Such Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii

Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Was A Great Base For Exploring

Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We Found So Much Variety To Enjoy In Maui

We found a lot of variety to enjoy in Maui after our relaxing stay on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Our stay at the luxury Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort offered us great opportunities to relax and enjoy the pampering environment. The resort offered us many things to do and some amazing food experiences.  

But there were many great things around Maui that drew us off the resort.  Short drives along the coast took us to Lahaina and Kaapalani.  We drove the twisty roads for great coast views on the Kahekili Highway and to explore the lava fields at La Perouse Bay (or Keone’O’Io Bay).  One day we drove the iconic Road to Hana.  And one evening we enjoyed the stunning sunset and night skies at the Haleakala Summit.  

It was great to have a great luxury base for exploring all the variety in the sights and experiences that Maui offered.

We were lucky to visit Maui before the fires hit in the late summer of 2023. Much of the west coast we visited was damaged. The Lahaina town centre was severely damaged. And even the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua was impacted by power outages and road closures. A very sad time for residents of Maui. It was a reminder to us that we should not put off our travel plans. You never know what might change!

Map of Maui Places Visited - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

A Great Luxury Stay At The Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We were so glad we booked an 8 day stay at the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort.  Our Marriott Bonvoy Ambassador Elite status got us a great upgrade to a suite with lots of room to spread out.  The suite had a full kitchen if we wanted to cook for ourselves and save some money.  The view over the resort was stunning day and night.  

Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Suite
Suite View - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We were delighted with the massive amenity we received.  There was a wide selection of cheese and charcuterie with a large collection of fresh fruits.  A cake welcomed us.  And the fresh orange juice with champagne was a bubbly treat.  Even though there was no free breakfast with Marriott Bonvoy Elite Status at Ritz-Carlton resorts, our welcome amenity ensured we ate well every day.  And when we wanted a bigger breakfast, the restaurant had a great morning selection.

Amenity - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

The tasty amenity was a nice surprise.  But we were even more surprised when we got another amenity that helped us enjoy the resort even more.  The baseball caps, beach bag and thermal water cups were a welcome addition to what we packed.

Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Amenity

A great luxury stay at the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort ensured we found so much to do right on the resort.  But it was a great base to return to after a long day touring.

Enjoy The Water In Maui

We were delighted when we found there were several different pools at the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort.  And one of the pools was a much quieter adult pool.  We often headed out to the pool and just enjoyed a relaxing break.

Pools - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Pools

We found lots of paths to walk around the resort or to wander along the coast.  The beach area at the hotel was a rougher shoreline.  And for many days, we watched mesmerized as the waves crashed up on shore.  Some people even tried to surf the waves!

As we drove along the roads in Maui, we often saw beaches on the side of the road with parking spots.  And when we took the twisty roads heading to La Perouse Bay (Keone’O’Io Bay) in South Maui, we saw swimming and snorkelling spots on lava beaches.  

Makana Beach Road - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We found so much variety to enjoy in Maui when we headed for the water.

Visit The Small Town Of Lahaina

One day we took an afternoon trip to the small town of Lahaina.  We visited Lahaina before the fire damaged much of what we saw on our visit.

We parked in the port area and soon discovered we were not alone.  A Viking Cruises ship was in this cruise port for the day.  When we wandered down along the beach, we watched people enjoying water sports with the big cruise ship in the distance.

Lahaina Viking Cruises Port Visit - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Lahaina Viking Cruises Port Visit

All along the port we found things to book out on the water.  We saw fishing boats, the Atlantis tour boat, Reef Dancer semi-submersible and parasailing out in the bay.  Across the water we saw the small island of Lanai and passed the ferry to this island.

Lahaina Port - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Lahaina Port
Lahaina Port View Lanai

When we headed back to the resort, we stopped to check out the resorts along the coast at Kaapalani and parked at the Whalers Village.  We found lots of shops and when we headed to the water got a great beach view.  The Shaka sculpture showed the common hand gesture we found in Maui that expressed friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement and unity.

