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What Does World Class Service Look Like

So many service experiences these days just don’t cut it. Being “of service” does not seem to be a valued role today. But when we have received exemplary customer service, we felt the difference. World class service set a high bar. And it may have spoiled us for life!

Exemplary customer service may be different for different people. We identified 3 groups of key indicators of service excellence. And these aspects of service delivery moved the bar for us.

Personalization: Know your client and use that knowledge to personalize the service. Anticipate the client’s needs. Exceed expectations. Build long term client relationships. Don’t just deliver transactional services.

Quality As A Core Value: Every facet of a service is designed with quality in mind. Lead by example. Understand that every employee’s role is necessary and valued for delivering quality.

Constantly Improve: At every opportunity, get feedback on the service. Listen and respond to client feedback. Use the feedback to continually improve the service. Respond to all problems quickly and sincerely.

We have had a lot of five star experiences. But not all experiences delivered on all 3 elements of exemplary customer service. When all three were there, world class service set a high bar.

But I will note that not all of our great service experiences happened only at five star brands. Leadership focus on quality has often delivered service that exceeded expectations. We don’t always travel in luxury. So when we looked for a reliable quality experience, we knew where to find them.

World class service set a high bar when we found ….

Indicator 1: Personalization

The most valued aspect of world class service for us is personalization. When we received personalized service, it left positive memories that we loved to share. It showed that the establishment knew who we are. And that we were not just another number.

Great brands use what they know about you to personalize the service. That knowledge let them anticipate our needs. And our expectations were exceeded. This aspect of world class service set a high bar.

World class service set a high bar when we felt that brands were building client relationships. Not just delivering transactional services. They want you to come back. And they appreciate the lifetime value that loyalty brings.

Starts Before You Arrive

We often reach out to hotels before we arrive. This is especially true if we have special requests. We understand that hotels get a lot such contacts. So on many occasions, this opportunity to begin a dialogue was ignored. In our experience, this was often an indication that the hotel had a customer service and / or leadership issue. But in virtually every instance where we had communication before and during our stay, the customer service level was much higher.

We often get automated email messages before a stay starts. The email asks about special needs. Often it prompts us to set up preferences in a reservation or on our mobile app. Rarely does it really provide an ability to respond to the email with a request. This may look like a personalized pre-approach. But not if there really is no way to respond.

The most delightful experience we had was for our visit to the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. We got what looked like a standard email before our stay. But the next morning, the email was followed up with a phone call to review our stay and all of our needs. We felt so much more confident that when we arrived, we would not be treated as if we booked on some anonymous site. This level of world class service set a high bar.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name (And That You Love Chocolate)

Our first “wow” customer service experience happened when we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Geneva. We walked from the train station and arrived at the door. It was opened by a doorman who welcomed us by name. At every interaction in that hotel, we were addressed by name.

Ritz-Carlton is known for its focus on personalized service. So we should not have been surprised when we arrived for our stay at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. When the doorman opened the car to our cab, he welcomed us by name. And that happened wherever we were at the hotel.

But it wasn’t just knowing our name. It was knowing more about us and our preferences. Anyone who reads our blogs, or listens to David talk, knows that David is a dedicated chocoholic. And we like our bubbly! So maybe we should not be surprised that so many of our welcome amenities or room treats were chocolate and champagne.

Amenities - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

World class service set a high bar when we felt like we were not just another number.

Proactive Service Before You Ask

We have been wowed when the service came without even asking for it. When we stayed in Geneva at the Ritz-Carlton, housekeeping staff were trained to be observant. When they saw we drank more water and coffee than the regular daily supply, double portions showed up.

Geneva Ritz-Carlton coffee supplies.jpg

We called down for an extra sheet for the bed. The European practice of not using a top sheet baffled us. We commented that the sheet was because we got hot at night. Without asking, the set point on the thermostat was lowered so the room could get colder.

When we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, we were given a tour of the beautiful old building. The doorman saw we were interested in the history of the hotel. A little later that day, he hand delivered a book signed by the staff on the history of this first hotel ever branded Ritz-Carlton.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal History.jpg

Proactive service is delivered when your preferences are known. Or when staff pay real attention to your comments and requests. The immediate needs were not just met. The underlying issue was identified and fixed. When we don’t need to even ask, we know that world class service set a high bar.

