So Many Things To Do In Arizona In October

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We Found Things To Do In Arizona

Our fall trip to Arizona and Utah started with the big five Utah National Parks. We continued south and found so many things to do in Arizona. Our plans for Arizona included a mix of active adventures and pampering stops. And we found we loved Arizona in October so much more than we expected. Let us show you why!

A Few Local Sites In Page, Arizona

We started our visit to Arizona just over the border with a stay in Page. Even though we lost a full day with car troubles, we tried to make the most of our visit.

The Glen Canyon Dam was a big draw. We saw it close up. And then from the many viewpoints we found in Glen Canyon National Park.

Glen Canyon Dam Page - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

When the dam was created, it formed the massive Lake Powell. We wished we had rented a houseboat to explore more of the lake. But we did have a blast at Antelope Point Marina when we rented a speedboat and travelled along the Navajo Canyon.

Lake Powell Wahweap Lookout Page - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Navajo Canyon Boating Page.jpg

Navajo Canyon Boating Page - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

A visit to see the Horseshoe Bend provided some great exercise and an amazing view. This was certainly one of the iconic sites to visit from Page. But we were sorry we missed the chance to see Antelope Canyon on this visit. This sight had limited tour spots. Just one of the few experiences we missed because we didn’t book in advance.

Horseshoe Bend Page - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Page was a great first stop. We started with a wonderful places to visit in Arizona.

The Power Of Nature In Sedona

We must admit that we were really not prepared for the beauty we found in Sedona. When we entered the Sedona Valley at sunset, the rocks shone all around us. We chased sunrises, sunsets and moon rises in Sedona. All with amazing rock structures highlighted. And we even found the most beautiful church built to blend perfectly with nature.

Hot Air Balloons Sedona Valley.jpg

Sedona Valley - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Valley - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

On our visit to Sedona, we really wanted to see the amazing sights from above. Weather and crowds defeated us when we tried to book a hot air balloon ride for sunrise. But we were delighted to take a helicopter tour with Guidance Air just before sunset. It was the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of the rocks and canyons of Sedona.

Guidance Air Helicopter Sedona Valley.jpg

Guidance Air Helicopter Sedona Valley.jpg

Guidance Air Helicopter Sedona Valley - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

We were delighted when we discovered wine regions around Sedona. Our trip to the Verde Valley for wine tasting was a great break. Stops at the DA Ranch, Javelina Leap and Chateau Tumbleweed offered interesting new varietals. And it led us to explore other wine regions around Tucson.

DA Ranch Winery Verde Valley Sedona Valley.jpg

Javelina Leap Winery Verde Valley Sedona Valley - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Chateau Tumbleweed Winery Verde Valley Sedona Valley.jpg

After our visit to Sedona, we understood why it was such a popular spot to visit. It was definitely one of the things to do in Arizona in October. Even if it was much busier than we expected it to be!

Many Views Of Scottsdale

We headed to Scottsdale after our active stops in Arizona. It was the Columbus Day long weekend, so we booked a relaxing stay at the boutique Hermosa Inn to hide from the crowds. We enjoyed this quiet oasis.

Hermosa Inn Scottsdale - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

But we ventured out and enjoyed the views of nature around Scottsdale. Red rocks still dominated. Cactus and flower views brought new colours.

Cactus and Gardens Scottsdale.jpg

Hole in the Rock Scottsdale - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

And a night excursion to Dobbins Lookout provided us with the most amazing night show. The sunset cast orange glows. Before the Hunter’s Moon rose over the mountains. And then Phoenix lit up and sparkled below us.

Dobbins Lookout Scottsdale - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Sunset Dobbins Lookout Scottsdale - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

We enjoyed the many views of Scottsdale that we found. This was a spot that provided so many things to see and do in Arizona in October.

A Pampering Stop At The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Outside Of Tucson

Our visit to Arizona ended with a splurge. We booked 6 days for a pampering stop at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain. This stunning desert resort was a great spot to relax. But Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain offered so much more to see and do.

Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Tucson - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Mixology Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Tucson.jpg

Hikes Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain Tucson.jpg

We ventured into Tucson and explored the variety of cactus and mountain views we found at the Seguaro National Park. Mount Lemmon called to us in the distance. We could not resist the chance to drive the twisty mountain road. Amazing views greeted us at every stop.

