The Different Views Of Scottsdale

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So Many Different Views Of Scottsdale

We had an amazing stay in Sedona, Arizona. But it was a busy 4 days. So when we arrived at our next stop, we wanted the relaxing views of Scottsdale.

The calm oasis at the Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale provided a great break. But day trips gave us many different views of Scottsdale. Red rocks, cactus, flowers, vast luxury resorts and end of day viewpoints provided such a variety of perspectives on this lovely area just outside of Phoenix.

A Beautiful Relaxing Oasis View of Scottsdale

We planned to have a busy time on our fall travels to Utah and Arizona. So when we developed our itinerary, we knew we wanted a break at the end of the trip. Especially since we hit the Phoenix area on the U.S. Columbus Day weekend.

We did not want a large resort full of celebrating families. So after getting some input, we booked 3 days at the charming boutique Hermosa Inn.

The minute we walked through the tree lined paths to our casita we knew we chose well. The casita had space to spread out. And a big soaker bathtub!

Hermosa Inn.jpg

Paths wandered through a green oasis of flowers and cactus. The pool invited us to jump in as the temperatures in Scottsdale hit over 101℉ (38℃) during the day in October.

Hermosa Inn - Relaxing Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Hermosa Inn - Relaxing Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

We enjoyed many great meals without ever leaving the property. I became quite addicted to the caramel goodness of the Monkey Bread. LON’s was a four diamond restaurant that offered delicious food from breakfast to dinner.

Hermosa Inn Lons Restaurant.jpg

Hermosa Inn Lons Restaurant Monkey Bread.jpg

Even though we ventured out a bit, we needed a break at this point in our trip. But we sure enjoyed the relaxing views of Scottsdale at the Hermosa Inn.

Resort Views In Scottsdale With Travel Friends

On our visit to Arizona, we could not miss the chance to meet-up with Nirvi and Neha from the @RoadTripCouple team. We finally managed to find a date that worked while we visited Scottsdale.

On our drive to La Hacienda at Fairmont Scottsdale Princess we caught our first glimpse of the Hunter’s Moon. The Hunter’s Moon was the first full moon after a Harvest Moon. We figured it was perfect to centre a palm tree in the moon. And to catch it over the resort.

Hunters Moon - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Fairmont Princess La Hacienda Hunters Moon.jpg

We had an amazing Mexican dinner at La Hacienda. It was fun to learn more about tequila from the Tequila Goddess who tempted us with two different tequila flights. There were differences in both colours and tastes. We enjoyed the chance to learn more about Nirvi and Neha and share travel stories. It was always great to meet interesting people who shared our love of travel.

Fairmont Princess La Hacienda Tequila.jpg

We only got a small look at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort on our visit. There were also a few other resorts recommended for us to check out. We quickly saw that this was certainly the place for resort views of Scottsdale. A great reason to plan a return visit. Especially after we learned that there were easy direct flights to Phoenix from Toronto.

Red Rock Views Of Scottsdale

We saw so many amazing red rock views when we toured the Utah National Parks. They mesmerized us when we explored Page in Arizona. And then we got wowed on our stay in Sedona. But as we moved to the lower elevations, the landscape changed to a sandy colour. And filled with cactus.

But it did not take us long to see that Scottsdale had many red rock views to catch. The iconic red rock views of Scottsdale seemed to centre around Camelback Mountain. When we got close to the mountain at Echo Canyon, we saw interesting red rock. But not a distinctive shape.

Echo Mountain Camelback Mountain - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Echo Mountain Camelback Mountain.jpg

But when we drove back and from a certain angle, the large red rock structure definitely looked like a camel with a hump. We saw how the mountain got its name.

Silhouette Camelback Mountain.jpg

Silhouette Camelback Mountain.jpg

When we scouted for spots to see the Hunter’s Moon rise, we checked out the red hills at Papago Park. From there we moved over and saw the Hole in the Rock. The hole in the rock was filled with people when we visited. It reminded us very much of our visit to see the sights at Arches National Park.

Papago Park - Red Rock Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Hole In The Rock - Red Rock Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Hole In The Rock - Red Rock Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

The red rock views of Scottsdale were great to find on our visit.

Views Of Gardens And Cactus

We spent some time and drove around different areas in Scottsdale as we scouted for great locations to catch the full moon and sunset. We were intrigued with the many varieties of cactus we found. On our visit to Tucson, we learned much more about the native cactus when we visited the Seguaro National Park. The street art we found in Scottsdale blended right into the natural environment.

Cactus and Flowers - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Cactus and Flowers.jpg

Cactus and Flowers - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

But we were probably most surprised to find so many plants in bloom in October. There was colour everywhere in the gardens.

Cactus and Flowers - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

Cactus and Flower - Views Of Scottsdales.jpg

When we walked around the outside of the Phoenix Zoo, we were delighted to find a large pond surrounded by greenery. And throwing off beautiful reflections.

Phoenix Zoo Pond Reflections - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

The garden and cactus views of Scottsdale surprised us. We would love to return when the cactus are in bloom in the spring. We were sure that would be a magical sight.

