is beautiful that I can stay there forever. Every roads, church, even the houses are very nicely paved. I am sure you had a wonderful time at Warnemunde:)

  5. As the descendant of several generations of sailors, I am a sucker for fishing villages. I hadn’t heard of that town before, but now I want to visit.

  6. Never heard of it before. I agree this has got to be one of the most picturesque villages in Germany. The image of the captain looks so much like Captain haddock of TinTin fame. 🙂

  7. Warnumunde sounds like it was the perfect excursion choice! I have spent a lot of time in Germany but have not been to a fishing village in the country before. I love the sand art and the Moby Dick theme is a lot of fun

  8. I’m not so very fond of the eastern part of Germany, but Warnemünde – and also Rostock – is really beautiful. However, on my visit it didn’t get to see as much as you did, but because of my day job, I once stayed at a hotel on an island just off the coast at Warnemünde which was truly fabulous.
    So now you’ve experienced how beautiful Germany’s coast can be – definitely a hidden gem.

  9. What a great post. One of the things that I have always loved about Germany was their beautiful street art and art in general. I do also love the vibe of a fishing / port town. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Fishing villages are always so interesting to walk around and picturesque. I hadn’t heard of this one before so thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  11. Germany has always been on my list and Warnemunde looks like the perfect village to visit. It seems like a beautiful destination with gingerbread houses!

  12. Cool! I don’t really associate art with Germany and this gives me a different perspective about the country. I’ve never seen sand art before. The Ev Luth Kirchengemeinde church looks like an ancient castle to me!

  13. I enjoyed the walk in Warnemunde with you. It’s very picturesque with the cobblestone streets and traditional architecture. I also enjoyed the street arts and wonder why they put Moby Dick there.

  14. What a lovely area to explore! It’s not often you get to see such cool sand art as well as street art, so close together. 🙂 German villages are great aren’t they!?

  15. I think you chose right in picking Warnemunde over Berlin. We absolutely adore these little German towns with the gingerbread style architecture you saw. You get so much more culture and an authentic experience, which it looks like you were able to get in Warnemunde.

    • We were definitely glad we did not do a long day to Berlin. We got to see the Schwerin Palace and the quaint town of Warnemunde too. Such different perspectives than we would have got in Berlin.

  16. I have not heard about the Fishing Village of Warnemunde before. Moby Dick sand sculptures look fabulous! I also like the murals and canals with small boats and ships—a pretty interesting town.

  17. This is such a lovely German town. Remarkable architecture…and it is amazing how many locks of love are attached together so neatly.

  18. Love this post on Warnemunde, Germany. My favorite parts have to be the sand art of Moby Dick, it looks so cool! The houses there are so adorable, I would love to live there. Hoping to take a trip to Germany soon!

  19. Shwerin looks so beautiful! It reminds me a bit of Chambord Chateau in France, because of the shape of the roof. Warnemunde certainly does look charming, I hope to go some day.

  20. I lived in Germany for a couple of years so always enjoy reading about it. Looks like there is quite a bit to do in this village. I loved looking down the cobblestone street and imagining visiting all those shops!

  21. I love visiting small places like this & finding gems that not many people get to see. Sometimes it’s nicer as you’re not focussed on the “big mustn’t miss” tourist sites & can just enjoy being in a town like this. And that sand art is very impressive too!

  22. Warnemunde looks like a charming place to visit. I have never been there. I would love to explore more of Germany including Warnemunde someday. Thanks for sharing!

    • Our day in Germany was such an interesting contrast. In the early part of the day we enjoyed the grand and beautiful Schwerin Palace. And we finished the day with a much more local experience in Warnemunde. A perfect first look at Germany.

  23. Warnemunde looks like such a pretty town to explore! I’d love to wander the streets and admire all of the charming buildings! It is so picturesque! Thanks for the great guide!

  24. I agree with you that sometimes it’s better to avoid the long excursion bus trip and hang out local. I have found that smaller port towns give a better insight into local culture than the tourist spots promoted on excursions. Warnemunde seems to be a nice town that has catered a bit (but not too much) to the cruise traffic.

  25. Warnemünde looks so charming! I enjoyed your post and photos, they help me know what to expect when we eventually visit. I love all of the street art! Since I am married to a sailor, I am sure we will spend plenty of time looking at the boats in the canal.

  26. Warnemunde looks like such a fun, beautiful village! I am always drawn to old, beautiful churches, so that Town Church might be my favorite!

    • We indeed try to have a lot of fun when we travel. I am sure you will find some great info to help you plan your Nordic visit in the summer. A spot we really loved a lot.

  27. Looks lovely. I far prefer wandering around small towns like this than sitting on a bus for three hours for a rushed tour of Berlin. Fishing towns always have so much character. Although I hate living statues when they frighten the life out of you, lol!

  28. This cute village had so many interesting things going on. I was pretty impressed by the sand art. It’s amazing what people can create with nature. I definitely would have chose this over the 3-hour bus ride and rushed tour of Berlin.

  29. This totally sounds like my kinda weekend itinerary! I’m a sucker for seaside cities/towns as well as murals and cute little streets with shops + restaurants. Seems like I’ll definitely have to plan a trip Warnemunde soon… Although I may need to learn to bike first hahaa. Or maybe take the segway tour!

  30. It indeed sounds like a wonderful excursion. I love visiting small towns in Germany and seeing the typical architecture. Nothing better than roaming the streets stopping for a wonderful meal and soaking up the culture.

  31. I didn’t know you were to Warnemünde! But since you are those big cruisers, it makes totally sense. Isn’t it just nice? I really like the German coast which is totally underrated respectively unknown. It has such a unique vibe. For instance, these sand statue are in many German towns where there is a beach. By the way, the adjacent ‘big sister’ Rostock is a lovely, very traditional town, too.

    • Warnemunde was a great surprise. We loved our few stops along the northern coast of Germany. And will definitely plan more stops when we finally plan a longer trip in Germany.

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