A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Cadiz Spain

Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Cadiz Spain

Much To Discover On A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Cadiz In Spain

A self-guided walking tour of Cadiz gave us an amazing first glimpse of this charming Spanish coastal city.  Cadiz was on our travel wish list in Spain for some time.  This teaser certainly ensured a return visit for a longer stay.

We stopped at some lovely small coastal towns in Spain on the early part of our cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon.  And we were delighted when a stop in Cadiz was added when the cruise itinerary got changed.  Many people chose to take the day trip to Seville from Cadiz. But since we enjoyed a long visit to Seville, we were not tempted.

Since we did not pre-book another cruise excursion in Cadiz, we planned to simply walk around the Old Town.  We wandered in a big circle and saw so many of the main attractions. 

Old Town Map
Map From Oceania Cruise Display System
Walking Path
Route We Walked

Wandering The Streets Of Cadiz

Our Oceania Cruises ship sailed under the Constitution of 1812 Bridge (or La Pepa Bridge)  and entered the harbour.  It was not a busy port when we visited.  We saw only the Royal Clipper of Star Clippers at one dock.  It was a lovely sight.  A sailing ship trip was definitely on our travel wish list for one day.

Harbour - Royal Clipper of Star Clippers

We had a long day in port and planned to see a lot on our walk to circumnavigate the old town of Cadiz.  Almost entirely surrounded by water, Cádiz was thought to be the oldest city in Europe.  This made the Old Town a real draw for us.  

Our first stop in Cadiz was the Ayuntamiento or the town hall of Cadiz’s Old Town.  We enjoyed the colourful gardens before we found the fountain with the “Cadiz A Moret” statue.  Segismundo Moret was a 19th century politician who was often referred to as the “favourite son” of the Cádiz.  In behind the fountain we saw the city hall building.

City Hall Fountain
City Hall

Heading To The Puerta de Tierra (Gates Of Earth)

We knew that the stone walls of Cadiz were among the city’s most notable features.  At one time, each wall had a corresponding gate that provided access to the city.  The Puerta de Tierra (Gates Of Earth) was the entrance between the Old Town and newer sections of Cadiz.  This used to be the only way to get into the city by land.

We plotted a route towards the Plaza de la Constitucion.  And got our first view of the Puerta de Tierra (or the Gates of Earth).

Puerta de Tierra
Puerta de Tierra

We wandered around the square and took in the Puerta de Tierra from different sides.  And looked down along the section of wall that still stood.

Puerta de Tierra
Puerta de Tierra

From the Puerta de Tierra we turned back towards Old Town and wandered along the Paseo Del Vendaval.  We got great views up and down the coastal shore of Cadiz.  Ahead on the water we got our first glimpse of Castillo de San Sebastian.

Paseo Del Vendaval
Paseo Del Vendaval

We were glad we got a glimpse of the walls of the city on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz.

A Stop At The Cathedral Of Cadiz

We continued along the Paseo Del Vendaval towards the Cathedral of Cadiz.  We got our first view of the vast site and the different architectural styles.  The design styles reflected the many varied cultural influences on the city.

Cadiz Cathedral
Cadiz Cathedral
Cadiz Cathedral
Cadiz Cathedral

We walked around to the front of the Cathedral of Cadiz and were rewarded with a quiet view as the sun sank behind the building.  We admired the architectural details on the outside.  

Cadiz Cathedral
Cadiz Cathedral

Beside the Cathedral we saw the smaller Iglesia de Santiago Apostol.  We stopped and looked at the colourful tile work at the entrance.

Iglesia De Santiago Apostol
Iglesia De Santiago Apostol

Even if we did not get inside on this visit, we were glad we stopped at the Cathedral on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz.

Much To Discover Wandering On A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Cadiz

From the Cathedral of Cadiz, we meandered our way along the streets of Old Town Cadiz.  The cobblestone streets were narrow with lots to see.  In some areas we found larger plazas with seating.  

Town Streets
Town Streets
Town Streets

Interesting buildings drew us in to admire the artistic detail.  We found small churches on many of the roads we wandered.  Each with a very different design.

Town Architecture
Town Architecture Church
Town Architecture Church Paroquia de San Lorenzo Martir
Town Architecture Church

Everywhere we looked we found art.  We stopped at statues and read the inscriptions.  And we were delighted with the colourful tile work we found all over the city.  The tile work reminded us of walks along the narrow streets of the Triana neighbourhood in Seville

Town Art
Town Tile Art
Town Tile Art

We found lots to see as we wandered on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz.

Forts, Castles And Botanical Gardens In Cadiz

We headed back towards the shore and walked along Av. Campo del Sur.  Fort San Sebastian was a medieval fortress off La Caleta beach.  The first building on this site was a chapel built by Venetians escaping the plague in the 15th century.  Two centuries later, the fortress was built on this site.  

We found the gate that took us out onto the sand and saw the causeway that went to the fort. We saw the electric lighthouse that still protected this point.  But we did not go for a tour of Fort San Sebastian on this visit.

