Carpe Diem … Tomorrow?

Just write

Just Write

As I move into semi-retirement, I am losing my ability to hide behind work and let procrastination rule. I have been known to quote Scarlett O’Hara with a southern drawl … “After all, tomorrow is another day”. Tara may not be burning at my feet but the sand continues to fall through the hour glass.

For most of my life I could justifiably say I was “too busy” to begin some of the projects on my personal “to do” list. I started the list when I went on maternity leave thinking I was getting a 6 month vacation, not knowing how wrong I would be. Much has been added to the list over the past 21 years.

Some things have come and gone from the list … I did get my pilot’s license and flew for several years. The box for belly dancing got ticked. Reality has tempered the list, so I am more likely to purge photos than to catalogue the hundreds of thousands of images we have accumulated since the advent of digital photography. Bigger ones like moving to a condo have also come off the list and having survived a year of condo renovations, most house related tasks are gone from the list.

Plan For Retirement

If you look for articles about what people plan to do after retirement*, you will find both travel and writing a book in the top 10. Acknowledging that I am not that unique, you will find both of those on my “to do” list. Travelling has been something I have tried to do as much as possible, so the goal becomes travel more and travel for longer periods of time. We are getting better at that objective. With one writing course and decades of business writing under my belt, this blog will help me test my interest, skill and resolve at trying to write.

Enjoy the journey with me as I start to just write!!

How do you get past procrastination and just write?

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