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Headed To Niagara Falls For An Early Birthday Celebration

We were delighted to get the most magical display of Niagara Falls in colour when we travelled there for an early birthday treat. Since we live in Toronto, it is easy for us to visit Niagara Falls over and over again. There is so much to see and do in the Niagara region. But it was always good when we had a special reason to visit.

We toured the wineries in Niagara-On-The-Lake (NOTL) on the way to and from Niagara Falls. It was the perfect time of year to sample the great Canadian icewines. Our great suite for two days looked out over Niagara Falls. And we got the best views during the day, at sunset and for the night light show. A special birthday dinner finished off our sweet visit.

Enjoying An Icewine Tour Of Niagara-On-The-Lake

On the way to Niagara Falls we stopped in a few wineries in Niagara-On-The-Lake to sample icewine. I found a new favourite! And we even did a wine pairing with cheese and chocolate.

Niagara On The Lake icewine.jpg

Niagara On The Lake icewine Cheese and Chocolate Pairing.jpg

When we left Niagara Falls, we headed back and tried a few more icewines. Our first stop got us a great icewine slushy. And then we sampled our way through a comprehensive list of wines and icewines.

Ice House Icewine Slushy.jpg

It was great to enjoy some icewine tastings on our visit to see Niagara Falls in colour.

A Room With A View

We checked into the Fallsview Marriott. The hotel is situated right above the Horseshoe Falls in a premium location. When we had drinks at the bar, we even caught a rainbow.

Marriott Fallsview Lobby Chandelier.jpg

Marriott Fallsview Lobby Chandelier.jpg

Marriott Fallsview Lobby Bar Niagara Beer.jpg

Marriott Fallsview Lobby Bar.jpg

We were delighted that our room had a view out over Niagara Falls. It was great day or night.

Marriott Fallsview Room View.jpg

Our Bonvoy Titanium Elite status got us breakfast in the restaurant and access to the Executive Lounge for evening appetizers. The package we had purchased included food discount coupons for both the on-site Morton’s Grill and for the Milestone Grill at the other Marriott across the street. We certainly did not go hungry.

Marriott Fallsview Concierge Lounge food.jpg

Marriott Food Milestones Salad.jpg

Since we were staying in Niagara Falls for an early birthday celebration, we splurged and booked the Romance Package at the on-site Serenity Spa. A couples massage and pedicures for two ensured we had a lazy and pampered day.

Marriott Fallsview Serenity Spa.jpg

Marriott Fallsview Serenity Spa.jpg

We spent a lot of money for two days in Niagara Falls for my birthday. And we chose this hotel partly because we had Marriott Bonvoy Titanium status and have been treated well on other special occasions. But we were quite disappointed that this hotel did not meet the world class customer service standards we expected for such a premium location. It was the only thing that marred our visit to see Niagara Falls in colour.

Niagara Falls In All Its Glory

It felt like the Horseshoe Falls were right below our window. The water tumbled down freely but there was still some ice at the bottom. The American Falls were off at an oblique angle. And it was interesting to see that they still had a fair amount of ice climbing up the falls.

Horseshoe Falls Day View - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

American Falls Day View - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

There was a great viewpoint walk at this higher level where the hotels are that we never found on previous visits to Niagara Falls. The Falls Incline Railway is the funicular that goes from this point down to the lower falls level. We walked past the Fallsview Casino and saw the Skyline Tower cars going up and down.

Niagara Falls Chair.jpg

Niagara Falls Lock Bridge.jpg

Niagara Falls Incline Railway.jpg

Niagara Falls Skylon Tower.jpg

Each viewpoint along the walkway gave us a slightly different angle. And at the end, we got our first clear view of the American Falls.

Horseshoe Falls Viewpoint View - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

American Falls Viewpoint View - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

It was great to enjoy this natural wonder. Some say it is the honorary 8th wonder of the world. But we knew there was more to come when we saw Niagara Falls in colour.

Niagara Falls In All Its Colours

Niagara Falls during the day was a stunning sight to see. But when we caught it draped in colour, it was quite magical. The first colourful view that we got was a rainbow view. Several times we saw faint rainbows. Once we caught a partial rainbow. But it never climbed to arch between the falls. We were always excited on previous visits to Niagara Falls to catch the rainbow.