Welcomed In Local Style

We stayed at so many five star hotels on our travel in China. There are so many examples from that trip where our welcome exceeded expectations. But the trip to China was a bit unique in a few ways. First, we travelled with Viking Cruises and they booked most of our five star hotel stays. And we stayed in some five star hotels where we had no rewards loyalty status. Both of these factors meant that loyalty perks from high reward status could not be counted on. But regardless of whether we booked hotels directly or were loyalty members, we were delighted when the world class service set a high bar.

Customized hotel amenities created distinct memories of these hotels. In Chengdu we saw the panda bears. So when we stayed at the St Regis Chengdu, we were welcomed to our upgraded suite by a pair of stuffed panda bears. In Xian we saw the Terra Cotta Warriors. So the Wyndham Xian made sure we got a chocolate warrior. And a warrior statue to take home.

St Regis Chengdu Panda - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

Wyndham Xian Terra Cotta Warriors - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

The leadership teams at two hotels in China took personalization to another level. When we arrived at both the Four Season Shanghai and the Beijing Financial Street Ritz-Carlton, we got customized welcomes that clearly showed that the team had read our blog. We got a card and laminated maps that welcomed us to their cities. Overlaid on maps of our own travels. This world class service set a high bar.

Shanghai Four Seasons Welcome - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Financial Street Welcome - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

To this day, I remember being welcomed in the morning at the Intercontinental Bali. The great cappuccino expert always did something special!

Intercontinental Bali Good Morning.jpg

Personal Relationships And Hugs

We are both huggers. While we appreciate a professional handshake, we know that our experiences were a bit more personal and meaningful if it was sealed with a hug.

We love when we meet new people who seem to know who we are. When we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Financial Street Beijing, we got a big hug hello. Their approach to personal service meant they knew so much about us by the time we arrived. So a hug was the perfect way to say hello.

Ritz-Carlton Financial Street Beijing Welcome Hug.jpg

When we cruised with Viking Cruises in China, the Hotel Manager of the ship was on top of every element of service delivery. He was always there to welcome each guest back from an excursion. And to chat about our day. It was clear he cared about every part of our experience.

Viking Emerald Welcome.jpg

When we cruised with Oceania Cruises around Cuba, we recognized so many of the staff members. Many came up for hugs. And they chatted with us every day. It was great to be recognized as a return and valued guest.

Oceania Cruises Staff.jpg

World-class service set a high bar when we felt like we had returned home and were welcomed with open arms.

How Do You Know Your Clients

We are always curious about what information and how much is captured about us.  As a senior executive with a major Canadian bank, we used CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to track purchases and activity.  It is a pretty common practice for all major brands.  Loyalty and rewards points systems capture additional information.  But what do they capture about our preferences?  And how is that information used.

When we asked, we did not get detailed answers. And we are sure it varies by both brand and specific establishment. A few experiences we had highlighted this.

We talked to a General Manager at one hotel about the information captured about clients. He noted that the brand uses a CRM system. But at his hotel, he had staff capture additional notes. Every interaction was seen as a chance to learn more. We were told that even the pool staff made comments on the system about our preferences.

When we stayed at another hotel, we were sure that notes were being taken about what we were doing in the hotel. Staff at the front desk would ask us about our dinner, minutes after we left the restaurant. When we questioned one person about this, she showed us her phone. On it was a message that showed we had received a complimentary shot of limoncello after our great Italian meal in the hotel. This really showed a focus on knowing what your customer has experienced.

Capturing information to sell you something is a common practice. But capturing information so that your visit can be personalized is so much better. World class service set a high bar in organizations that could collect valuable information. Especially when it was used to delight us.

Indicator 2: Quality As A Core Value

Mission, vision and value statements set the aspirational goals of a brand. When they are consistent, you should feel the core value. When the core value of a brand is “quality”, we saw that in every facet of the product and service delivery.

We saw that delivering a high quality experience was the job of everyone we interacted with. And every employee’s role was valued for their contribution to delivering quality. Being “of service” was something that the staff took pride in.

Properties That Show Pride Of Ownership

It is easy to start with the five star brands and look at the beautiful places we have stayed. Five star hotels and cruise ships know how to create an environment that is classy and elegant. But design is not enough. That shining facade needs to be kept fresh. High staff-to-client ratios let the five star brands focus on ensuring that the facility always looks at its best. But we have been to immaculately maintained mid-range properties as well.