Castillo de San Sebastian
Castillo de San Sebastian

As we continued walking along the shore, we saw the Santa Catalina Fortress.  This was the oldest fortification in Cadiz built in 1598.  At one time it was used as a prison.  As we approached we noticed the building had many odd angles.  Later we read that the fort was actually star-shaped.  We sadly had no time to explore inside.

Castillo de San Sebastian and Castillo de Santa Catalina
Castillo de Santa Catalina
Castillo de Santa Catalina
Castillo de Santa Catalina

From the forts on the waterfront we moved to the Parque Genoves.  This botanical garden contained more than 100 different species of trees and shrubs.  Throughout the park we found various sculptures.

Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin
Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin
Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin Statue

We were drawn to the grotto with the waterfall and walked around it.  A stone stairway took us on top.  It was a tranquil spot for a rest before we headed back to our ship.

Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin Fountain
Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin Fountain
Parque Genoves Botanical Jardin Fountain

We loved the variety we found in the forts, castles and gardens on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz.

Wandering Back To The Ship

On our route back to the ship, we found more interesting sights that needed more exploration on a return visit.  We stopped in the Plaza Fragile and admired the Gran Teatro Falla.  The Moorish influence in the architecture of Cadiz reminded us of the amazing sights in Cordoba.

Town Architecture Gran Teatro Falla

We passed by the Torre Tavira.  It would have been great to go to the top of the tower for a view out over the Old Town of Cadiz.

Torre Tavira

When we entered the Plaza de San Antonio we found a massive town square.  And yet another of the churches of Cadiz.

Plaza de San Antonio
Plaza de San Antonio Church

We passed by so many of the great spots to visit on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz.  

Much To See On A Self-Guided Walking Tour Of Cadiz In Spain

We saw a lot of the city on our self-guided walking tour of Cadiz but it was merely a tease.  Cruise ship stops were often a way to get a first look at a new spot.  It was wonderful to have a full day to wander.  But our quick visit put Cadiz on the list of places in Spain we wanted to re-visit one day.  

Did you do a self-guided walking tour of Cadiz in Spain?  Was there another key site we missed as we wandered?

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  1. What a beautiful little city. And no tourists! (What a relief. Rome, for example, was very disheartening in 2010 after my previous experience in the 1970’s). Thank you for this unexpected adventure.

  2. You managed to see a lot on your walk in Cadiz. The cathedral is stunning and very different from what I was expecting. The park looks wonderful and you clearly came on a good day. It seems quite empty when you were there. Or was it early in the morning? I’d like to visit, it looks like a pretty coastal city.

  3. This is one of my favourite cities in southern Spain and it’s definitely worth doing a self-guided tour so you can see everything at your own pace and find some hidden gems along the way.

    • Cadiz was a great spot for walking the Old Town. So much to see on a slow wander. Hope you do get to visit. It took us awhile but we were glad we got our first view.

  4. The seaside walk was absolutely gorgeous! It made me want to plan a trip and reminded me of a couple of smaller Greek towns we visited in 2010!

  5. I loved your post since I am traveling to Andalucia this Summer! I definitely have to think about adding Cadiz to our road-trip.

  6. Waaa – Cadiz is one of my favorite cities in Spain – if not the favorite. The old town is so beautiful and pleasant to walk. I love the greeneries alongside the waters. In combination with this fantastic endless beach – how can you not love Cadiz?! Last time, I spent three days and I was very sad leaving. Cadiz is definitely a place I will return to.

    • One day was definitely not enough when we visited Cadiz. We saw a lot on our walk but it was a teaser to go back and explore more. I can see why this is a favourite of yours.

  7. To be on a cruise and then to get a day to walk around, it sounds like a dreamy holiday. Also, Cadiz has such marvellous buildings. The architecture looks stuuning. The fort along the shore and the town square are awesome places to spend some time. Only when I have started exploring my native city, Delhi, through self-guided walks do I value Google Maps and the GPS as well.

    • We love to just wander and see what we find along the way. It is great to find a mix of the more popular sights and local gems too. We need to do this more at home in Toronto. I am sure you will find some interesting new treats wandering in Delhi.

  8. This is something I love and hate about cruises at the same time. I love getting a “preview” of a place but its way too short a time when coming across an interesting city or town. Cadiz is a place that I would love to visit and take your itinerary to plan with.

  9. Oh my, this is such a timely travel guide! We’re headed to Seville this summer and were planning on making a day trip out to Cadiz during our week there. We ‘re very active people and we love to walk so this walking tour is much appreciated. We’ll save it for our trip this summer!!

  10. Cadiz is a stunning seaside city with fantastic architecture and views. I remember very well the few days I spent there—an excellent guide to the city’s most exciting attractions. I also can recommend taking a self-guided walking tour. Most of all, I love the Old Town and wandering along the Paseo Del Vendaval. The view of the Cathedral Of Cadiz on the shore is my favorite.