Horseshoe Falls Rainbow - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

Horseshoe Falls Rainbow - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

We were up early to see if we could catch a sunrise view. The sunrise glowed through the mist coming off the falls.

Horseshoe Falls Sunrise - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

But we really were excited to catch the night light show on the falls. Both nights we stayed in Niagara Falls, we were mesmerized by the light show on the falls. It went for over 2 hours. The lights on the Horseshoe Falls were beautiful as they cycled through the rainbow of colours.

Horseshoe Falls Night Lights - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

Horseshoe Falls Night Lights - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

But the ice that remained on the American Falls created an eerily stunning light show. We thought about walking down along the upper walkway. But the view from our room kept us in place.

Niagara Falls Night Lights - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

American Falls Night Lights - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

American Falls Night Lights - Niagara Falls In Colour.jpg

Plan to visit at night for the great night light show that bedazzles Niagara Falls in colour.

A Great Birthday Dinner

Our trip see Niagara Falls in colour was timed to be right before my actual birthday. It started our 3 week long celebration. Shortly after Niagara Falls, we headed to the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman for 16 days of relaxation and pampering.

David made sure to let the staff at Morton’s Grille know that it was my birthday when he made dinner reservations. Little did we know that Mortons really knew how to make a celebration special! We got a great seat with a view and ordered drinks.

Marriott Fallsview Mortons Grill View.jpg

The Date Night fixed prix dinner was perfect for us. We loved that our menu had “Happy Birthday Linda” printed right on it. After we started with seafood appetizers, we ordered meat eater entrees. I fussed over my dessert choice. But I need not have bothered. David already had dessert taken care of.

Marriott Fallsview Mortons Grill Birthday Menu.jpg

Not only was the cake plate decorated. But we also got a picture taken and given to us. The only thing I needed to do was move a few things on the cake plate to cover up my actual age. It might be a big milestone birthday, but I did not need to share which one it was.

Marriott Fallsview Mortons Grill Birthday Dessert.jpg

It was great to start my birthday celebrations at Mortons Grille on our visit to see Niagara Falls in colour.

We Enjoyed Our Views Of Niagara Falls In Colour

A birthday is always a great excuse to plan a few days away. We started the year for David’s birthday with a splurge at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. A short getaway for icewine tasting in Niagara and to see Niagara Falls in colour was the perfect way to start the celebrations for my big milestone birthday. Of course, 16 days at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman was the perfect way to extend those celebrations.

We enjoyed such a variety of views of Niagara Falls. Day views were awesome. But the sight of Niagara Falls in colour was magical. It was great to return to Niagara Falls for this new experience.

Have you seen Niagara Falls in colour? What was your favourite vantage point for the views?

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  1. Wow it looks like you had an amazing trip! I have not made it over to the east coast yet, but when I do, Niagara is a must. I actually had no idea they had a light show like this. Thanks for sharing this experience!

    • Heather, I hope you do get to visit Niagara Falls. The sight of the Falls in the day is truly amazing. But we were so glad we got to see a different view on this trip. Linda

    • Bilal, we too have visited many times since it is such a short drive from home in Toronto. Always a great spot to take family. And we too find something new each time. Linda

  2. Fantastic tour and wonderful things to do and see in Niagara Falls – I do love the look of the falls in day time and night.

  3. I am totally speechless. Photos of Niagara Falls in colours are just out of this world. I spend good 5-10 minutes just looking at your photos. The view of the Niagra Fall from your room was also breathtaking. I can’t believe how can there be so much development close to the gigantic waterfall. And you can even go near to it through a boat. You can see how excited I am just looking at your pictures. I can’t imagine the expression and feeling of people seeing it the first time with their own eyes.

    • Nitin, I am so glad to hear that this view of Niagara Falls in colour left you speechless and excited. I really wanted to share this beautiful view with others. I do hope you get to visit one day. Linda

  4. Okay, so now I’m curious, what’s icewine? But that aside, I’m totally jealous of that view of the Niagara Falls from your hotel room. I would also stay just there to watch the falls at different times of the day instead of going out. You captured the light display beautifully.