A first class hotel is easy to spot the minute you arrive. There is someone at the door to welcome you and answer any questions you have. The lobby exudes luxury and elegance. Elevators and corridors are designed and decorated with style. Tasteful art is used to enhance the atmosphere.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal Lobby - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg
Ritz-Carlton Montreal Lobby
Shanghai Westin Lobby Chihuly Burning Bush Lobby - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg
Shanghai Westin Lobby Chihuly Burning Bush Lobby
St Regis Washington - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg
St Regis Washington

When we travel, we enjoyed some of the best food. We cruise with Oceania Cruises because they consistently deliver “the finest cuisine at sea”. We found that the food in truly first class hotels is worth staying in for! Some our best meals have been served at hotel restaurants.

World Class Food.jpg

We have always been impressed with Oceania Cruises focus on maintaining beautiful common spaces. It seemed someone was always polishing or straightening something. And it seemed that everyone had a hand in this. We saw General Managers stop to fix something as they passed by.

Oceania Cruises Cleaning Detail.jpg

But it was easy to see when a brand or an establishment lost focus. We found bathrooms on a train in Italy that were disgusting. A cruise ship that looked like it was rusting while we watched. And hotel rooms with mold. Not a world class image at all.

Train Bathroom Gross.jpg

Keeping a property clean and maintained are basic requirements. When even that is missing, it is not hard to know that customer service focus will slip too.

A truly clean, beautiful and serene hotel property will enhance the sense of luxury. World class service set a high bar when it was delivered in a quality environment.

Sweet Suite Upgrades

On our travels, we received some of the most amazing sweet suite upgrades. Our focus on greater travel points and status has helped. But even in hotels where we have no status, a suite upgrade has been a treat.

World Class Suites.jpg

We have been delighted with suite upgrades at the Intercontinental Miami when we started our cruises there. And when we finished our trans-Atlantic cruise in Portugal, the Intercontinental Lisbon offered the most amazing suite upgrades.

Intercontinental Miami Suite Upgrade - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg
Intercontinental Miami Suite Upgrade
Intercontinental Lisbon Suite Upgrade - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg
Intercontinental Lisbon Suite Upgrade

On our tour of China with Viking Cruises, we often spent very little time at the wonderful hotels we were booked in. Some might say that a suite was totally wasted. But we loved that we had upgraded room to spread out and relax when we arrived after a long day. And the beds were heavenly. Our final stay in Beijing was at the end of our 8 weeks in Asia. And we definintely needed a break to relax.

All of the exemplary first class stays during our visit to Asia included big bathrooms with deep soaker tubs. The tubs were stocked with bath salts. Classy bath products were provided in multiple spots. I could really relax and feel pampered.

World Class Bathrooms.jpg

Some of the hotels had the greatest set of electronic controls for everything from the drapes to the lights to calling for the butler. I need to write a whole blog post on the toilets in China and Japan. On our stay at the St Regis Chengdu, we had a truly five star toilet! We were definitely impressed when we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. During the recent upgrade, the rooms were fitted with all modern electrical gadgets. And great Asian toilets too!

St Regis Chengdu Pimped Out Electronics.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Montreal Asian Bathroom.jpg

Sweet suite upgrades were a very welcome treat. This world class service set a high bar when we felt pampered and relaxed.

Indicator 3: Constant Improvement To Keep Moving The Bar

World class service set a high bar. And then kept looking for ways to get better. We were asked for our feedback on a regular basis. But getting feedback was not enough. We were impressed when we felt that people listened. And used the feedback to improve.

Not every experience was flawless. Some first class brands dropped the ball badly. But how service recovery was done left a lasting impression.

Every Staff Member Is A Brand Ambassador

We have written about this before and it bears repeating – service quality excellence is all about leadership and it starts at the top. A focus on quality needs to be modelled by senior leadership. We have seen the most exemplary customer service when senior leadership is visible and actively interacted with guests.

We have seen that focus on delivering quality move down through the chain of command. Every team leader watched to constantly ensure that everything was ok. That pride moved to everyone who was part of delivering a quality experience.

On a recent stay in San Francisco at the Hotel Adagio, we were impressed when virtually every staff member we met asked if our stay was going well. Whether it was the guy moving mattresses into the elevator or the person seating us for breakfast, it seemed that everyone wanted to make sure everything was fine. This hotel knew that every touch point could make a difference in our view of the hotel.

There is such a focus on customer experience that we have started to look carefully at business cards for people we interact with. We love when we see job titles like “Guest Recognition Manager”.

World class service set a high bar when every person believed that they played a role in delivering exceptional customer service.

Ask For Feedback And Act On It

Most organizations take every opportunity to send out surveys to get feedback. Too many times, it is done to cull for good reviews to post on review sites. We have spent a long time completing guest survey forms. But we much prefer to provide direct feedback to an organization.