Sunsets, Full Moons And City Views At Dobbins Lookout

After much searching around the Scottsdale and Phoenix area, we found the spot to watch the full moon rise. And the sun set.

We headed along Central Avenue to the park entrance for the South Mountains. The gate was closed for entry after sunset, so we were glad we got there early. Summit Road took us to the top at Dobbins Outlook (elevation 2230ft or 710m). It was another twisty mountain road. When we came down after dark, we moved very slowly around the curves.

The outlook parking lot was busy. People crawled over the old stone building at the outlook. Families and couples packed picnics and came up for the night show. Loud music and constant chatter broke what might have been a romantic spot.

Dobbins Lookout Sunset - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

We arrived just in time to catch the sunset. The sky lit up in orange and filled the sky. We were entranced with this end of day view.

Dobbins Lookout Sunset - Views Of Scottsdale.jpg

While the sun set in the west, the full Hunter’s Moon rose in the east. As the last of the sunset colours faded, we moved to find a perfect vantage point for the moonrise. We had not factored in the time it would take the moon to come up above the mountains in the distance. But we finally saw the moonlight shine as the moon rose.

Dobbins Lookout Hunters Moon.jpg

Dobbins Lookout Hunters Moon.jpg

But this was not our last views of Scottsdale for the night. We used our phones as flashlights to move over the rocks to get a view out over Phoenix. And we were rewarded as city lights sparkled and planes took off and landed at the nearby airport.

Dobbins Lookout Phoenix Night City Lights.jpg

Sunset, moonrise and night lights provided the perfect views of Scottsdale before we packed to move to our next spot in Arizona.

We Enjoyed A Relaxing Oasis In Scottsdale

We planned this stay in Arizona for the relaxing views of Scottsdale. The Hermosa Inn provided that oasis of calm we wanted. But we were not content to just relax.

On our visit we enjoyed many different views of Scottsdale. Red rock views continued to delight us. Cactus and flowers brought colour. The many resort areas of Scottsdale provided great escapes. And the views from on high provided amazing vistas of sunsets, moon rises and night city lights.

On our next stop in Tucson, we planned another pampering stay at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain. But we also had plans to get a taste of Tucson in the fall as we finished our travels in Utah and Arizona.

Did you enjoy the many different views of Scottsdale? What did we miss at this stop?

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  1. What a fantastic place to relax. My father and uncle both live in Arizona, and you definitely need access to a pool in that weather. The Monkey bread sounds great! And looks tasty, too! I can feel my hips widening just by seeing the photo. Dobbins Lookout sounds crowded, but you still got some very nice photos. I haven’t been there before – I’ll have to visit.

    • Rhonda, We did enjoy our first visit to Scottsdale. It was a great spot to relax by a pool. The Monkey Bread was indeed a tasty treat. But we limited ourselves to having it just once! Linda

  2. Arizona is one of my favorite states. I haven’t been to Scottsdale yet. But I like the oasis you recommend. It is so green and encouraging to rest. The room is so charming, too. I love stories about travelers’ meetings on the road. It is great that you met another traveling couple. I have not heard of Dobbins Lookout before, so I add it to my list for the next trip around Arizona.

    • Sorry this is late. We had a busy year and are behind in everything….We love AZ, Scottsdale is where we hang out on vacation. Looks like you just skirted the Desert Botanical Garden with its amazing collection of desert plants and art installations, including Dale Chihuly huge glass cactus sculptures and this year’s installation of giant plastic animals such as enormous white rabbits, electric blue crocodiles, and hot pink wolves popping up among the Sequaros, prickly pears and such. Hopefully you will return one day and have more time to spend an afternoon and evening there, including the idyllic outdoor restaurant Gertrude’s. Thank you so much for adding some Scottsdale features that have escaped us. There really is so much to see and do here.

      • Chloe, We definitely need to return to Scottsdale and pick up all that we missed. Dale Chihuly glass structures in the dessert would be amazing to see. Thanks for the other suggestions. Linda

  3. This looks like it was an amazing stop during your trip. The resort looks like a great property and that Carmel monkey bread sounds sooo good. Too bad hole in the rock was crowded but watching the hunters moon rise had to make up for that

  4. When we lived in Phoenix, LON’s was one of our favorite splurges! We also used to drive around Scottsdale and enjoy the beautiful xeriscapes, they really are unbeatable. I’m so glad you found those viewing spots, the photos are absolutely incredible. This brings back such great memories!

  5. Wow it gets toasty in Arizona in October! Good thing you had a beautiful pool at the Hermosa Inn. I have never been to the SW of the USA, the scenery reminds me of NW Argentina though. I love your beautiful photos of the gardens surrounded by cacti. I’m surprised too that so many colorful plants were in bloom in October. I really want to visit this region of the US!