    • Linda, I am glad you enjoyed our tour of the colours of Niagara Falls. It was so amazing to have this view from our room. Icewine is very sweet late harvest wine. Watch the blog for the next post to learn more about icewine. Linda

  5. I love Niagara Falls (and ice wine too for that matter). The do a great job with the night shows don’t they? My favorite view was taking the zipline flying head first towards Canadian Falls. Of course, we stopped before we got there but it was so beautiful on the way.

  6. I had no idea about this colorful charm of Niagara Falls. Simply breathtaking beauty. I’m loving the sunrise view as well. Such a lovely stay close to this falls 🙂

    • Nafisa, We were so awed by the great shows of colour we got when we visited this time to Niagara Falls. And it was definitely a treat to get this view from our window. Linda

  7. What a marvellous birthday treat. To see Niagara Falls in all its glory must be quite breathtaking. Fallsview Marriott certainly looks like a great place to stay given its location above the Horseshoe Falls. The two-hour night light show on Niagara Falls is a sight to behold. The rainbow lights on both Horseshoe and American Falls made me go ‘WOW’. I’d love to see that one day. I don’t blame you for not walking down along the upper walkway. Why would you when you have the perfect view!

    • Fairuz, I hope you do get to visit and see Niagara Falls all lit up and in colour. It really was quite breathtaking. We had many “wow” moments. Linda

  8. I’ve been to Niagara Falls and have seen them from the US side. Even though the falls are majestic, my overall experience wasn’t that great since I had booked a tour with a tour company that was very bad in time management and we ended up reaching the falls way later and the light show was over. Meh. Would definitely want to go back again.

    • Akriti, I must admit that I have only seen the Falls from the American side once. All the rest of the time has been from the Canadian side. Most people will agree that the Canadian side view is much better. Hope you get another visit with a better tour company or on your own. Linda

  9. Wow, what amazing colours at night. You’re so lucky to be living within driving distance of one of the world’s wonders. I’m hoping to visit later on this year.

    • Christina, We are so happy that we can visit Niagara Falls on a regular basis. So many different views winter and summer. I hope you get to visit this year. Linda

  10. The view from Fallsview Marriott is fantastic! And to get Spa , massages to pamper yourself is icing on the cake. Niagara really isn’t a one day’s affair. 🙂 I do not know what is looking better in your gorgeous photos. The colorful falls, the rainbow, the sunrise or that ship looking so small compared to the falls.
    And that was a great way to celebrate birthday.
    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Linda.

    • Thanks Nisha! Our short stay in Niagara Falls was certainly a great splurge. I am glad you enjoyed sharing our visit through our photos. It was a delightful sight to enjoy. Hope you get to visit one day. Linda

  11. Very nice! I want that kind of birthday celebrations.. ha ha. I love the photos from the evening where the Niagara Falls is lid. I never knew they do that. Also, the foods look so great. You definitely deserved it. Happy Birthday!

    • Paula, It was a great spot to celebrate a birthday. The views of Niagara Falls in colour kept us at the window for many hours. Hope you get a treat for your birthday! Linda

  12. Wow! That is some view from your room! <3 I had only seen Niagara from US side, and always imagined how grand it would look from Canada. Thanks to you, now I know. Love the rainbow colours they splash across the falls in the evening. Thanks for bringing back some beautiful memories 🙂

    • Vaisakhi, If you get back to Niagara Falls, you really need to see it from the Canadian side. We have done both sides and although I may be biased, I think the Canadian side gives you the full Horseshoe Falls experience. Seeing it in all its colours made it even more special. Glad this brought back memories. Hope you get to visit again. Linda

  13. What a lovely way to spend your birthday! I absolutely loved Niagara on the Lake when I visited 4 years ago and it was only by chance, that our jet boat trip on the Niagara Falls was cancelled so they decided to take us to Niagara on the Lake instead. Also, we stayed in a fallsview room, can’t rememebr which hotel, and it was a magical experience! Especially watching the colourful falls at night from that vantage point, which was right next to the bed in our room!

  14. Wow… I have seen Niagara pics before but these are completely different! I think the pics from a distance are offering better frames. Also, I did not know that there are such lightings in the evening.

