A Short Visit To Milan Italy

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Finishing Our Central Europe Trip With A Short Visit To Milan

We finished our spring trip to Central Europe with a short visit to Milan Italy. We booked a lovely pampering spot to stay and never really wanted to leave the hotel. But we could not visit Milan without sampling the food and wandering the city. And of course, we needed to see the famous Milano Duomo.

Train Ride From Geneva

After we enjoyed a few days in Geneva, we headed back to the train station for the train trip to Milan. The train ran regularly between these spots and we had several train options. We opted to pay for First Class and an assigned seat on the fast direct train. It was quiet and we worked during the 4 hour trip.

There was much to see out the train window along the way. The mountains scenes dominated as we enjoyed the last views on our visit to Switzerland. As we came south in Italy, we passed through the lake region. And high on the hills we saw the terraced vineyards. This was a region in Italy that made the rich red wines we loved.

Train View Switzerland Mountains.jpg

Train View Switzerland Mountain Fortress.jpg

Train View Italy Terraced Vineyards.jpg

Train View Italy Lake Como area.jpg

The Milan train station was the first of the interesting buildings we saw as we wandered on our short visit to Milan.

Train Station - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

We Never Wanted To Leave Our Hotel Suite

We booked our 3 night stay at the luxurious Westin Palace Milan. The great thing about Marriott loyalty status was a great suite upgrade. And a tasty welcome amenity.

Westin Palace Milan.jpg

The suite was large and classic in design. It even had a chandelier! There was a separate seating area. But the best part was the large walk in marble steam room! It was the perfect spot to relax after we spent a busy day walking in the city.

Westin Palace Milan Suite - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Westin Palace Milan Suite Steam Room.jpg

The hotel had a large patio on top that was another spot to relax. It was no wonder we never wanted to leave our hotel on this short visit to Milan. It reminded us of the great rooftop patio views we got in Rome!

Westin Palace Milan Rooftop Patio.jpg

The Milan Duomo Was The Top Of Our List To See

The Milan Duomo was the top thing we wanted to see on this trip. This cathedral took about six centuries to build and was not completed until 1965. And we thought it took a long time to finish the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona! Our first view of the church stopped us in our tracks. It was an imposing and beautiful sight.

Doumo Outside Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

We strolled slowly around the outside. As we went, we admired the design and the intricate details we saw on the outside of this church. When we looked close, we were amused by the characters on many of the water spouts.

Doumo Outside Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Doumo Outside Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Doumo Outside Architecture.jpg

Doumo Outside Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Doumo Outside Architecture.jpg

When we looked up, we saw people on the high walkways. We were sure there would be awesome views from those vantage points. But we only enjoyed the outside of the Milan Duomo on this short visit to Milan. We wanted to plan enough time when we returned to Milan to wander the inside. We learned that we really needed a Fast Pass to avoid the lines.

Exploring The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II In The Duomo Piazza

The Milan Duomo was not the only thing to see in this area. Right beside the Duomo was the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Italy’s oldest shopping mall was a shoppers delight with expensive brand names in the stores.

Outside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Outside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.jpg

We were drawn in by the architecture. When we looked up we saw glass covered roofs, frescos and intricate designs. Floors featured colourful tile work. We were enchanted by this treat within view of the Duomo.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture.jpg

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

We were glad we made time and visited the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II on this short visit to Milan. Even if we headed home with no haute couture clothing from a shopping spree in Milan.

Other Things We Saw On Our Short Visit To Milan

From our hotel there were many public transportation options to explore further in Milan. Both trams and subways were close by. We also considered doing the Milan Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour. But in the end, we chose to wander close to our hotel on this short visit to Milan.

As we wandered in Milan, we saw many examples of interesting architecture. Statues, carvings and art decorated the buildings.

City Sights Building Art.jpg

City Sights Building Art - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

The Montanelli Garden was close to our hotel and offered a green oasis. The park was established in 1784 and as such it was the oldest city park in Milan. It was formerly known as the Giardini Pubblici and Giardini di Porta Venezia. There were small waterfalls, bridges, ponds and paths. Scattered through the garden we found an interesting variety of statues.

City Sights Cavour Piazza - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

City Sights Montanelli Garden Statue.jpg

The little we saw of Milan teased us to want to see more. It was easy to fill our time on this first visit.

Tasty Treats Around Milan

We loved Italian food and were glad we made this short stop in Italy on our way home. It was not hard to find some of our favourite treats. Great dark chocolate and real Italian coffee kept us energized as we walked the city. Of course we found authentic Italian gelato. And Aperol Spritz’s were available everywhere.

Food Capuccino Chocolate - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Food Chocolate.jpg

Food Chocolate - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Food Aperol Spritz.jpg

The local pizza shop Tantica Pizzeria Da Michele was a short walk from the hotel. The wood fired pizza oven produced the perfect pizza. It was a reminder of exactly how we loved our pizza!

Food Pizzeria Tantica Da Michele - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Food Pizzeria Tantica Da Michele - Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

One night we had a nice seafood dinner at the hotel. We were happy when our heaping side plate of grilled vegetables arrived. We sure missed eating vegetables as we travelled in Central Europe for the spring. It was time to load up again!

Food Vegetables.jpg

On our short visit to Milan, we found some of our favourite Italian foods.

Our Last Stop In Central Europe Was A Short Visit To Milan

We enjoyed our short visit to Milan. We were tempted to never leave our pampering hotel spot. But we sampled some of our favourite Italian foods and wandered the area close to our hotel. We were happy we got a first look at the stunning Milan Duomo. But knew we needed far more time there on a return visit.