Kaapalani Whalers Village - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Kaapalani Whalers Village Beach View
Kaapalani Whalers Village Shaka Sculpture - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We found lot of variety to enjoy in Maui along the coast from Kapalua when we headed out and explored.

Drive The Kahekili Highway And Visit The Nakalele Blowhole

It was an easy afternoon trip to travel on the first but not last of the twisty roads of Maui.  We headed north along the Kahekili Highway and found so many great places to stop for views.  Our first planned stop was the Nakalele Blowhole.  We parked and walked to the viewpoint.  We looked up along the coast and then down as the blowhole water exploded out.  The rough path took us partway down for an even closer look.

Kahekili Highway Honalua - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Kahekili Highway Nakalele Blowhole
Kahekili Highway Nakalele Blowhole - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

When we kept going along the Kahekili Highway the road deteriorated to a narrow, twisty route with many single lane bridges.  We kept going to the viewpoint over the Kahakuloa Bay.  

Kahekili Highway
Kahekili Highway Kahakuloa Bay - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

After we enjoyed the view we turned back around and headed back to the resort.  With the sun getting lower in the sky, the crazy twisty road forward was not one we wanted to do in the dark.  The Kahekili Highway provided amazing view and some of the variety to enjoy in Maui.

Walk The Lava Fields At La Perouse Bay (Keone’O’Io)

For another fun day driving the twisty roads of Maui, we headed to Wailai for lunch and then out along the Makana Road.  As we went along the coast the shoreline turned to lava.  Even the bays were snorkelers gathered.

Makana Beach Road

We crossed into the Ahihi-Kina’u Natural Area Reserve and the road went through the lava field below Haleakala.  At La Perouse Bay (or Keone’O’Io Bay) we parked and walked over the lava to the shore.  When we looked back, we saw the vast lava field under Haleakala.

Lava Fields Perouse Bay - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Lava Fields Perouse Bay Haleakala - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We were so glad we took the twisty road into the lava fields.  Lava was definitely part of the variety to enjoy in Maui.

Experience The Road To Hana

One of the top day trips we wanted to experience on our stay in Maui was to drive the Road To Hana.  We set an early alarm and headed off the the famed 52 mile road with 56 bridges and 617 curves.  The early part of the drive was quite calm and we found some nice viewpoints over the water.  A longer stop at the Garden of Eden gave us a break and stunning coastal views within the rainforest.

Garden of Eden Views - Keopuka Rock Overlook - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Garden of Eden Paths

The narrow, twisty roads led us down into valleys and past great sights.  We stopped at Pua A Kaa and wandered around for close-up views of the waterfalls on both sides of the road.

Crazy Roads
Pua A Kaa Waterfall - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Pua A Kaa Waterfall

The rain arrived as predicted just as we headed into the small town of Hana.  But when it quickly cleared, we enjoyed a few stops along the coast.  We kept going on the Road to Hana until our final stop at Wailua Falls.  It was time to turn around before the return trip was a crazy drive on the Road to Hana in the dark.  

Hana Bay Beach Park
Road To Hana - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Wailua Falls - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

We sure found so much variety to enjoy in Maui when we drove the Road to Hana.  An amazing experience we won’t quickly forget.  

Head Up To The Haleakala Summit For Sunset And The Night Sky

We had one more day trip planned took us away from the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort.  We wanted to enjoy the sunset and night views at the Haleakala Summit.  After a lazy day on the resort and we left well in advance of sunset to ensure we would get a perfect spot at the summit.

Visitor Centre

We were early enough and got amazing views out over the coast.  And down into the Haleakala crater.  But we did not leave enough time to hike around the crater on this visit.

Hawaii Haleakala Summit - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

As the sun started to go down we joined the crowd for the amazing sight over the coast.  The sunset views were stunning.  And while many people left when the sun was down, we stayed and watched the night colours as they emerged in the sky.  And when the colour was gone, the night sky was magical.  