    • Elizabeth, We loved our visit to Scottsdale. We too were surprised at how hot it was. And at the hardiness of the flowers we found on our visit. So much greener than we expected. Interesting to read that this looks like Argentina. We have a few stops in Argentina on this trip but likely won’t see the NW. Linda

  6. The Hermosa Inn looks like an absolutely beautiful place to stay! I love smaller, quiet inns so it is right up my alley. I’m surprised as well by how many flowers are blooming in October, I would have guessed it was the middle of summer by just looking at the photos. I also think you found the ideal spot to watch the sunset!

  7. I love Scottsdale! If I were to move out of California, it would be in Scottsdale, Arizona. This city is indeed a relaxing oasis with tons of good restaurants, beautiful greenbelts dotted with artificial lakes and great shopping areas. My sister lives in Scottsdale, so we go visit her about once a year. I can’t say enough good things about this place!

  8. Scottsdale looks like a good break with view of Red rocks, cactus, flowers, vast luxury resorts and it is always to see such a variety of perspectives in one place. That large red rock structure really looks like a camel with a hump and I would love to take many photos of Camelback mountain and even some perspective shots. Wow it must be really incredible to see sunset and moonrise from one point and it must be a memorable experience for you. While looking out for the sun setting in the west, and that full Hunter’s Moon rising in the east must be a beautiful sight and experience. I would love to do this trip.

  9. Its possible that Arizona is up there on my favourite state list in the USA. I was amazed at every turn on the landscapes but quickly realized how hot it can be. I have not had the pleasure to visit Scottsdale – Hermosa Inn would be where I want to stay too. The spacious room and the nature surrounding it would be many plus for me! Thanks for the read.

  10. You had me at monkey bread! I love Scottsdale especially in the summer when prices are low. Have never stayed at the Hermosa Inn, I’ll have to check it out on my next visit. What a fantastic casita!

  11. First of all – beautiful pictures. Loved the one with the reflection of the whole landscape. The place that you stayed in definitely charming and you say it had a soak tub too 😀 . The red rocks and the hole in the rock seem quite scenic and promising for a good hike .

  12. Your very first photo of the bedroom in the hotel looked awfully cosy. It sounds like Scottsdale was a break destination for you–a place in the middle of other destinations where you could take a rest for a bit. Good planning. What really hit me about the area is your photos of cacti. I’ve never seen any so massive and wow, they really decorate and accessorize the landscape. My only disappointment in this post is about the food—was it brillant?

  13. That monkey bread looks amazing! I have to get me some of that. In fact, the whole area looks amazing with the cati, red rocks and charming atmosphere. Scottsdale looks like the perfect place to relax in and have some zen time!

    • Samantha, That Monkey Bread really was a treat. We only had it once but wanted it even day. We were so pleased on our visit to Scottsdale with the variety we found. Linda

  14. I miss Arizona. I went to university in Tucson and sure do miss the desert colors, the vibrant Mexican restaurants and fantastic boutique hotels tucked into the mountains. Sounds like you got a great taste of what makes AZ so special!!

  15. It’s amazing how beautiful the desert can be. Scottsdale is one of my favorite places in Arizona, mostly for the views. I have never been to Seguaro National Park. Seems like its going to be on my list for my next visit! Those pictures really made me want to go for a hike there.

  16. We live only a half an hour from Scottsdale so we do not really go there to relax. I am so glad you found the Hermosa Inn quite right for your needs after a hectic 4 days in Sedona. Nice that you also met a traveling couple-friend and did some sights like Hole in the Rock and Dobbins’ Lookout. I know it more for the city vibe–with many fashion outlets and rows of pubs and bars–which is why we go there.

    • Carol, We were so glad we found the Hermosa Inn on the busy holiday weekend. We will have to visit for shopping and bars on a return visit. Just a few days was not enough. Linda

  17. Hermosa Inn looks to be a wonderful choice in amongst the desert city of Arizona. The rooms are cute, and I love the big soaker bath. Great that you got to see the Hunter’s Moon on your visit. Seeing the red rock views would be high up on my list, it’s cool to see what animals you see with the rock shapes. The views from Dobbins Lookout are incredible – perfect sunset experience.

  18. I’ve only been through Arizona when in the US, so Scottsdale would be an interesting stop for me. The Hermosa Inn is certainly an oasis, and so pretty too. The Red Rock views are incredible, as is the sunset from the lookout spot. I’ll add Scottsdale to the list should we visit Arizona again.

  19. Scottsdale in Arizona looks like such a nice getaway. Haven’t visited the States yet, but its going to happen soon. And am definitely going to be planning a road trip as well. So glad to read, that yu were able to meat your friends, and together have a lovely time.

  20. You have captured the different aspects and landscapes of Scottsdale beautifully. Love the pictures that bring alive the beauty of the place, especially the way you have captured the Hunters Moon is amazing. The cactus gardens and their wild beauty come alive so well. And of course the best is the Red Rock views, simply spectacular.

  21. My close friend lives in LA and when ever I go visit her, I try to go somewhere new. Scottsdale in Arizona looks and sounds so nice. I think my favourite though is Dobbins Outlook for sunset that just looks amazing, though coming down sounds a little scary but interesting.

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