Swimsuit Buying Hell

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Don’t Send Me To Buy A New Swimsuit!

Starting to think about packing for our upcoming trip south. Shaking out the dusty summer clothes and shoes.  Sorting out dive gear and loading the eReader with books.  Hoping that the trip south can be accomplished within the baggage limits we are paying for.

After dragging out my swimsuits, I sucked in my gut and started to see what still fit.  The one piece suit for scuba and serious swimming fit a bit like a glove but it still went into the “pack” pile.  While most people might suggest that there is no bikini that should ever go in my bag, I am determined to tan as much of my pasty white skin as I can.  But even I have limits on what is acceptable.  A few passed the test, if I didn’t look too closely.  But there was not a perfect one in the bunch.

I made the mistake of thinking that maybe I could find one just a little better.  But since I still hoped I would not be staying at my current weight, I wasn’t going to a fancy boutique. It would be Winners for me.  I should have known that was a mistake.

Fun House Mirrors Make Swimsuit Buying Hell

I am sure they swing around the fun house mirrors as soon as we head into a change room loaded with swimwear to ensure we experience swimsuit buying hell.  The yellow cast of the light makes all exposed skin look sick and the bright glare ensures that every wrinkle and cellulite bump is exposed.  While I managed to squeeze into several suits, looking in the mirror almost sent me screaming.  This was no way to sell bathing suits! Finding a couple of cover-ups for my existing bikinis covered me in case the lighting at home had been too kind.

What is your worst swimsuit buying hell story?  Have you given up bikinis?

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