Sunset And Night Sky At The Haleakala Summit in Maui Hawaii - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Dark Night Sky

The views from the Haleakala summit offered so much variety to enjoy in Maui.  This was one of the final images left imprinted on our memories.  And was well worth leaving our luxury stay to enjoy.

Taste Your Way Around Maui

When we stayed at Ritz-Carlton resorts around the world, we always ate well at the restaurants on the resort.  Early on our stay we planned a great dinner at the Banyon Tree Restaurant.  We enjoyed a great meal.  When we chatted with the Food and Beverages Manager Michelle, she said that a new menu would be released during our stay.  So we booked a second dinner. We were delighted with the new menu offerings and told Executive Chef George Vanyi when we met him.  And of course, we had chocolate on both nights!

Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Banyon Tree - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Banyon Tree - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

Lunch was offered at different spots around the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort.  But our favourite spot was the Burger Shack by the beach.  With great views of the crashing waves, we shared a massive burger that was too big for one person and needed two hands.  And demonstrating the hallmark of Ritz-Carlton customer service, they split our meal fully onto two plates when we said we were sharing.

Burger Shack - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Burger Shack - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua
Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua Burger Shack

When we visited the port town of Lahaina, we found a lot of options for lunch.  But with a Viking Cruises ship in port, there were long line ups at most places.   It reminded us that we forgot to check what cruise ships were visiting Maui when we were there.  When we wandered to the far end of town, we got lucky at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant.  A healthy salad with chicken meant we could split the key lime pie!

Lahaina Tommy Bahama Lunch
Lahaina Tommy Bahama Lunch

We made sure we did not miss out on a Hawaiian treat.  We found a good selection of fresh Malasadas Hawaiian-style donuts at food truck one day and just had to sample a few.

Lahaina Malasadas - Variety To Enjoy In Maui Hawaii At Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

On our day trips from the resort, we never had a problem finding great variety to enjoy in Maui.

Such Variety To Enjoy In Maui

We found so much variety to enjoy in Maui.  We never really wanted to leave the luxury environment at the Maui Ritz-Carlton Kapalua resort.  But there was so much to see and do in Maui on this first visit to Hawaii.  

The twisty roads of Maui did not deter us from heading out on day trips.  We did not want to miss iconic experiences like driving the Road to Hana.  Or not catch the stunning vistas at sunset at the Haleakala Summit.  

We enjoyed a perfect mix of relaxation and exciting day trips on our stay in Maui.  We were sad when we left to finish our Fall visit to the west coast in Vancouver.  But we knew we would be back to Hawaii one day.  It was an easy trip from the west coast of Canada for us.

Did you find a lot of variety to enjoy in Maui?  What did we miss on this first trip?

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  1. The ritz looks absolutely wonderful! I’ve only been to Oahu and the Big Island but this blog post is really inspiring! Looking forward to visiting Haleakala summit one day!

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I especially loved that view close to the waves where you had that yummy meal. Looked like the perfect spot. The beach and food photos made me want to jump on a plane and join you! lol

  3. You two are proof that joining a hotel rewards program and maximizing your stays is essential. Once you reach your status, the upgrades and lovely amenities just add to your stay.

  4. We did the same things in Maui years ago: Kahekili and the Blowhole, Black San, Haleakala, and Hana. But we didn’t have the pleasure of staying at the Ritz! And we were in Oahu when the tragedy hzppened this summer.

  5. It is such a shame that Lahaina was so badly damaged by the recent fires. I remember seeing the damage and now, looking at your photos of how pretty it used to be before, I can really see how ruthless the flames were. It’s such a shame! You were lucky to visit and enjoy it before this happened. Your stay at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua looks so dreamy! How nice of the to welcome you with such a lovely spread, and even a cake! I’ve never stayed in a hotel that offered an amenities kit including cups and hats. What a nice touch!

    • We were indeed so happy we got to see Lahaina before it was levelled by fire. It was a lovely spot to wander. The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua was indeed a lovely base. But it was hard to leave the resort!

    • We certainly did love our stay at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua. Such a great pampering experience. It was hard to head out but we were so glad we explored a lot of Maui on our visit.