Seguaro National Park Tucson.jpg

Seguaro National Park Tucson - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Sky Island Scenic Byway Mt Lemmon Tucson.jpg

Sky Island Scenic Byway Mt Lemmon Tucson - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

When we went wine tasting in Sedona, we learned that most of the grapes came from the Willcox area of Arizona. So one day we headed in that direction. We enjoyed another view of the Arizona vineyards when we went wine tasting in Sonoita. Stops at Arizona Hops and Vines and Flying Leap Vineyards provided both wine and local spirit tastings.

Flying Leap Winery Sonoita Wine Tasting Tucson.jpg

Arizona Hops and Vines Winery Sonoita Wine Tasting Tucson - Things To Do In Arizona In October.jpg

Tucson gave us a great mix of the variety of things to do in Arizona.

We Found So Many Things To Do In Arizona In October

On our visit to Arizona in October, we found such a variety things to do and see. It was the perfect time to visit. Although it was a little busier than we expected.

We enjoyed many fun and adventurous things on our visit. There was an amazing variety of beautiful natural scenery. And we took time out to relax and be pampered. Could you ask for a better visit to Arizona?

We were so glad we extended our time on our fall trip to Utah and Arizona to see as much as we did. But we know we did not experience all of the things to do in Arizona in October. But it was a great tease for us to plan a return visit.

Did you find many things to do in Arizona in October? What should we do on our next fall visit?

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  1. I knew of a lot of these places earlier but what I did not realize is that they were all in Arizona. I guess that is what happens when you read about all these separately. I have always wanted to do the horseshoe bend and some of your earlier posts has already whetted my appetite for hiking , especially around those red rocks of Scotsdale. And who will say no to wine tasting .

  2. I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride, that’s too bad it didn’t work out for you. Looks like the helicopter ride was really cool though and offered beautiful views. It’s nice that you got a good mix of adventure and pampering in your trip. I really like a variety when I travel as well. I would think October would be the perfect time to visit Utah & Arizona with the weather not being quite as hot and children in school. I guess a lot of other people had the same good idea to visit then if it was busier than you expected!

    • Elizabeth, We loved the chance to get a high perspective over beautiful Sedona! We found the fall perfect for both Utah and Arizona. But we were a bit surprised at how busy it was. Lots of people with the same idea! Linda

  3. Arizona – so impressive. Your photos are beautiful and have captured exactly how I imagined it to be. It would be fun to do the houseboat on Lake Powell. Horseshoe Bend – wow – the photos always amaze me. Who would have thought that Sedona was a wine region as well? It has my vote! Just need to book it now.

    • Jane, We loved every spot we stopped in Arizona. And will definitely plan to go back. Hope you get to visit. We too want to do a houseboat on Lake Powell. So many great spots to enjoy at a slow pace. Linda

    • So many people I know who travel here rave about it – not only for its picturesque landscape, but for that nice dry heat, especially during a cold Canadian winter. I hope to get there one day and see some of the highlights you have written about – the dam, Horseshoe Bend, wine tours – it all sounds fabulous to me.

      • Renee, It was our first time in Arizona. And now I know why people rave about it too. There were so many things to see and do in Arizona. Can’t wait to go back. Linda

  4. The scenery is absolutely amazing. The Horseshoe Bend looks terrific and I think it’s great to take a boat ride there. The wines are very appealing and I think that after a day full of hiking, tasting a bit of wine next to the swimming pool is a rewarding experience.

    • We were so happy with the variety of things to do in Arizona. We did not expect to find wine tasting so that was a bit unique. Definitely a spot to return to over and over again. Linda

  5. I need to explore Arizona more! I have only been there once on a media trip in Mesa (which was totally amazing!!), but I want to see the Saguaro forest and also Sedona. The landscape is so lovely out there, too. And wineries?? Get me there STAT! 🙂

  6. I’m hoping to visit Sedona sometime soon and October seems like the perfect time to go. Sorry that you had to miss out on Antelope Canyon, but I’d say it’s great that you go to see just as iconic of a site – Horseshoe Bend! Sedona seems like it blends both natural beauty and relaxation, I’d LOVE to visit the wineries there. I’m such a sucker for aesthetics and the HalloWine is right up my alley. Is it decorative or actual wine?!

    • Stephanie, There were so many great things to see and do in Arizona. We were surprised we found so much wine. And the HalloWine was a real wine. Not bad either. Linda

  7. Wow the scenery is incredible! I would love to see Horseshoe Bend. Those red rocks are so beautiful! It’s good to know that there are also vineyards in the area I love to go wine tasting.