Oceania Cruises Customer Sat Survey - World Class Service Sets A High Bar.jpg

We know that Oceania Cruises reads even the early reviews and posts them for staff to see. More than once we have been chased down to provide more information on a comment we made.

But we have also had situations where detailed feedback was argued, even when we provided direct proof of an issue. That certainly did not endear us to keep providing feedback. And most of the time it seems like feedback is entirely ignored.

Disappointingly, we have had stays where we were never asked how the visit was going. Not once during our stay at an expensive hotel in Napa did we get asked about our stay. When we checked out, we were not thanked for our visit or asked if it all went well. My feedback on their customer survey certainly did not generate any kind of follow-up. Why would we return to this hotel?

On the flip side, we stayed in hotels where we were constantly asked if things were well during the stay. When we stayed at the Intercontinental Hong Kong, we had a maintenance issue. We received several follow-up communications to make sure the issue did not re-appear.

And sometimes practices vary widely from one manager to another. We had great follow up on a maintenance issue when we visited Philadelphia for July 4th. But when we reported restaurant issues on a survey, there was stone cold silence when we provided details that the restaurant manager asked for.

We have always been surprised and delighted by the service we received at Holiday Inn Express brands. This is not a five star brand. But they have delivered a consistent level of service from hotel to hotel. They are one of the few brands that always asks regularly about our experience. Someone must be listening to ensure the follow-up is so consistent.

We are happy to take the time to provide balanced and construction feedback after a service experience. World class service set a high bar when organizations went looking for feedback. And there was follow-up on the input received.

Excel At Service Recovery

There have also been times when a brand known for first class service dropped the ball. On one Caribbean resort stay, virtually every part of our visit was horrible. Even when we had almost the top room class because we booked very late. Not once during our stay did anyone ask about service. We provided constructive feedback to the hotel. Which was ignored twice. But when we finally made contact with the General Manager, he called us at home within a day of our email. He was appalled that our feedback had been ignored.

We received a great credit that got us a wonderful visit at another property in the brand. But that was not our intention in providing feedback. We truly believed the brand image had been horribly tarnished on our stay. We felt some responsibility to bring it to leadership’s attention. And it turned out that the service issue happened when the General Manager was away. How else would he know that service slipped when he went away?

The service recovery in this instance was excellent. We returned to a brand that had been badly tarnished. And returned again a third time.

Excellence in service recovery is one way that world class service set a high bar. It certainly helped with our customer loyalty.

The Ways That World Class Service Set A High Bar

We have identified three key themes that we believe drive true five star service. Personalization made us feel unique and special. A focus on quality in every element of service delivery showed a pride in the organization. We may get room upgrades and great welcome treats due to our focus on getting high loyalty status. But that has not always meant that the customer service delivery was at the same level. When exemplary customer service was delivered at every interaction point, it reinforced quality as a core value. Getting feedback and responding to feedback on a timely basis ensured that the great service continued. And got better.

World class service set a high bar. It spoiled us for accepting mediocre service experiences. We will go back over and over again to brands and destinations where we have received exemplary service. Won’t you?

What are your key indicators that show the world class service set a high bar? Do you look for exemplary customer service? And do you stay away if it is not there?

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  1. This is such an interesting post! For me you only notice when world class service is missing, but actually recognising the effort that goes into providing it, I feel that I should be noticing and commenting on it more!

    • Katie, I am glad you found this post interesting. It has been in draft for over 6 months. I kept re-writing and re-writing until I knew what I wanted to say. It is always so easy to see and feel bad customer service. We have lots of those experiences. But it takes some thought to realize what an amazing focus on customer satisfaction comes from. Thanks for reading and commenting! Linda

    • Carolina, Agree on your distinction. Luxury can be defined differently by different people. And great service may not be needed by everyone. Hope you get the service and luxury you want. Linda

  2. Those are truly what sets a high bar and people that pay appreciate and expect special attention and services from start to end. I would love to do more luxury travel in the next few years.

  3. I used to work in Customer Service and we were taught that ‘a smile is free’. World class customer service isn’t actually hard to achieve – as you say, that personal touch makes all the difference. Love your experience at the Ritz Carlton in Geneva – stellar service!

    • Hannah, Service is so much about culture and attitude. We have seen awesome service when people actually valued being of service. From the top to the bottom. That personal touch always does it for me. It is one of the reasons we keep going back to the Ritz properties. You really miss the service once you get used to it. Linda

  4. I absolutely agree that personalisation is key for good service. Every hotel we’ve stayed and tour we’ve done that we really enjoyed were personalised and intimate. I’m glad you found good food at Oceania Cruises. It can be hard sometimes to get decent food on a cruise.

