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Your Favourite Blog Posts of 2016

December 30, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

What Were Your Favourite Blog Posts of 2016? I was surprised when I checked my blog stats for the end of the year to see what your favourite blog posts of 2016 were. When I looked at the list, it covered much of our travel around the world in 2016. […]

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More Adventures Through SE Asia

July 22, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

At 22 You Can Have Great Adventures Through SE Asia Our 22 year old son Nick was off to begin his adventures through SE Asia as soon as he got an “all clear” message from his oncologist. It had been a tough 2015 for everyone and we were all set […]

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A Week In Bali Paradise

April 17, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Leaving Australia for Bali Paradise We had enjoyed our week in Sydney, Australia and our trip to Cairns to snorkel and dive on the Great Barrier Reef. We were headed to Bali paradise to meet up with son Nick who had been our advance travel scout in SE Asia. Our […]

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The Faces of Bali

April 16, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Everywhere You Looked You Could See The Faces of Bali As we walked or drove around during the week we were in Bali, we were interested to find the faces of Bali everywhere. Whether it was statues adorning the Temples of Bali, massive artistic displays in the centre of most […]

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Temples Of Bali

April 15, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Temples of Bali Are Everywhere The majority of the population of Bali is Hindu (about 90%). As such, as you drive about Bali you can see personal Hindu temples at virtually every private home and many businesses. A Balinese Hindu temple is a “Pura”. During our week long visit to […]

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Ubud Treasures

April 14, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

A Day To Explore the Ubud Treasures We were headed to visit the Ubud treasures for the day. With a list of stops in hand, we met our driver Joni in the lobby of our home base in Jimbaran Bay. While not very far in actual mileage, this would be […]

Sunset at Uluwatu.jpg

Sunset at Uluwatu

April 13, 2016 TravelAtWill 2

Uluwatu Temple Visit We would visit many Hindu temples while we were in Bali for a week. The temple closest to our home base in Jimbaran Bay was the pagoda site at Uluwatu, guarded by playful monkeys. Sunset at Uluwatu was on most lists of things to do in Bali! […]

Day Trip to Canggu.jpg

Day Trip to Canggu

April 12, 2016 TravelAtWill 0

Be a Local On Your Day Trip To Canggu Our son Nick had arrived in Bali a few weeks before we did and found his spot with the locals. Driving his Scoopi scooter like a local, he had been moving around to various home-stays in the Canggu area and was excited […]