    • Jitaditya, I am glad I got to show you another view of Niagara Falls. Many people only visit during the day and miss the night shows on the falls. Hope you get to see this. Linda

  15. What a great way to celebrate a special occasion. I’ve been to Niagara and NotL twice in the last few years, both times in autumn and just loved it. But the falls themselves, and the wine region around, see such a great place to visit, especially if you adore ice wine as much as I do!

  16. I been to Niagara Falls and its a hit and miss for me. I love the falls itself (and how amazing there are at night when they are all lit up!) but the town surrounding it reminds me of the Las Vegas of Canada and it kinda ruined it for me. But I still enjoy watching all those gallons of water being chucked over the edge. 🙂

  17. I haven’t been to Niagara Falls. I am always looking for trips to take with my mom and she loves wine. The Icewine Tour of Niagara-On-The-Lake sounds perfect. I haven’t seen images of frozen Niagara Falls, gorgeous

    • Sherianne, I am sure your mother would love the view of Niagara Falls. The town is kind of tacky. So a visit to Niagara on the Lake is much nicer and really close. So many options for wine and ice wine. Linda

  18. It’s been years since I visited Niagara Falls, so this was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The night light show is spectacular and makes the falls look even prettier! It also looks like you had a wonderful birthday stay and dinner. I’d like to try staying here too if I ever get to re-visit.

    • Lisa, I am glad to take you on a walk down memory lane. We did love the night light show. Even though we have been to Niagara Falls many times, we had never seen this. Linda

  19. The falls sure do look beautiful at night with all the colors. It is a shame the Marriot customer service didn’t meet your expectations. We just came back from an all-inclusive in Jamaica and were quite let down as well. Aside from that, it looks like you had a wonderful and relaxing birthday!

    • Cecilia, The views made up for so much on this birthday weekend getaway. Our first time staying in winter to see the night show even though we live relatively close by. Definitely worth it! Linda

  20. Wow, you had an amazing birthday at such a beautiful place in the world. I too loved Niagara Falls during my East coast US trip. Hopefully I would love to see it again from Canada side it as I have heard it is more stunning from that side too. I too loved the colors of Niagara Falls, especially the stunning light show over this huge water body. Also you have captured beautifully and even the sunset with falls. I would also plan my special occasion here now.

    • Yukti, I do hope you get to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. If you go in the winter, the colour show on frozen water is amazing. Hope you get to visit again. Linda

  21. Wait, was that REALLY the view from your hotel room? Wow. And I am so glad you went in the winter…we did the same a few years back and it was SOOOO much better than fighting the crowds in the summer…plus you get the huge ice formations that add to the magic!

  22. Beautiful photos! Always wanted to see Niagara falls in person! The colourful light show at night is impressive! I used to fancy ice wine but now I find it too sweet. Seems like u had am awesome birthday celebration! Hope I get to experience tbe same someday ??

  23. It”s been years since I visited Niagara and now I want to go and especially in the winter. What a great birthday! I am also intrigued with “ice wine”. How do I not know about this? LOL. Saving for future reference. Thanks.

    • Laureen, We were so happy we went in the winter and got the great show with ice on the fall. If you like sweet drinks, you should really try ice wine. And try more than one variety since they do vary quite a bit in sweetness. Hope you get back to Niagara Falls one day. Linda

  24. I, unfortunately, never got to the falls. My family did while I was stuck working in Ottawa. The lights at night do a wonderful job of creating a textured effect.

  25. The colors are incredible. I especially like the ones on the American Falls, the ones on the ice bed. I went there a few days after Christmas, more than 15 years ago, but we didn’t go at night. I’m not even sure whether they had colorful light shows that year.

  26. I honestly didn’t know Niagara Falls did a light show! The rainbow display is incredible and it’s amazing that you got to see it from the comfort of your room! Ice wine paired with cheese and chocolate sounds delicious, by the way. I’m so glad you got to have this amazingly festive early birthday celebration, Linda!

    • Kevin, We loved our visit in 2019 to Niagara Falls for a birthday celebration. It was the first time we stayed overnight with a view of the falls. The colour show was a nice treat. Linda

  27. Niagara Falls has long been on my travel list and I want to go there even more after seeing your night colour photos. How beautiful!

    • Kerry, I hope you do get to visit Niagara Falls. Many parts of the town are like a carnival show. But the falls are great at any time of year. And especially fun if you stay overnight and see the colour show. Linda

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