It was great to get a small taste of Milan on this trip to Central Europe. Milan was a direct flight from home in Toronto so we knew we would be back. We had a long list of things for a return trip.

What did you do on your first short visit to Milan? What should be top of our list when we return?

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Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

Short Visit To Milan Italy.jpg

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  1. Great photos. The architecture in Italy always amazes me. However, the food photos were really amazing! I am craving Italian food now!

  2. Milan is such a beautiful city to walk around, and there’s a lot to see as well. Your hotel suite looks so nice to stay in – I wouldn’t want to leave either!

  3. Milan looks like such a beautiful city! I’d love to visit one day! Milan Duomo looks stunning! What a beautiful place! I hope I get an opportunity to visit! Thanks for the great guide!

  4. I haven’t been to Milan yet but it looks amazing. Such great architecture and really pretty. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is lovely, so much detail. I have to say the food looks spectacular though, even that half pizza looks massive. I could really enjoy dining in Milan

  5. I’ve been to Milan twice and still feel I haven’t seen it all. Loved the Duomo and the Last Supper. Excellent food and Lake Como too. Can’t wait to go back.

  6. We did a short stay in Milan but our hotel was not quite as nice as yours 😉 I would have wanted to stay in all day too!

    • We too love to pamper ourselves at the end of a trip and just unwind before we headed home. This was a great treat. But we were glad we got out and saw some of the great sights.

  7. That Italian architecture is just wow! But then again I wouldn’t want to leave my hotel room either when it is so beautiful. However seeing all those lovely foods I would definitely have to have some sustenance after all the walking I would do!

  8. I miss visiting Italy. I was due to be visiting Milan this year and there may still be time, but your post makes me more determined to find a way. I haven’t been for so many years and want to experience it on my own and to wander and take it all in.

  9. Yikes I am going to have to bring my stretchy pants when I finally return to Milan with all those amazing places to eat. I havent been to Milan since 1999 so I barely remember my trip but Darcee really wants to go see the Duomo and loves all the leather shops they have and are known for. Perhaps if I book a night in the Westin Palace Milan I can convince her to just have a romantic stay in the room rather than spending all our money shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (haha!)

    • It would be hard to resist shipping in Milan. Even with a great luxury stay. I hope you get to visit and see more of the Duomo than we did. But it is a treasure waiting for us to explore more when we get back one day.

  10. I can see why you did not want to leave your hotel suite, it looks so royal! I have not been to Milan yet, could not make it there on my last (and only) trip to Italy because I just did not have enough time. However, I also felt there was not a lot to do and see, except the Duomo which looks stunning, so probably I will spend a day next time I’m in the country, and I feel that would be enough!

  11. Love Marriott status!! But those Milan food options would have dragged me out of the hotel. I see what you mean about the Duomo – absolutely stunning! But how did you get any work done on the train with all that impressive scenery?? Thanks for the post.

    • Our short visit to Milan was great with food, architecture and a luxury stay too. We tried to balance them all. But it was the end of a long trip so we did not try to do too much.

  12. We wanted to visit Milan twice, and also flew there twice, but every time we ended up spending time in another city instead! haha… It’s good to know that one can travel there by train from Geneva, maybe next time we’ll fly to Milan, and actually visit it for a day or two, and then head over to Geneva, where we haven’t been yet! Oh and that hotel looks gorgeous! We’ll make sure to stay there too when we go to Milan!

    • We were delighted with how easy it was to move about Switzerland and Italy by train. The train trip between Milan and Geveva was perfect. Hope you do get to spend a few days in Milan.

  13. Milan is city I have never visited. Although I would love to get to Lake Como in Italy and if I go there I’ll have to stop for a visit in Milan. I visited Geneva many years ago and loved the countryside. It looks like Milan is a wonderful place to visit with some beautiful architecture.

  14. You had a great trip. Milan is a perfect city as a weekend getaway. It’s a perfect idea to take a train to this city, it’s not easy to get a parking spot in the city center, and it’s pretty expensive. I love Milan Duomo. It’s amazing architecture and color. I love this facade that looks like intricate lace. It also looks great at night. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an impressive shopping center, but not for my budget. However, I love its architecture.

    • It was hard to fit everything in on the short visit we had to Milan. But we got enough of a taste test to know there is much more to see. I did not shop either. We will see how that goes on a return visit!

  15. Wow, I’m impressed that your suite had a steam room! The 4 hour train ride sounds lovely and I can only imagine how beautiful the views were. Were the first class tickets significantly more than the regular seats?

    • I am not sure I remember if the first class tickets were that much more expensive. Certainly not the same differential as flying. But it was nice to have a quieter ride and a confirmed seat. A great way to travel around Switzerland and into Italy.

  16. Milan and the surrounding areas are places in Italy I have yet to get to. It always looks like such a wonderful city to me! Thanks so much for showing what is possible in a short visit.

    • Wow. When I visited Milan in the early ‘70s the Duomo, while quite impressive even then, was all sooty and black. How beautiful it is all cleaned up! Also loved The Last Supper and the Galleria. You bring back memories! Chloe

  17. Milan is the least Italian city I’ve visited in Italy, yet totally worth a couple of days. There are some great museums there – and not to forget the Duomo. Also, the neighborhoods around the Navigli are very cool. Yet, there are the mandolins missing 😉

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