  6. What a wonderful stay you had at the Ritz-Carlton in Maui! I enjoyed reading about your drive to Hana. This would be on the top of my To-Do-List in Maui. The food looks amazing too, especially the cheese cake!

  7. Stunning photos.. I have heard staying at the Ritz is the way to go… and such beautiful nature and open spaces to explore… Hoping to visit someday when Maui is back on its feet….

  8. Ah! I love that they gave you a little swag bag with such nice, useful items. And you all are so amazing with your points – what a nice perk to get a suite! I’m also a big fan of getting off property even if you’re at the nicest resorts. I just can’t go without knowing what’s in the local area. It looks like you had such a great time, and the Haleakala summit looks like a must do for the views!

  9. Maui looks absolutely wonderful. I have only been to Oahu – and that was 20 years ago! I am determined to return to explore Maui. I will definitely remember to check out the cruise ships though. That is a really good tip! The food looks amazing, but standing in line for ages to wait for it would be a pain.

  10. These are great tips! Stargazing at Haleakala was one of my favorite experiences of visiting Maui. Such amazing views. And the lava fields! So cool. I missed the Hawaiian donut truck, but it sounds awesome, so saving for next time!

  11. As a lowly Marriott Bonvoy Gold Elite I always enjoy seeing your welcome gifts – the platters and flowers. We usually just get points – ha! Your posts inspire me to return to Maui and drive the road to Hana again. Great post!

  12. Very nice what privileges afforded by the Marriot Bonvoy! Its a lovely base and in paradise Hawaii no less where it is known to be expensive as it is beautiful. I would look forward each day returning to such a comfortable place. The Nakalele blowhole would be on my list of places to see and the coastal drive is so picturesque that I would be stopping every few minutes! Overall a great post to bookmark!

  13. I’m always jealous of your Hawaii trips as it’s one of my dream destinations! It’s so sad that Lahaina was destroyed in the fires, I feel so bad for the people there who lost everything. The Road to Hana is famous and I know it has a reputation for being dangerous, but I’d love to see those views! I can only hope to visit one day, and when Hawaii has rebuilt this part of Maui.

    • We were is glad we visited Maui when we did. It was great to explore the whole island. And we were really happy we enjoyed some time in Lahaina. A sad year indeed for the locals.

  14. I don’t know when all these beautiful places you have visited in Maui will be available for tourists again. Seems like people in the U.S. have already forgotten about Maui. The sunset and the night sky from Haleakala Summit are spectacular! Part of the Road to Hana reminded me of places in Indonesia. And you found all the best food during your trip as always.

  15. I really hope to visit Maui one day, I love surfing so it’s been on my bucketlist for a while. The Ritz-Carlton looks fantastic (as does the food there). What I really like the look of is the outdoor lifestyle and so many walks and hikes and fantastic coastline

    Laura x

  16. You are lucky to have visited Maui before the fire. I agree with you that it is best not to put off travel plans as we don’t know what might change. I also learned that hard lesson during the pandemic.

    It is nice that you were able to go to the Haleakala Summit aside from enjoying the resort. The view and the sunset are breathtaking.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. The night sky is indeed magical and I got hungry looking at the food. 🙂

    • We were happy we visited Maui when we did. It was great to enjoy Lahaina before it was destroyed. Happy to see that part of the island is opening back up again slowly.

  17. These amazing stops in Maui Hawaii are so fantastic with your luxurious stay at Maui Ritz Carlton Kapalua offering great treats as guests.Hawaii is my favorite destination with stunning beaches and coastal Road trips across its tropical landscape and lava fields.Nice to know you could see waves crashing from your resort and also take a walk along the beach and indulge yummy food on the beach. Road to Hana is one of the spectacular Hawaii routes and my favorite too.Also the Shaka sculpture at Whalers village and the Nakalele blowhole is also some of the top attractions not to be missed as apart of Hawaii trip.

    • The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua was a great spot to enjoy the outdoors and get a little pampering too. We loved all the different day trips we took around the island. There was no shortage of things to see and do.

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