  8. I would definitely have Sedona in my must places to visit where I would love to try out the variety of wine. Saguaro National Park looks such a relaxed place.Scottsdale looks green and beautiful with the blue sky as backdrop. We are planning to visit Arizona next year and am keeping notes already to plan effectively.

  9. Awe, I grew up in Arizona. It is so nice to see that you went to Sedona and Tucson, too. As you discovered, there is so much beauty and great activities in AZ!

  10. That orange landscape with that huge dam and the waterbody is just so fascinating. Sedona’s landscape too is just too fascinating! I can completely understand why you must have felt to chase the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and everything! Its a photographers’ delight!
    As a wine lover, this place seems all the more special for me.

  11. The scenery out that way is amazing! I want to visit so many of the national parks out there…very different from my hometown area. I imagine visiting October would find fewer crowds. I’m sure the heicopter ride was exciting!I’ve ha to postpone my trip but will make it there eventually!

  12. Great post!! I have never been to Arizona before but I have a huge list of things I would want to do whenever I would travel there. I would love to add a hot air balloon ride from Sedona and also the view of Sedona was gorgeous. I would bookmark this post for future.

  13. I haven’t been to Arizona since I was 15. I would love to take my girls. So many beautiful sites and we love visiting the national parks. My husband would love all the wine 🙂

  14. I love all the beautiful photos. Arizona looks like a wonderful place and we would love to camp there one day. BTW read your newsletter and understand what you mean about posting guides now. You should definitely post that story from your newsletter. Wishing you the best for your journey and hope being stuck at see is fun rather than distressing!

    • We were so happy we got to see Arizona on our fall travels. Thanks for reading the newsletter. I wanted to provide an update. It is an extract from a blog I was writing. I may post this and then a later one with lessons when all the hard learnings are in. Thanks for your best wishes. Linda

  15. You hit all the great Arizona stops. I suppose you have been to the Grand Canyon that’s why it wasn’t included. And you were there at a good time, fall. But I have always saidspring us the best time to see the desert because if the burst of wildflowers and the Palo verdes’ yellow blooms.

  16. Wow! I did not realize that there’s a lot of things that we can do in Arizona. The sites are really fascinating and an helicopter tour is just perfect. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience. Will make sure to take this one too during our next trip to AZ.

  17. I read about a lot of good places to visit in arizona I think the wine tasting is more exciting I hope to taste their local wine and the view of Scottsdale looks stunning as well

  18. I always wanted to visit Arizona but was always confused when to go. But going in October also looks great here. Though weather and crowds defeated you in taking a hot air balloon ride for sunrise but I think it is good you took a helicopter tour with Guidance Air and that too just before sunset. It really looks pwas the perfect way to get a bird’s eye view of the rocks and canyons of Sedona with sun setting down. You have captured amazing photos.

  19. I love your list of things to do in Arizona! Page has to be our favorite place to view the Grand Canyon, the horseshoe bend is incredible! And while we’ve been to Sedona, we haven’t been wine tasting. Looks like we have another reason to go back! I need me a Hallowine bottle!

    • Joe, It was our first time to Arizona. We were amazed at how many things we found to see and do. The wineries were a big surprise. Hope you try some wine on your next visit. Linda

  20. I’m so glad you enjoyed Arizona! I felt like you took me back through the days when I lived in Scottsdale and I explored the state. I hate you didn’t get to see Antelope Canyon. It is amazing (although I didn’t see it until 2.5 years ago and I lived there in 2003)! Sedona is a great place to hike. October is much better than July when I moved there. Although being from the South, the dry heat was quite welcomed. 😉

    • Heather, We were so glad we finally made it to Arizona. And we will definitely plan to go back. Summer would be far too hot for us. But I am sure that any other time would be delightful. Linda

  21. The American southwest is so stunning! Those red rocks and magestic landscapes are so timeless. Grand Canyon and Sedona are two of my favourite places in the whole wide world. Pair that with a nice glass of red on a hot air baloon and it sounds like a perfect excape!

  22. Arizona is is such a stunning state. Love that you got to see so much of it. And sad that you may have missed out on one of my favorite places – The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, unless you visited at some time in the past. It is …well just look it up on their website. However this just means you will have to go back — Camelback Mountain will be waiting for you!

    • Chloe, We were so glad we finally got to Arizona. It was on the list for a long time. But we did not see it all. We will definitely visit the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden on a return visit. Linda

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