  11. What a charming city! I like the idea of a walking tour because you can see more of Cadiz’s splendor. You found a number of attractions while exploring and got to experience their beauty firsthand. There are many stunning architectural designs, but my personal favorite is the Cathedral of Cadiz. Wandering the plaza also seems like a pleasure.

    • We had a few things on our list when we headed out on our walk. And we’re glad we got to see the Cadiz Cathedral. But were surprised at how much we found in Old Town.

  12. Cadiz is one of my favourite cities in the South of Spain. I lived on Costa del Sol for a year and I always thought Cadiz was a little hidden gem. One of my favourite places in town was the fish market, together with La Vina neighbourhood. They are both so vibrant and full of life. You definitely don’t need a special tour to see Cadiz, walking around you will discover plenty of amazing places. The Cathedral is pretty special, especially that it faces the sea.

  13. I have been to Cadiz more than 10 years ago and I loved to read your post and see all these wonderful pictures. Thank you very much for making me go back in time. Cadiz is a beautiful town!

    • I am happy to take you back to Cadiz and refresh your memories. Cadiz was on our list for a long time so we were glad we finally got a first taste test of this beautiful town.

  14. I’m a bit directionally challenged so love walking tours! This is a perfect self-guided walking tour of Cadiz, Spain when I visit. So beautiful!

    • We sort of followed the water around for most of it and then weaved a route through the centre to get back to the start. A great way to discover this beautiful city.

  15. This is a town in Spain. I’ve always wanted to visit. Your post makes me feel like I have. What a beautiful little town.

  16. Wow! This is all great information and you got to see so much here. I love cruising because you really do get a great taste of a place in a short amount of time. I’d love to visit after reading this!

  17. A delightful reminder of our recent visit to Cadiz. Such a special place – great photos!!

  18. This guide to Cadiz is wonderfully detailed thank you! I never thought to come to this city but these pictures are beautiful! Now i’m wondering why it hasn’t been on my list sooner. I feel like with cruises you get to experience so many wonderful places quickly but do you ever feel rushed to leave the city before exploring everything it has to offer? I’ve never done a cruise but am considering one!

    • We had Cadiz on our radar for some time but never managed to visit. So when our ports were changed on our cruise, we were so excited to get our first taste of this beautiful city. Definitely one that needs more time to explore.

  19. Cadiz looks so lovely! I love the gothic architecture. And that botanical garden looks so interesting! I haven’t been to Spain yet but Cadiz is definitely on the list.

  20. I love self-guided walking tours as you could just wander around a beautiful street which is probably not even in our route and find something interesting. Cadiz seems to be a very beautiful place and the architecture is quite stunning. I loved your detailed guide and I would surely refer to it when I visit.

  21. I’ve only been to Spain once and hope to go back to see more places like this. I love the look of The Botanical Garden and the groomed shrubbery. Charming!

    • There are so many great spots to visit in Spain it is hard to know where to go. But we were glad we finally made it to Cadiz for a short visit. Lots more to see one day!

  22. Stunning photos..the water is so blue! I agree that walking in a new place- esp a city- is the best way to get a true feel for the culture.., The Gardens of Earth would be at the top of my list…

  23. That is always the MOST refreshing feeling when you pull into a cruise port and it isn’t flogged with a lot of other ships. I’m also a big fan of skipping out on excursions and leaving time for exploration, especially when the town is as cute as Cadiz! I personally would love it because of all of the art you found. The buildings are also lovely as are the stone streets. It seems like it’s the best of both worlds with having the sea and all that an urban environment offers. What a great stop — and you did it all on your own!

    • We too like to mix up our cruise port stops. We wanted to see Cadiz and it made no sense to do it on a tour when it was so easy to do a self-guided walking route. A great city to wander.

  24. I’m glad to read about Cadiz here. I hadn’t heard of this place earlier, so that’s super useful. It looks like a non-touristy version of Seville. Atleast I really wouldn’t miss to go here on a day trip from Seville. Oldest city in Europe? Now, I’m intrigued, as a history buff. The view of the coastal shore from Paseo Del Vendaval is just impeccable. The design enthusiast is me is quite amused by the mix of various architecture styles at the Cathedral. The medieval castle with the view of sea is just fantastic.

  25. Thank you for this great guided tour and photos. I hope to use your information when we cruise to Cadiz in September. I love to walk but one knee is bad and I can’t easily do hills. Was your walk relatively flat?

    • I am glad to share our great discoveries in Cadiz. A great port town for heading out on your own. As I recall, it was pretty flat to walk all around the city. And there were lots of spots to stop and rest.

  26. thanks for your response. I am very excited now about this port. Do you know how many miles you walked to go all around?

    • Our walk around all of Cadiz was about 5.5 miles. There were opportunities to head back to the port earlier if we wanted. Cadiz was a lovely spot to wander. And cafes to stop. Hope you have a great trip.

      • Thank you. Five miles with stops to eat, view and absorb the beauty is doable in a cruise port day. I will be taking a look at your other trip reports because you seem to do what we like to do.

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