    • Rhonda, That intimate experience makes all the difference. Love when tour guides really look at the composition of their guests and their interests and adjust as necessary. We have always found the food on Oceania Cruises to be great. One of the reasons we keep choosing them. Linda

  5. With so much competition in travel industry it is essential the service providers deliver their best. A small negative feed back can snowball to a disaster for the company. You have very rightly pointed out the factors critiqued. Great pictures to prove your point.

    • Indrani, You would think that competition would matter more. But I have been surprised in many high tourist areas that they care less about delivering exceptional service – maybe because the tourist traffic just keeps coming. Actually sitting in a tourist spot right now with some of the worst customer service I have seen. And with elite status too. But it certainly makes a difference about what I say about the hotel and whether I will return. Linda

  6. Great breakdown on world class service. It was very interesting to read the different ways you had been treated. I loved seeing the personalization you received in China. I look for great customer service but my expectations depend on the location.

    • Dylan, It is interesting to read your point about expectations depending on the location. I have the same desires no matter where you are. But I have come to reset my expectations (usually lower) in some places we have visited. We were a bit awed by the level of personalization in China. It was really nice though. Linda

  7. It’s such a great experience when you stay in a place, and you feel like everything is done to please you. To be called by name or to be spoiled with our favorite sweet is a real privilege. It’s the little details that you mention that make all the difference, and I couldn’t agree more when you say that every staff member is a brand ambassador.

    • Marlene, It is often the little details that when brought together create a “wow” experience. If staff feel like they are important, they will treat you like you are important. And they will want to excel. Hope you get lots of world class service! Linda

  8. You are right world class service is a must. I have never had a coffee with my name in it before! I think I need to check out a Ritz Carlton asap.

    • Holly, We have had both luxury and world class service. It is always a bit disappointing when luxury does not come with an expected high level of service. Hope you get this experience. Linda

  9. While it’s true that many luxury properties offer world class service, that isn’t always the case unfortunately. I do love contacting hotels prior to arrival to arrange for dinner reservations or special requests. Much can be learned in how those hotels react to those requests, I’ve found. Not much can beat a personalized latte though. 😉

    • Claudia, I totally agree that how a hotel responds to early contact does send a signal about how they will treat you when you arrive. It is always a bit sad when a great luxury property just doesn’t seem to care. Hope you get lots of world class service in your travels. Linda

  10. Personalization is big for me, I love feeling special and not just another number! This made me think of an upcoming ski trip we have at Beaver Creek next week. A few days ago, I received an email from the lead concierge encouraging us to reach out for special requests. They provided an email and number to a specific person should we need anything prior to arrival. We have stayed at many five star hotels and this is the first time I have been given direct contact information ahead of time. This may be my first experience with world class service!

    • Emmy, It is always great when you get someone reaching out to really understand your needs. I hope you have a great world class experience on your visit to Beaver Creek next week. Linda

  11. With Service based industries getting stronger day by day, to stay competitive one should be creative. Customer delight is the new jargon.
    I really liked the welcome in local style concept

    • Bhavya, Customer delight is certainly the standard that world class brands strive for. It does require a culture that may be lacking in many leaders. We certainly loved the times when the hotels welcomed us in local style. It certainly made the memories “stick”. Hoping you have lots of world class experiences. Linda

  12. I loved reading your thoughts. For me I look for that smile and the eagerness to go that extra mile to solve a problem in any kind of situation. Brands should remember that at the end of the day word of mouth publicity is the best and cheapest forms of publicity.

    • Kalyan, I agree with you that staff who will go above and beyond make an experience memorable. Word of mouth is the best publicity. And loyal customers will return. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Linda

  13. I work in the hotel industry and have it always in my mind to go above and beyond and to anticipate every guest’s needs. I remember one guest came for their child’s bday and we heard he loved Godzilla. We went out and decorated the room with everything we could find related to Godzilla including making a cake. Every little extra thing even just greeting a guest by name can make their entire trip. I’ve gotten so many personal gifts from repeat guests for giving them excellent service. It’s satisfying to see the look on their face.

    • JC, I love to hear from people like you who really love their jobs. And go out of their way to make experiences special. I am sure that child will remember the Godzilla experience forever. As will you! Linda

  14. I completely agree with you that one of the key Aspects of world-class service is the personalisation, and that begins even before the trip starts! I can see that your experiences with Ritz Carlton have often been amazing, leaving you with the highest impression of their service. I have never stayed at a Ritz, I am usually a budget traveller but I can imagine that when people at a hotel know your name, your choice and provide preemptive services, it must feel absolutely awesome!

    • Medha, We must admit that travelling in luxury with great service does spoil you and set a bar. We don’t always travel like that. But we always look for good customer service. It may not be at the Ritz level, but you know when a hotel or brand really values delivering quality. Linda

  15. Regardless if the stay is in a 3 star or 5 star hotel it makes a great difference when the people working there take pride in what they do and go above and beyond to provide that world class service. Taking the time to know you and your preferences makes you feel appreciated and not another number. It is also important that they listen to feedback and do the proper followup. What I the point to ask if then they won’t listen and implement. Kudos to all the hotel managers and brands that go out of their way to make sure they provide that world class service.

    • Joella, I totally agree with you. Great customer service can happen in a 3 star or 5 star spot. It is about leadership and pride. Too bad this is lacking in far too many organizations. Linda

  16. Quite an interesting read on the improvisation one can have at a personal level of service we are ought to offer sometimes. And yes I do agree that personal attention to every detail makes a lot of difference . It makes the guest familiarize the new place. Haven’t stayed much in fanc places but yeah whenever i have , these personal interaction or detailing always stays on .

  17. I tootally agree on world class service though it is any kind of star hotel. I have seen some top notch star hotels are also very negligent about services and even a 4 star hotel too welcomes us with great efforts. It is always good to receive by a hotel on personalized manner by having a special note in the room or specialized chocolate made for us. I loved how Ritz Carlton, Montreal treated you with great warm gesture. Hopefully this post should spread out between the staff of hotels worldwide so that they can know what world class service put impressions in their customer’s mind.

    • Yukti, The Ritz-Carlton Montreal set a very high bar. But we have seen that customer service focus often has more to do with leadership and hiring the right people than the brand of a hotel. I wish more hotels thought that service meant something. Linda

  18. I agree totally with your outline on exactly what world class service is. Too often, people confuse it with luxury but you can have one without the other in either direction, so that’s not it. Those personalised touches, the continuous effort to be better, and the attentiveness to detail are key. I’ve not stayed in a Ritz-Carlton to assess but looks like they exceeded your expectations.

    • Kavita, That distinction between world class service and luxury is often missed. We have seen it at all levels of hotels we visited. And missed it at far too many luxury spots we stayed at. We love when our expectations are exceeded. Linda

  19. For me, little treats don’t go very far in providing a good service. It’s all about understanding your guests experience and getting the basics rights. For example, if a hotel left me welcome chocolates but there was nowhere to hang a towel or the wifi doesn’t work, or they couldn’t tell me a good restaurant in the area, that really annoys me.

  20. I must admit reading your post brought back some great memories of places we have stayed and the personalization and little touches that made the place stand out. I received a little pillow in one of the hotel with my name embroidered on it which was just so touching and i took a part of that hoel with me. Even if they are simple things like a note when you turn on the television in your room brings a smile and that personal touch. Ritz Carlton properties along with Marriott hotels do add this special touch with a very subtle yet lasting impression.

    • Amar, I am glad this post brought back some good memories of great stays. A pillow with your name on it is a great personalized touch. Great service does indeed leave a lasting impression. Linda

  21. It is absolutely true that you can spot a first class hotel from the moment you arrive. The behaviour of the staff, the overall ambiance of the hotel is a clear indicator. Honestly, I usually do not think much about first class service when I travel. But this post got me thinking about a few of my previous stays. Some of them were exceptionally good irrespective of their star ratings. And yes, personalization goes a long way. I really love the small notes or a card that I receive in my room.

    • Amrita, I am glad this got you thinking about past experiences where you had great customer service. It can indeed happen irrespective of star level. It just takes a commitment to excellence that is reinforced by leadership at all levels. Hope you get lots of great experiences on your travels. Linda

  22. I love getting personalised service. It’s just so nice if the service provider addresses me by my name, as you have stated. I have stayed with plenty of heritage properties where we have been welcomed in a traditional style and just this little gesture makes us feel welcoming. In one of the properties that we stayed recently, we had personalised notes by the hotel’s manager all over our suite which made us smile. Great post my friend. Loved reading it

    • Pooja, I am glad to hear you have experienced some great customer service. I am sure being welcomed in heritage properties created the perfect start to your visit. Glad you loved the post. Linda

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